Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

Ship James Perkins’s company, arrived at Monrovia January 14, 1832

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Names Age State or place from which they emigrated Free born or otherwise Emancipated in view of emigrating to Liberia and by whom Where located on their arrial in the colony Extent of education Profession Date of death Cause of death Removed to what place Removal date
Hamlin Tand 34 Virginia Free born Caldwell Farmer
John J. Tand 2 do do do 1832 Fever
Jensy Tand 26 do do do 1832 Childbirth
W. H. Tand 6 do do do
Mary A. Tand 5 do do do
Charles Scott 50 do do do Farmer
Eliza Scott 25 do do do 1838 Decline
Martha Scott 3 do do do
Peter Duck 61 do James Duck, Esq. do Farmer 1836 Old age
Hester Duck 45 do do do
Mary Duck 17 do Free born do 1835 Pleurisy
Devinus Duck 14 do do do 1842 Decline
Andrew Turner 38 do do do Shoemaker 1832 Fever
Amelia Turner 40 do do do 1832 Fever
William Turner 14 do do do 1843 Anasarca
Elizabeth Turner 12 do do do 1841 Anasarca
John Turner 10 do do do 1842 Unknown
Elsy Turner 8 do do do 1842 Unknown
Dilly Turner 6 do do do 1839 Unknown
Venus Turner 3 do do do 1832 Fever
Lewis Turner 1 do do do 1832 Fever
Willis Scott 22 do do do Shoemaker
Robert Green 22 do do do Stone mason 1835 Decline
Catharine Green 26 do do do 1832 Female disease
Sarah Green 7 do do do 1832 Female disease
Thomas Green 3 do do do 1832 Fever
N. Hunter 34 do do do Ditcher 1839 Decline
Patience Hunter 34 do do do 1839 Decline
Jane Hunter 16 do do do 1839 Decline
Mary Hunter 7 do do do 1832 Fever
Eliza Hunter 5 do do do 1832 Fever
Martha Scott 42 do do do
Lazerous Scott 5 do do do
Robert Scott 8 do do do
Virginia Scott 20 do do do
Mary Scott 1 do do do
Jeremiah Nubia 16 N. Carolina do do 1839 Anas. exantha.
Charles Hamlin 46 do do do Sawyer 1839 By a fall
Marinda Rickets 18 do do do 1839 Consumption
Mary Butler 44 N. Carolina Free born Caldwell 1832 Fever
Ely Butler 16 do do do
Elisha Butler 11 do do do
Josiah Butler 9 Virginia do do
Samuel Butler 6 do do do
Henry Butler 41 do do do
Rebecca Brown 18 do do do C. Palmas 1836
Jeremiah White 26 do do do S. Leone 1838