Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of Monrovia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Polly Jackson 50 Aug., 1842 Nurse None Good
Henrietta Fuller 26 do Daughter of Polly Fuller do do
Emanuel Fuller 23 do Son of Polly Fuller Laborer do do
Harriet Fuller 8 do Daughter of Polly Fuller do do
Willis Brown 2 do Son of Polly Fuller do do
Nancy Brown 3 6 do do do
Alexander Jackson 25 do Son of Polly Farmer do do
Mary Jackson 5 do Daughter of Alexander Jackson At school do
Eliza Jackson 4 do do do do
Benjamin Jackson 3 do Son of Alexander Jackson do do
Ann Jackson 3 do Daughter of Alexander Jackson do do
Molly Jackson 1 6 do do do
Richard Flournoy 57 do Farmer Reads do
Rose Flournoy 56 do Wife of Richard Flournoy None do
Philip Flourney 14 do Son of Richard and Rose Flournoy do do
Matilda Brigs 15 4 do Washerwoman do do
Priscilla Thomas 29 March, 1826 do do
Rebecca Thomas 13 In the colony Daughter of Priscilla Thomas do do
Ann Thomas 6 do do do do
William Thompson 2 4 do Illegitimate do do
Lucy Smith 56 Jan., 1833 do Pauper
Lucinda Smith 13 do Niece of Lucy Smith do Good
Caroline Palen 3 3 In the colony do do do
Mary Smith 49 Feb., 1838 Washerwoman do do
Moses Smith 13 do Nephew of Mary Smith Apprentice do do
Martha Smith 14 do Niece of Mary Smith do do
Nancy Peal 30 Feb., 1828 do do
Ellis Williams 16 do Laborer do do
Caroline Hunt 16 March, 1829 John Hunt’s sister Washerwoman do do
Randolph Minor 9 7 In the colony Apprentice do do
Mark Morgan 55 August, 1842 Blacksmith do do
Caroline Smith 52 Dec., 1831 Cook do do
Dabny McKenny 26 August, 1842 Laborer do do
Rix Williams 48 do do do do
William Jones 24 do do do do
Charlotte Lewis 15 do Sister to William do do
Patsey Collings 7 7 do do do do
Gabriel Moore 28 April, 1835 Farmer do do
Ralph Moore 26 do Reads and writes do
Margaret Moore 33 3 do Sister to Gabriel and Ralph Moore Seamstress do do
A. D. Williams 48 May, 1823 Missionary Liberal do
Mary N. L. Williams 26 Feb., 1824 Wife of A. D. Williams Reads and writes do
Mary Williams 24 do Daughter of A. D. Williams do do
Jennet Williams 13 In the colony do do do
A. J. C. Williams, inf. do Son of A. and M. do
Frances Stewart 22 May, 1823 Daughter of Tnomas Stewart Reads and writes do
Lewis Williams 14 In the colony Apprentice At school do
Henry Randal 14 do do do do
William Curl 26 9 Feb., 1824 Grocer and blacksmith Liberal Decline
Henry Hubbard 33 August, 1842 Baker None Feeble
Britannia Holenger 29 2 March, 1826 Wife of W. Holenger do Good
Rosaline Canot 28 August, 1835 Wife of T. Canot Reads do
Horace Smith 18 do Brother of Rosaline Canot Seaman Reads and writes do
Frances Cyrus 13 do Daughter of Rosaline Canot Reads do
George Cyrus 11 do Son of Rosaline Canot At school do
Mary Canot 9 do Dauther of Rosaline Canot Reads do
Palmela Canot 2 In the colony Daughter of Thomas and R. Canot do
Hester Ann Canot 16 do Apprentice None do
Benjamin Canot 16 do Seaman do do
William Canot 14 do do do do
Julia Canot 14 do Apprentice do do
Sarah Canot 14 do do do do
Phebe Canot 13 do do do do
Lucy Canot 12 do do do do
Lucien Canot 11 14 do do do do
Henry Shackleford 55 Feb., 1837 Trader Reads and writes Not Good
Ann Shackleford 16 do Daughter of Henry Shackelford do Good
Charity Elliott 35 3 Jan., 1831 Washerwoman None do
John B. Gripon 35 Jan., 1833 School teacher Liberal do
Sarah Gripon 35 do Wife of John B. Gripon Reads and writes do
William P. Ward 18 do Son of Sarah and Peter Factor do Feeble
Peter Ward 11 Jan., 1833 Son of Sarah and Peter At school Good
Augustus Gripon 5 In the colony Son of Sarah and J. B. Gripon do do
Amelia Brown 45 6 March, 1840 Nurse None do
Hull Anderson 50 do Grocer do do
Cherry Anderson 45 do Wife of Hull Anderson do do
Henry Anderson 23 do Son of Hull Anderson do do
Josiah Hill 22 Feb., 1838 Laborer do do
William Hill 10 5 do Josiah Hill’s brother Apprentice do do
George Baxter 47 Jan., 1833 Carpenter do Decline
Elizabeth Baxter 21 do Daughter of George Baxter Reads and writes Good
Jeremiah Baxter 16 do Son of George Baxter At school do
Rosetta Baxter 14 do Daughter of George Baxter do do
Emanuel Baxter 9 In the colony Son of George Baxter do do
James Wheeler 18 April, 1827 Apprentice None do
Peter—- 14 7 In the colony do do do
Polly White 34 March, 1826 Widow of Robert White Washerwoman do do
Ransom Peyton 9 In the colony Son of Polly At school do
Robert White, jr. 25 July, 1841 Son of Robert White, sr. Laborer None do
Margaret White 24 do Wife of Robert White, jr. do do
Milton White 24 do Brother of Robert White, jr. Laborer do Feeble
Henry White 21 do do do do Good
Harriet White 16 7 do Sister of Robert White, jr. do do
Joshua Gardner 46 Jan., 1832 Shoe maker do do
Matilda Gardner 38 do Joshua Gardner’s wife Seamstress do do
Sarah Gardner 24 do Daughter of J. and M. Gardner do Reads and writes do
Margaret Gardner 19 do do do Reads do
Luvena Gardner 15 do do do do do
Nicholas Gardner 21 do Son of Josh. And Matilda Gardner Trader Reads and writes do
James W. Gardner 17 do do do do
Joseph Gardner 6 8 In the colony do do do
James Johnson 35 August, 1842 Carpenter None Feeble
Abeline Johnson 24 do Wife of James Johnson do do
Mary E. Johnson 5 do Daughter of J. and Abeline Johnson At school Good
George A. Johnson 2 do Son of James and Abeline Johnson do
Patrick Powell 34 5 Sept., 1832 Sawyer None do
Edward White 51 Jan., 1833 Carpenter do do
Mary White 40 do Wife of Edward White do do
William Ripley 45 August, 1842 Stone mason do do
William White 16 4 do do do
Eli Gales 53 do Brick maker do do
Silvia Gales 55 do Wife of Eli Gales do do
Daniel Gales 9 do Son of Eli and Silvia Gales do do
Lucy Lovick 48 4 do do do
Lucy Severe 49 do Widow of Robert Severe do Feeble
Hannah Bell 27 do Daughter of Robt. And Lucy Severe do Good
Richard Severe 18 do Son of Robert and Lucy Severe do do
Maria Severe 16 do Daughter of Robt. and Lucy Severe do do
Louisa White 11 do Washerwoman do do
Mary Fletcher 20 6 Feb., 1828 do do
John Madison 24 Seaman do do
Catharine Madison 24 Feb., 1830 Wife of John Madison Seamstress do do
Louisa Early 20 do Sister of Catharine Madison do do
Martha Brown 2 4 In the colony do do
Hannah White 40 April, 1835 Seamstress do do
Amos Tamarind 14 do Son of R. Saunders Reads do
Peter Minor 12 3 Sept., 1839 None do
Lewis Ciples 43 Jan., 1833 Tailor Liberal Feeble
Elizabeth Ciples 27 do Wife of Lewis Ciples Seamstress Reads and writes Good
Elizabeth Ciples 15 do Daughter of Lewis Ciples do do
John Ciples 12 do Son of Lewis Ciples At school do
Mary Ciples 4 In the colony Daughter of L. and Elizabeth Ciples do
Thomas Hardy 16 Jan., 1833 Apprentice Reads do
John Jacox 14 July, 1831 do None do
Peter Ciples 7 In the colony do do do
Lewis Ciples 6 do do do do
William Hazel 22 10 —-, 1838 Tailor Reads and writes do
Hetty Howard 37 Sept., 1832 Nurse None do
Charity Howard 18 do do do
Sally Howard 12 do do do
Ann D. Gilbert 24 March, 1826 do do
William Barbour 17 In the colony do do
John Videll 5 6 do At school do