ROLL OF EMIGRANTS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE COLONY OF LIBERIA, WESTERN AFRICA, BY THE AMERICAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY AND ITS AUXILIARIES, TO SEPTEMBER, 1843, &cTranscribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

CENSUS OF THE COLONY OF LIBERIA —- SEPTEMBER, 1843Population of the town of Caldwell Page 1

Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexionsin the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Joseph Blackledge 37 August, 1842 Trader Reads Infirm
Ann Blackledge 34 do Joseph Blackledge’s wife None do
Irven Earley 13 June, 1830 Orphan Apprentice do do
Albert Paylin 10 In the colony do do At school do
Josiah Peal 9 5 do do do do do
Patience Scott 34 Jan., 1832 Washerwoman None Good
Maria Stephens 21 August, 1842 Patience Scott’s cousin do do do
Calvin Stephens 20 do Maria Stephen’s brother Laborer do do
Louisa Scott 14 Jan., 1832 Patience Scott’s daughter At school do
Merinda Scott 16 do Patience Scott’s sister None do
Jackson Scott 9 6 In the colony Patience Scott’s son At school do
Francis Clarke 30 Feb., 1826 Carpenter None do
Milly Clarke 26 March, 1826 Francis Clarke’s wife do do
Charlotte Clarke 50 Feb., 1826 Francis Clarke’s mother Nurse do Feeble
Thomas Morris 22 March, 1826 George Morris’s brother Laborer do do
George Morris 24 do do do do
Harriet Clarke 2 In the colony Daughter of F. and C. do
Nancy Scott 3 do Daughter of P. Scott do
Abagail Scott 2 do do do
Simon Smith 55 Feb., 1838 Laborer None Decline
Tana Smith 28 April, 1835 Simon Smith’s wife do Good
Anthony Smith 2 11 In the colony Son of Simon and Tana Smith do
Benjamin Gordon 48 Sept., 1839 Farmer do do
Malinda Gordon 46 do Benjamin Gordon’s wife do do
Rebecca Gordon 19 do Daughter of B. and Malinda Gordon do do
Lucretia Gordon 18 do do do do
Sampson Gordon 14 do Son of Benj. and Malinda Gordon do do
John Crocket 23 6 Dec., 1830 Laborer do do
Allen Travis 25 Jan., 1832 Constable Reads and writes do
Louisa Travis 25 do Allen Travis’s wife None do
Chauncy Travis 4 In the colony Son of Allen and Louisa Travis do
William Travis 4 do do do
Josephine Travis 2 do Daughter of A. and Louisa Travis do
Deborah Turner 14 6 Jan., 1832 Orphan Apprentice None do
Charles Carter 49 June, 1832 Farmer do do
Lucretia Carter 45 April, 1835 Charles Carter’s wife do do
Elsey Carter 13 June, 1832 Charles Carter’s daughter do do
Serina Carter 10 In the colony do At school do
Jesse Galapsey 30 August, 1842 Charles Carter’s son-in-law Farmer None do
Eliza Galapsey 19 Jan., 1833 Jesse Galapsey’s wife None Good
James Leiper 6 August, 1842 Orphan Apprentice do do
Allen Leiper 4 8 do do do do Feeble
Hopkins Erskines 23 Feb., 1830 School teacher Liberal Good
Eliza Erskines 19 Jan., 1833 Hopkins Erskine’s wife Reads and writes do
Ann Greenfield 48 Oct., 1831 Nurse None do
Mahala Greenfield 12 do Ann Greenfield’s daughter do do
Rhoda Bryan 18 do Washerwoman do do
Egleton Bryan 2 In the colony Rhoda Bryan’s son do
Asa Williams 40 Sept., 1839 Farmer None do
Martha Williams 24 do Asa Williams’s wife do do
Eliza Williams 10 do Asa Williams’s sister do do
John Williams 2 10 In the colony Son of Asa and Martha Williams do do
Philip Pritchard 46 March, 1826 Justice of the Peace Reads and writes do
Ovelton Pritchard 18 do Philip Pritchard’s daughter None do
Moses Pritchard 12 In the colony Philip Pritchard’s son At school do
James Pritchard 7 do do do do
Henry Russell 22 July, 1833 Laborer None do
Penina Russell 16 6 do Henry Russell’s sister do do
Thomas Travis 27 Jan., 1832 Carpenter Reads do
Rebecca Travis 23 Feb., 1828 Wife of Thomas Travis Reads and writes do
Thomas Travis, jr. 4 In the colony Son of F. and R. do
Mary Travis 2 do Daughter of F. and R. do
Eliza Harvey 7 do Rebecca’s sister At school do
Martha Scott 16 Jan., 1832 Thomas’s sister None do
Robert Scott 17 do Thomas’s brother Sawyer do do
Lavinia Scott 14 do Thomas’s sister do do
Alfred Scott 12 do Thomas’s brother do do
Copeland Scott 11 10 do do do do
J. H. Tan 42 Jan., 1831 Shoe maker Reads do
Mary Tan 11 do J. H. Tan’s daughter At school do
Martha Tan 9 In the colony do do do
Easter Duck 55 Jan., 1832 Nurse None Decline
Croco Wallow 28 Sept., 1839 Farmer do Good
Samuel Wallow 26 do do do do
Harper Wallow 25 do do do do
Lucy Briant 44 July, 1833 S. Briant’s widow Nurse do Feeble
George Briant 9 In the colony Lucy’s son do Good
Alfred Briant 7 10 do do do do
John Mitchell 28 March, 1826 Laborer do do
Peggy Mitchell 30 April, 1827 John’s wife do Decline
Davis Spellman 5 In the colony John’s step-son do Good
Thomas Spellman 5 do do None do
Mary Tour 13 5 do Orphan do do
Timothy Pritchard 47 March, 1826 Farmer Reads and writes do
Lucinda Pritchard 24 Oct., 1826 Timothy’s wife None do
John Pritchard 2 In the colony Son of T. and L. Pritchard do
Timothy Pritchard 1 do do do
Martha Warrington 12 Oct., 1826 Orphan Apprentice None do
James Wallo 28 Sept., 1829 Farmer do do
Jane Wallo 24 Jan., 1828 James’s wife do do
Milly Jordan 17 April, 1835 James’s sister do do
Thomas Duck 10 do Apprentice At school do
Lacky Waller 29 Sept., 1839 Farmer do do
Judy Waller 53 Jan., 1828 Lacky’s wife Nurse do do
John Tisdale 19 do Judy’s son Laborer do do
Melvina White 10 In the colony Apprentice do do
Judy Smith 50 Jan., 1832 Nurse do Feeble
Judy Smith 23 15 do Judy’s daughter Washerwoman do Good
Anarchy White 30 Feb., 1828 Seamstress do do
Gadsey Outland 19 do Anarchy’s sister do do
Elizabeth Outland 10 In the colony do do do
Levy Chapel 22 Oct., 1831 Laborer do do
Mary Walker 32 July, 1833 Lewis’s sister Washerwoman do do
Irvin Walker 5 In the colony Mary’s son do
Lucilla Walker 4 do Mary’s daughter do
Elizabeth Walker 2 do do do
Henry Hase 42 Sept., 1839 Farmer None do
Eliza Hase 27 do Henry’s wife do do
Charles Thompson 6 11 In the colony Eliza’s son At school do
Daniel Ware 48 Feb., 1833 Shoe maker Reads do
Edy Ware 46 do Daniel’s wife None do
Isam Smith 13 Feb., 1828 Hartwell Smith’s brother Laborer None Good
William Smith 10 do do At school do
George Willis 18 do None do
David Teage 10 In the colony Apprentice do do
Thomas Brown 9 do Brother of George do do do
James Curvell 9 do do do do
Jack Moore 8 do At school do
Sarah Willis 5 10 do Orphan do