Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of Monrovia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Catharine Moore 14 April, 1835 David Moore’s grand-daughter Reads Good
Jerry Moore 11 do David Moore’s grand-son do do
Malvina Smith 39 July, 1840 Housekeeper None do
Rhoda Bullock 18 April, 1835 Apprentice do
Monroe Hill 17 Feb., 1838 do do
Sarah Jackson 13 April, 1835 do do
David Young 5 In the colony Son of B. and N. do do
Ellen Gray 5 do Orphan do do
Mary Moore 4 12 do do do do
Francis Paxton 55 March, 1826 Feeble
J. Henry Paxton 20 2 do Son of Francis Paxton Printer Good
Francis Smith 50 August, 1835 Nurse do
Robert Jones 26 Sept., 1839 Husband of Christiana Jones Carpenter Reads and writes do
Christiana Jones 22 August, 1835 Daughter of Francis S. do
Andrew Jones 16 do Son of Francis S. At school do
Lydia Jones 13 do Daughter of Francis S. do
Josephine Jones 12 In the colony Apprentice do
William Smith 9 do do do
Thomas Smith 8 do do do
Edward Young 26 9 do
Nancy Lynch 41 Feb., 1843 Seamstress None Feeble
James Lynch 22 do Son of Nancy Lynch Carpenter do
Lucy Lynch 22 do Daughter of Nancy Lynch Seamstress do
Sarah Lynch 19 do do do Good
Henry Lynch 11 do Son of Nancy Lynch do
William Lynch 6 do do do
Martha Lynch 4 7 do Daughter of Nancy Lynch do
Susan A. Henson 24 Dec., 1831 Widow of Henry Henson Seamstress do
Clara Cooper 4 In the colony Daughter of Susan A. Henson At school do
Maria McGill 2 3 Sept., 1839 do
Francis A. Harris 33 March, 1840 Carpenter Reads and writes do
Rebecca M. Harris 3 Jan., 1833 Wife of Francis A. Harris do do
Dabny Minor 14 Sept., 1839 Orphan Apprentice None do
William Peal 16 Feb., 1828 do do do
Lewis Denison 14 5 April, 1835 do do do
James C. Minor 32 March, 1829 Printer Liberal do
Mary Minor 34 Feb., 1824 Wife of James C. Minor Reads and writes do
Eliza C. Barbour 17 In the colony Daughter of Mary do do
Morgiana Barbour 14 do do At school do
James C. Barbour 7 do Son of Mary do Invalid
Napoleon Barbour 5 do do Good
Georgiana Minor 8 do Daughter of James C. Minor At school do
Parthena Minor 2 do do do
Venus McCanon 16 Feb., 1828 Apprentice None do
Peter Barbour 18 10 In the colony do do do
Thomas Robertson 36 Feb., 1833 Blacksmith do do
Mary Robertson 28 do Wife of Thomas Robertson do do
Silvia Robertson 6 In the colony Daughter of T. and M. Robertson At school do
John Robertson 3 do Son of T. and M. Robertson do
Mary Robertson 2 do Daughter of T. and M. Robertson do
Mary Magee 15 July, 1833 Apprentice do
Nimrod Turner 20 Feb., 1833 Blacksmith None do
Patsey Brosier 18 April, 1827 Servant do do
—-, infant daughter 9 In the colony Daughter of T. and M. Robertson do
James Brown 40 April, 1834 Druggist Liberal do
Ruth Brown 20 August, 1842 Wife of James Brown Reads and writes do
James E. Brown 21 April, 1834 Son of James Brown Druggist do do
Charles H. Brown 17 do do Carpenter do do
Ann Liberia Brown 12 do Daughter of James Brown Reads do
Mary Ann Brown 5 In the colony do At school do
Francis Watkins 12 Jan., 1828 Orphan Servant None do
Eliza Bounty 17 8 April, 18334 do do do do
Mary Lawrence 24 March, 1820 Daughter of John Seamstress do do
Rebecca Lawrence 19 In the colony do do do do
Marsela Lewis 6 do Daughter of Mary At school do
Mary Ann Bryant 19 Feb., 1828 Washerwoman None do
Jacob Payne 3 5 In the colony Son of David Y. do do
Edward Stokes 52 Jan., 1834 Shoe maker do do
Sarah Stokes 55 do Wife of Edward Stokes Nurse do do
William Stokes 19 do Son of E. and S. Stokes do do
Herbert Stokes 15 do do At school do
Elvira Cook 12 do Grand-daughter of Edward Stokes do do
Mary Holliday 22 Jan., 1828 Washerwoman None Good
—-, infant son 1 In the colony Son of M. Holliday-illegitimate do do
Daniel Hunt 15 March, 1829 Brother of J. Hunt do do
Devias Whitfield 18 March, 1833 do do
Isom Stokes 12 Jan., 1834 do do
Eliza Bantom 13 In the colony Daughter of James Bantom do do
Hannibal Bantom 15 12 do Son of James Bantom Apprentice do do
Hardy Whitfield 48 Jan., 1832 Laborer do do
Abby Jones 26 2 Jan., 1833 Washerwoman do do
Ann Brown 50 August, 1842 Nurse do do
Augustine Brown 19 do Son of Ann Brown Laborer do do
Cornelius Brown 8 3 do do At school do
Thomas Stewart 52 May, 1823 Trader None do
Delilah Stewart 28 Jan., 1828 Wife of Thomas Stewart do do
Washington Stewart 10 In the colony Son of T. and D. Stewart At school do
Ann M. Stewart 8 do Daughter of T. and D. Stewart do do
John Stewart 5 do Son of T. and D. Stewart do do
James Fuller 56 6 May, 1823 Brother of Delilah Carpenter None do
William Foulks 27 Feb., 1824 do Reads and writes do
Mary Jane Foulks 19 Jan., 1828 Wife of William Foulks do do
Lydia Bond 54 do Mother of Mary Jane Nurse None do
Henry Bond 24 do Son of Lydia Bond Seaman do do
Charlotte Bond 16 April, 1835 Wife of Henry Bond do do
Caroline Bond 33 Jan., 1828 Daughter of Lydia Bond Washerwoman do do
Francis Bond 9 In the colony Daughter of Caroline At school do
Phillip Bond 8 do Son of Caroline do do
Ellen Bond 6 do Daughter of Caroline do do
George Bond 13 do Son of Lydia Laborer None do
Emily Butler 16 April, 1834 Niece of R. Mathews do do
Ransom Jordan 6 In the colony Son of P. White do do
Eliza Benson 13 do Caroline’s daughter do do
?Welton Skipwith 2 14 do Caroline’s son do do
D. B. Brown 239 March, 1829 High sheriff Liberal do
Sarah Brown 30 Oct., 1831 Wife of D. B. Brown Reads do
Elizabeth Brown 8 In the colony Daughter of D. B. and S. Brown At school do
James Brown 3 do Son of D. B. and S. Brown do
Sarah Brown 14 do Niece of D. B. Brown At school do
Marshall Brown 15 do Nephew of D. B. Brown do do
Isaiah Newport 15 do Apprentice None do
Amy Bowyer 15 Oct., 1831 do do do
Burni Colbert 13 9 Feb., 1833 do do do
James B. McGill 25 —-, 1832 Son of George R. Merchant Liberal do
Martha McGill 19 Jan., 1833 Wife of James McGill Reads and writes do
Adam Wright 13 3 March, 1841 Son of —-Wright At school do
Mary Ann Butler 46 May, 1823 Widow of Charles Butler Nurse None do
Ann Eliza Butler 15 2 In the colony Daughter of Mary Ann Butler At school do
Mary L. Johnstone 32 Jan., 1833 Widow of D. Johnstone Seamstress Reads do
Angeline Johnstone 15 do Daughter of D. and M. L. Johnstone Reads and writes do
Georgiana Johnstone 13 do do Reads do
Caroline Johnstone 12 do do do do
Sarah Johnstone 4 In the colony do do
—-, infant daughter do do do
Dorothy Smith 17 Jan., 1833 Daughter of Carlos Smith Apprentice Reads do
John Brisborn 20 Feb., 1829 Son of John Brisborn, sr. do do do
Lafayette Harper 18 Jan., 1833 Orphan do None do
James Johnson 12 In the colony do do do do
William Johnson 10 do do do do do
Nelson Hunt 22 13 March, 1829 John Hunt’s brother Seaman do do
Betsey Bird 38 Jan., 1831 Washerwoman do do
Briges Washington 14 do Son of Betsey Bird do do
Harrison Bracher 16 do do do do
Jincy Washington 7 In the colony do do
Matthias White 18 5 Feb., 1828 Son of C. White Laborer None do
Peter Young 50 August, 1842 do do do
Diana Young 46 do Sister of Peter Young Washerwoman do do
Thomas Young 30 3 do Brother of Peter Young Laborer do do
Plymouth Reid 45 March, 1830 Carpenter do do
Winney Reid 28 Sept., 1832 Wife of P. Reid do do
—-, infant son 1 In the colony Son of P. and W. Reid do
Maria Johnson 51 4 Jan., 1833 Nurse None do
Henry Boston 24 March, 1829 Seaman Reads do
? Boston 24 Jan., 1832 Wife of H. Boston do do