Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of Monrovia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Frances Teage 55 March, 1821 Colin Teague’s widow Reads and writes Feeble
Mary E. Miston 20 July, 1837 Servant None Good
Hannah Simons 18 In the colony Washerwoman do do
Ellen Milton 8 do Apprentice Reads print do
Barthus Long 5 do do None do
Laurel Burnell 8 6 do do do do
George Ellis 32 August, 1842 Teacher Reads do
Colinette Ellis 34 March, 1821 George Ellis’s wife Liberal do
William A. Johnson 11 3 In the colony Son of C. Ellis At school do
Reid Cooper 35 March, 1829 Seaman None do
Marinda Cooper 28 March, 1825 Reid Cooper’s wife do do
Randolph Cooper 11 In the colony Son of Reid and Marinda Cooper At school do
Garret Cooper 8 do do do do
Mary A. Williams 25 March, 1825 Sister to Marinda Reads do
W. Cooper 20 do Laborer None do
Elizabeth Cooper 19 do Servant do do
George Cooper 10 In the colony At school do
Thomas Prout 15 9 Jan., 1833 Apprentice Reads and writes do
Samuel W. Wheeler 45 Jan., 1828 Carpenter None do
Huldah Wheeler 44 do S. W. Wheeler’s wife do do
Catharine Wheeler 19 do S. W. and H. Wheeler’s daughter Reads and writes do
Sarah Wheeler 6 In the colony do do do
Eliza Wheeler 5 do do At school do
Martha Richardson 25 6 March, 1829 Washerwoman None do
James Taylor 25 Feb., 1843 Laborer do Feeble
Charles Willis 23 do do do do
Eliza Lynch 30 do Seamstress do do
Francis Miller 17 do do do
Elmira Lynch 13 do do do
Emeline Lynch 10 do Daughter of Eliza do do
Moses G. Lynch 7 do Son of Eliza do do
John A. Lynch 5 do do do do
Henry J. Lynch 3 do do do do
Clarissa Curd 23 July, 1840 Nurse do Good
Ann Curd 2 11 In the colony Daughter of Clarissa Curd do
Moore James 23 March, 1826 Seaman Reads and writes do
Diana James 22 June, 1832 M. James’s wife do do
Martha Skipwith 13 do P. Skipwith’s daughter do do
Julia Nichols 21 4 August, 1842 Seamstress Reads do
Peyton Skipwith 45 June, 1832 Stone mason do do
Matilda Skipwith 19 do P. Skipwith’s daughter Reads and writes do
Alfred Jacox 15 April, 1834 Apprentice None do
Stocky Skinner 12 March, 1829 do do do
John Watkins 12 do In the colony do do do
Harrison Story 11 do do do do
Nash Peal 10 June, 1832 do do do
John Faulkner 21 8 April, 1834 Stone mason do do
Mary Smith 45 Feb., 1838 John Smith’s widow do do
George Smith 10 do Son of Mary and John Smith do do
Lucinda Smith 8 3 do Daughter of Mary and John Smith do do
D. B. Warner 28 March, 1823 Jacob Warner’s son Collector Liberal do
Rachel Warner 25 March, 1826 D. B. Warner’s wife Reads and writes do
Theodore Warner 3 In the colony Son of D. B. and R. Warner At school do
Moses Warner 2 do do do
John Warner 1 do do do
Polly Anderson 18 Jan., 1831 Servant None do
Alexander White 3 7 In the colony D. B. Warner’s nephew do do
John T. Richardson 34 March, 1829 Trader Reads and writes do
Julia Ann Richardson 34 March, 1825 John T. Richardson’s wife do do
Mary Eliza Richardson 11 In the colony Dau’ter of J. T. and J. A. Richardson At school do
Virginia Richardson 9 do do do do
Obadiah Richardson 7 do Son of J. T. and J. A. Richardson do do
Sarah Richardson 6 do Dau’ter of J. T. and J. A. Richardson do do
Nathaniel Richardson 3 7 do Son of J. T. and J. A. Richardson do
Francis Bullock 25 Jan., 1828 Washerwoman None do
Charles Bullock 19 do Brother of Francis Bullock Apprentice Reads do
Jane Bullock 20 do Sister of Francis Bullock None do
Mary Bullock 14 do do do do
John Bullock 12 do Brother of Francis Bullock Apprentice do
Josephine Bullock 10 In the colony Niece of Francis Bullock At school do
Sarah Bullock 20 do do do
Emeline White 20 8 July, 1841 Washerwoman do
William Brown 26 March, 1825 Blacksmith Reads and writes Good
Mahala Brown 24 Jan., 1828 William Brown’s wife None do
Jane H. Brown 8 In the colony Daughter of W. and Mahala Brown At school do
Patsey Brown 6 do do do do
Alexander Brown 4 do do do do
Valentine Brown 2 do do do
Ann Brown 1 do do do
Susan Bullock 15 Jan., 1828 Sister of Mahala Brown None do
Jane Bullock, infant 9 In the colony Niece of Mahala Brown do
Daniel Thomas 28 June, 1832 Seman None do
Eliza Thomas 27 Jan., 1834 D. Thomas’s wife do do
Lewis Thomas 1 In the colony Son of Daniel and Eliza Thomas do do
Robert Olphin 33 4 Jan., 1834 Brother of Eliza Thomas do Sick
Burril Brown 64 Jan., 1832 Laborer do Good
Wily Brown 26 do Son of Burril and Ann Brown Carpenter do do
Ann Brown 45 do B. Brown’s wife do do
Betsey Brown 30 June, 1833 W. Brown’s wife do do
Samuel Brown 23 Jan., 1832 Son of B. and Ann Brown Laborer do do
John Brown 22 do do Carpenter do do
Allen Brown 19 do do Laborer do do
Augustus Brown 13 do do At school do
Matilda Curd 17 July, 1841 None do
Ann Scott 12 Jan., 1832 Apprentice do do
James Scott 7 11 In the colony do do do
William Payne 28 Sept., 1832 Son of Lucinda Payne Shoe maker do do
Lucinda Payne 55 Feb., 1838 Mother of William Payne do do
Margaretta Potter 26 do Daughter of Lucinda Seamstress do do
Sally Page 38 Sept., 1831 Daughter-in-law of Lucinda Washerwoman do do
Sally Page 8 In the colony Daughter of Sally Page At school do
Ann Page 6 do do do do
Richard Page 4 7 do Son of Sally Page do do
Mary Gibbons 43 April, 1834 Widow of G. Gibbons Washerwoman None do
Thomas Gibbons 21 do Son of Mary Gibbons Carpenter Reads and writes a little do
George Gibbons 16 do do Reads and writes do
Charles Smith 7 4 In the colony Apprentice At school do
Gallaway Smith 25 August, 1842 Carpenter Reads and writes do
Harriet Smith 24 do Wife of G. Smith None do
Margaret Skinner 23 Feb., 1838 Widow of Humphrey Skinner Washerwoman do do
Abraham Skinner 3 In the colony Son of M. and H. Skinner do
Washington Skinner 1 5 do do do
Ann Fuller 35 March, 1826 Widow of Clem Fuller Nurse Reads do
Charles Francis 4 In the colony Nephew of Ann Fuller At school do
Christopher Campbell 30 August, 1842 Carpenter None Ague and fever
Tennessee Campbell 3 do Son of Christopher Campbell Good
Jane Blackledge 26 5 do Nurse None do
John W. Forsyth 25 Feb., 1838 Painter do do
Charlotte Forsyth 25 Jan., 1833 Wife of John W. Forsyth do do
Rhoda Burrows 18 3 do Nurse do do
John Clark 33 Feb., 1824 Trader Reads and writes do
Mary Clark 32 March, 1826 Wife of John Clark do Feeble
Parthena Clark 13 In the colony Daughter of J. and M. Clark do Good
Jane J. Clark 9 do do Reads do
John W. Clark 7 do Son of J. and M. Clark At school do
Robertson Clark 5 do do do do
Elizabeth Clark 3 do Daughter of J. and M. Clark do
Harriet Scott 29 8 Jan., 1832 Washerwoman None do
F. S. James 26 March, 1826 Jonathan James’s son Trader Liberal do
Priscilla James 24 March, 1829 F. S. James’s wife Reads and writes do
Jonathan James 2 In the colony Son of F. S. and P. James do
Frederick James 18 do Son of Frederick James Reads do
Maria Pegram 28 5 Jan., 1834 Housekeeper None do
Henry Wade 45 August, 1842 Carpenter do Feeble
Sophia Wade 28 Feb., 1824 H. Wade’s wife Reads Good
Lily Thomas 12 In the colony Daughter of S. Wade Reads and writes do
Elizabeth Thomas 11 do do do do
James Thomas 7 do Son of S. Wade At school do
Caroline Wade 11 6 August, 1842 Daughter of H. Wade do do
Samuel Rix 46 Jan., 1832 Constable Reads Feeble
Mary Rix 21 August, 1842 S. Rix’s wife None do
James Rix 4 do Son of Mary Rix do Good
Elizabeth Rix 3 do Daughter of Mary Rix do do