Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of New Georgia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
John Banks 16 Feb., 1824 Apprentice None Good
James Allen 40 7 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Judy Edmonson 28 July, 1837 Washerwoman do do
Richard Edmonson 4 In the colony Judy Edmonson’s son do
John Carter 26 July, 1837 Laborer None do
William Miles 22 4 Jan., 1833 do do do
Captain Hanson 50 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Samuel Demery 46 do do do do
John Lewis 29 do Constable Reads do
Sally Lewis 27 4 Jan., 1831 John Lewis’s wife None do
Stephen Bond 78 August 1835 Farmer Reads Decline
Jane Bond 37 do Wife of Stephen Bond None Good
Jack Bond 18 do Stephen Bond’s step-son Farmer do do
Stephen Bond, jr. 3 4 In the colony Son of Stephen and Jane Bond do
July Habersham 40 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Judy Habersham 38 Jan., 1831 July Habersham’s wife Washerwoman do do
Ann Habersham 16 do Judy Habersham’s sister do do
Tamar Habersham 14 4 do do do do
Jack Paul 46 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Maria Paul 25 Jan., 1833 Jack Paul’s wife do do
Joseph Paul 1 In the colony Son of Jack and Maria Paul do do
Molly Young 10 do Orphan Apprentice do do
Eliza Jeff 5 5 do do do do do
Monday Dozier 43 July, 1827 Farmer do do
Milly Dozier 28 Jan., 1831 Monday Dozier’s wife do Feeble
Hester Smith 12 do Milly Dozier’s sister At school Good
Jacob Dozier 2 In the colony Son of Monday and Milly Dozier do
Peter Smith 21 5 July, 1827 Brother to Milly Dozier Farmer None do
Thomas Smith 50 March, 1830 do do do
Pleasant Smith 32 Feb., 1830 Thomas Smith’s wife do do
George Smith 9 In the colony Son of Thomas and Pleasant Smith At school do
Anderson Smith 5 do do do
Lucretia Smith 2 do Daughter of Th. And Pleasant Smith do
Eliza Smith 12 do Pleasant Smith’s sister At school do
Mary Diggs 18 7 July, 1833 Washerwoman None do
Keziah Coates 50 March, 1830 Nurse do Infirm
Thomas Kinsley 40 do Son-in-law of Keziah Coates Farmer do Good
James Barlow 38 do do do do
Harriet Smith 40 Jan., 1832 Washerwoman do do
Lois Bolen 22 do Harriet Smith’s daughter do do do
Barber Smith 28 do Harriet Smith’s sister do do do
Samuel Smith 34 7 do Barber Smith’s husband Farmer do do
Harry Demery 39 March, 1830 do do do
Tempy Demery 26 Jan., 1832 Harry Demery’s wife do Feeble
Prince Habersham 40 March, 1830 Farmer do Invalid
Annette Habersham 26 4 Feb., 1824 Wife of Prince Habersham do Good
Charles Davis 28 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Martha Davis 28 Jan., 1832 Wife of Charles Davis do do
Caroline Davis 7 3 In the colony Daughter of Chas. And Martha Davis do Feeble
Fernando Lewis 36 March, 1830 Farmer do Good
Mary Lewis 27 Jjan., 1831 Fernando Lewis’s wife do Feeble
Mary Ann Lewis 7 In the colony Daughter of Fern. And Mary Lewis At school Good
Hester Lewis 4 do do
Eliza Lewis 2 do do
Lucretia Lewis 1 6 do do
James Smith 34 March, 1830 Farmer None
Margaret Smith 26 Jan., 1832 Wife of James Smith do
Eliza Smith 4 In the colony Daughter of James and Marg. Smith
Henrietta Smith 2 4 do do
Jesse Smith 29 March, 1830 None Farmer None
Major Smith 33 do do do do
Prince Habersham 51 do do do do Decline
James Young 38 4 July, 1827 do do do Good
Sandy Walburg 35 do Farmer do do
Peggy Walburg 28 Jan., 1832 Wife of Sandy Walburg do do
Lucy Walburg 4 In the colony Daughter of S. and P. Walburg do
Jane Morell 15 Jan., 1832 Sister of Peggy Walburg None do
Caroline Young 30 6 do Widow of G. Young Washerwoman do do
Caroline Young 10 In the colony Daughter of Caroline Young At school do
Thomas Earley 23 June, 1833 Sawyer None do
Maria Earley 30 do Wife of Thomas Earley do do
Mary Russel 13 do Sister of Maria Earley do do
Peter Earley 10 In the colony At school Good
Balinda Young 40 5 Jan., 1832 None Farmer None do
Smart Purvis 50 July, 1827 do do do
Matilda Purvis 40 June, 1830 Smart’s wife do do
William Purvis 10 In the colony Son of S. and M. Smart At school do
John Purvis 3 do do do
—-, infant son 5 do do do
Catharine Steel 50 July, 1841 Widow of Thomas None Feeble
Jefferson Steel 26 do Son of Catharine Steel Farmer do Good
Lucinda Steel 28 do Daughter of Catharine Steel Washerwoman do do
Washington Steel 14 do Son of Catharine Steel do do
Albert Steel 12 do do At school do
Eliza Steel 10 do Daughter of Catharine Steel do do
Mitchell Steel 8 do Son of Catharine Steel do do
Samuel Steel 6 do Son of Hannah do do
Foster Steel 3 do do do do
Thomas Steel 5 do Catharine’s grandson do do
Jane Steel 3 11 do Catharine’s grand-daughter do
G. P. Wright 55 August, 1842 Farmer Reads do
Sarah Wright 55 do Wife of George P. Wright None Feeble
Easter Wright 22 do Daughter of G. and S. Wright Good
Ezra Wright 19 do Son of G. and S. Wright Reads do
George B. Wright 15 do do do do
James Wright 9 6 do do None do
G. Marshall 35 July, 1827 Farmer do do
Samuel Marshall 5 In the colony George’s son do do
Venus Walburg 31 Jan., 1833 Washerwoman do do
Moses Kinsley 37 July, 1827 Farmer do do
James Kinsley 6 In the colony Son of Moses Kisley At school do
Peter Kinsley 4 do do do do
Jane Johnson 52 June, 1832 Nurse Decline
Samuel Demery 40 August, 1832 Farmer Good
Mary Demery 31 June, 1832 Samuel’s wife do
George Demery 6 In the colony Samuel’s son At school do
Jack Bond 37 July, 1827 Farmer do do
Lewis Smith 28 do do do
Glasco Smith 38 13 August, 1831 Laborer do