Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of New Georgia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Fanny McGill 28 March, 1833 Wife of George R. McGill Washerwoman None Good
Charles McGill 5 6 In the colony Son of Geo. R. and Fanny McGill At school do
York Kinsley 50 March, 1830 Farmer None Decline
John Leone 40 do do do Good
Luvenia Leone 16 do John Leone’s sister-in-law do do
Marsella Leone 10 In the colony Y.’s daughter At school do
Ann Leone 6 5 do ddo do
Augustus Paul 39 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Phenix bilbow 38 Jan., 1832 Brother of Augustus do do do
Francis Bilbow 27 do Wife of Phenix Bilbow do do
Priscilla Bilbow 13 do Sister of Francis do Decline
Paul Bilbow 10 In the colony Orphan Apprentice do Good
Pinney Chapel 54 Oct., 1831 Mother of Francis Bilbow Nurse do Decline
Britton Chapel 16 7 do Son of Pinney At school Good
Joseph Gibbs 42 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Hester Gibbs 54 Jan., 1832 Joseph Gibb’s wife do Feeble
Andrew Gibbs 10 In the colony Son of Joseph and Hester Gibbs At school Good
John gibbs 9 do do do do
James Gibbs 7 do do do do
Cornelia Gibbs 5 do Daughter of Joseph and Hester Gibbs do do
Hagar Walburg 14 7 May, 1822 Orphan Apprentice None do
Cyrus Travis 41 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Judy Travis 30 March, 1829 Wife of Cyrus Travis do do
Lydia Travis 7 In the colony Daughter of Cyrus and Judy Travis At school do
Elizabeth Travis 3 do do do
Phillis Jeff 46 Jan., 1833 Ann Bibb’s mother Nurse None Infirm
Ann Bibbs 15 do do Good
Samuel Waring 29 In the colony Huntsman do do
Mary Waring 26 8 Jan., 1833 Samuel Waring’s wife do do
Moses Kinsley 46 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Peggy Kinsley 35 June, 1833 Moses Kinsley’s wife do do
Mary Kinsley 6 In the colony Daughter of M. and Peggy Kinsley At school do
Thomas Kinsley 3 do Son of Moses and Peggy Kinsley do do
Alfred Richardson 22 5 June, 1830 Laborer None do
Thomas Lewis 32 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Louisa Lewis 28 Jan., 1833 Thomas Lewis’s wife do do
Francis Lewis 4 In the colony Daughter of Thos. And Louisa Lewis do do
William Lewis 2 do Son of Thomas and Louisa Lewis do do
John Lewis 13 5 do Brother of Louisa Lewis do do
Henry Paul 50 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Emily Paul 45 Dec., 1831 Henry Paul’s wife do Feeble
Mary Ann Paul 2 3 In the colony Daughter of Henry and Emily Paul Good
John Smith 46 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Julia Smith 26 March, 1826 John Smith’s wife do do
Lydia Bibbs 14 3 In the colony Julia Smith’s wife do do
Joseph Roberts 47 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Chloe roberts 45 Oct., 1831 Wife of Joseph Roberts do do
Isaiah Wilson 14 do Chloe Roberts’s son At school do
Francis Wilson 12 do do do do
James Roberts 21 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Sunday Roberts 20 6 do Brother of James Roberts do do do
James Clarke 33 do do do do
Catharine Barton 27 Jan., 1833 do do
Lewis Barton 16 do Brother of Catharine Barton Farmer do do
Cyrus Travis 8 In the colony Orphan At school do
Thomas Barton 4 5 do Catharine Barton’s son do
Philip Travis 30 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Lucy Travis 26 March, 1833 Philip Travis’s wife do do
James Travis 4 In the colony Son of Philip and Lucy Travis do do
Kitty Travis 1 4 do Daughter of Philip and Lucy Travis do
Thomas Edmonson 36 July, 1837 Farmer None do
Ann Edmonson 12 do Sister of Thomas Edmonson do do
Catharine Smith 10 do Orphan do do
John Smith 9 do Apprentice do do
William Taylor 16 July, 1837 do do do do
Peter Taylor 18 do Brother of J. And W. Laborer do do
Peter Hanson 45 7 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Louonon Kinsley 50 do do do Infirm
Julia Kinsley 29 July, 1836 Louonon Kinsley’s wife do Good
Cyrus Kinsley 14 March, 1830 Louonon Kinsley’s son At school do
Eliazabeth Kinsley 12 In the colony Louonon Kinsley’s daughter do do
Peter Kinsley 10 do Louonon Kinsley’s son do do