1787 Surry County, Virginia Tax List B
(slaves listed before “/” are over 16 years old; slaves listed after “/” are under 16 years old)
Entries include name: person responsible for tax, and notes

ATKINSON, Mary: self, not tithable

ATKINSON, Benjamin: self

ANDREWS, David: self

ANDREWS, Richard: David Andrews

ANDREWS, Anthony: David Andrews, 16-21 yrs old

ANDREWS, William: David Andrews, 16-21 yrs old

ATKINSON, John: self

ATKINSON, Samuel: John Atkinson

ATKINSON, John Jr.: self

ATKINSON, Lemuel: self

ALEXANDER, David: self, NEGROES: Lucy,George / Daphne, Qually, Dick, Jenny, Sam

ALEXANDER, James: self, NEGROES: / Bob

ANDERSON, James: self

ADAMS, James: self, NEGROES: Ben, Harry, Hope, Lucy, Patt, Jenny / Macklin, Dick, Edy, Solomon, Peter

ADAMS, William: self, NEGROES: Bob, Jude, Abb, Mill / Jim, Sam, Harry

ALLEN, Jesse: self

ADAMS, Nathaniel: self, NEGROES: Sue, Sam, Solomon / Fanny, Dick, Ben, Kate, Amy

BRIDGES, Isaac: self

BATTS, Mary: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Kate /

BRYANT, James: self

BRUCE, James: self, NEGROES: Isaac /

WALDEN, Sampson: James Bruce

BELL, Stephen Jr.: self

BEVIN, George: self, NEGROES: Martin /

BAILEY, Lemuel: self, NEGROES: Bob, Arcoe, Bristol, Jack, Tiller, Anacha, Hannah / Liah, Arcoe Jr., Lucky, Kate, Moses, Sarah, Tom, Pender, Pleasants

HARRIS, Randal: Lemuel Bailey

BAILEY, Robert: Lemuel Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

BAILEY, Anselm (Dr.): self, practicing physician

BAILEY, Anselm Jr.: Anselm Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

BAILEY, Jeremiah: Anselm Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

HARGRAVE, Pleasant: Anselm Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

[FREE NEGRO] Isaac: Anselm Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

BAILEY, Joseph G.: self, NEGROES: Jacob, Abigail / Lucky, Cinthia, Ben

BAILEY, Elizabeth: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Casar, Dinah, Pegg, Dick / Rochester, Lurena, Natt

BAILEY, Edward: Elizabeth Bailey

ROGERS, Richard: Elizabeth Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

BAILEY, Samuel: self

[FREE NEGRO] Harry: Samuel Bailey

[FREE NEGRO] Charles: Samuel Bailey, 16-21 yrs old

BELL, Stephen: self, exempt from County levy

BROWN, Edward: self, NEGROES: Jenny, Dinah / Joe, Tom, Fed, Simon, Betty

BENNETT, Nanny: self, not tithable

BENNETT, William: Nanny Bennett, 16-21 yrs old

BELL, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Scipio, Dick, Sue, Joe, Silvia / Isaac, Peter, Charles

COGGIN, Thomas: Benjamin Bell, 16-21 yrs old

DELK, James: Benjamin Bell, 16-21 yrs old

BELL, Robert: self, NEGROES: Scipio / Mimy

BROWN, James: self

BROWN, John: self

BARLOW, James: self

THORN, William: James Barlow

BERRIMAN, Nathaniel: self, NEGROES: Joe, Doll, Memo[?] Doll is exempt from levy

BAKER, Samuel: self

BANKS, Matthew: self

BROWN, Jesse: self, NEGROES: / Isaac, Kate

BELL, Benjamin Jr.: self, NEGROES: Simon /

BROWNE, Benjamin E.: self, NEGROES: Abraham, Bob, Peter, Nero, Cuffy, Chloe, Moll, Nanny, Silvia, Esther / Bob, Beck, Nanny, Ned, Daniel, Hannah, Silvia, Moses, Charles, Sall, Fanny

BAILEY, Edward: self, listed to Thomas Marriott (not tithable here) NEGROES: Tom, Faithy / Isabel

BENNETT, William: self, NEGROES: Robin, Pegg / Polly

WILLIAMS, Thomas: William Bennett, 16-21 yrs old

BARHAM, Faithy: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Tom /

BARHAM, Burrell: Faithy Barham, 16-21 yrs old

BERRIMAN,, Mary: self, not tithable

BELL, Jacob: self

BARLOW, James: self, NEGROES: Dick, Venus, Alice / Peter, Moses, Cyrus, Hannah, Edy, Jim

BARLOW, George: self

BOYCE, William: self, NEGROES: Hector / Rachael, Ephraim

BROWN, Dixon: self, listed to James A. Bradby (not tithable here) NEGROES: /Anacha

BLOW, Samuel: self, NEGROES: Will, Nero, Charlotte / Peter, Tempy

COCKE, Benjamin: Samuel Blow, 16-21 yrs old

BRADBY, James Allen: self, NEGROES: Tab, Nanny, Dorcas, Sam, Siah, Milly, Phoebe, Cuffy, Warwick, Will, Joe, Joe, Frank, James, Beb, Beb, Moses, Aaron, London, Pompey, Ephraim, Betty / Lewis, Tempy, Cicero, Lott, Moses, Tom, Lucy, Juno, Jame, Sall, Jack, Joe, Lizy, Frank, Cato, Harry, Sam, Nanny, Isaac, Warwick, Jane, Sucky, Reubin, Nelson, Milford, Judy, Elisha, Sam, Will

BROWN, Dixon: James Allen Bradby

BANKS, John: self

BANKS, Benjamin: John Banks

BROWN, Richard D.: self, listed to the estate of John Paradise (not tithable here) NEGROES: Dorcas / Alice, Betty

BARHAM, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Jemmy, Hercules, Sarah / Sucky, Ben, Celia, Lucy

BANKS, Jeremiah: self, NEGROES: Jose, Tab /

COCKE, Ann: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Hercules, new Jack, Gruffe, Ben, Ned, Hercules, Jack, Moses, Tony, George, Fed, Beck, Rose, Dinah, Betty, Charlotte, Aggy, Beck / Bibbehna, Billy, Ellick, Lucy, Jenny, Hannah, Alley, Sucky, Nell, Sam, Lydia, Amy, Agge, Chloe, Sarah, Lucy

COCKE, Robert: Ann Cocke, 16-21 yrs old

CLARK, James: self, NEGROES: Rose, Fanny, Hannah, Lucy / Lizy, Violet, Cuffy, Marlow, Nancy, Billy, Betty, Sam, Booker

COCKS, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Betty / Davy

BERRIMAN,, Samuel: Benjamin Cocks

CARRELL, Mary: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Ned /

CARRELL, John: Mary Carrell

CLARK, Etheldred: self

COCKS,: William: self, NEGROES: Judy, Jenny, Phillis, Rachael, Silvia, Bob, Philip, Davy / Mimy, Fanny, Jacob, Polly, Nan, Mike, James, Isaac, Lucy

COCKS, Benjamin: William Cocks

COCKS: John: William Cocks, 16-21 yrs old

CLARY, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Ben, Patt / Will

[FREE NEGRO] Cudger: self

CORNWELL, John: self, NEGROES: Cuff /

CORNWELL, William: John Cornwell, 16-21 yrs old

CORNWELL, Joseph C.: self

COFER, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Phillis / Dick, Davy, Jacob, Jonas, Milly

COCKS: William Jr.: self, NEGROES: Venus / Lettice, Anacha

COCKS: Mary: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Joseph /

COCKS: James: Mary Cocks

COCKS: Thomas: self

CARTER, William: self

CARTER, Mourning: self, not tithable

CARTER, Richard: Mourning Carter, 16-21 yrs old

CRAFFORD, Henry: self, NEGROES: Lewis, Bob, Glasgow, Tab, Gridget, Tom, / Simon, Jerry, King, Amy, Sall, Rachel, Hannah, Ned, Isabel, Lucy, Godfrey CLARK, Jesse: self

CLARK, Martha: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Jemmy, Beck / Fanny

CLARK, Benjamin: self

CLARY, William: self, NEGROES: Silver, Jonah, Rachael, Sam, Pender / Jacob

CLARY, James: William Clary, 16-21 yrs old

CALDER, William: self, (not tithable)

FORSYTH, Thomas: William Calder

CRAFFORD, Elizabeth: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Sam, little Sam, Sue, Sarah / Simon, Mourning, Patt, Mary

COCKE, Allen (dec d), self, [Estate](not tithable) NEGROES: Nero, Will, Will, Jack, Moses, Randal, Qually, King, Tom, Peter, Davy, Shadrack, Booker, Ellich, Patrick, Vinny, Beck, Priss, Isabel, Betty, Aggy, Silviah, Sall, Sue, old Robin, exempt from public tax / Juby, Jack, Austin, Charity, Sall, Patiency, Lucy, Criss, Moll, Beck, Qually, Sam, Phil, Jonathan, Claiborne, Pallidose, Isaac, Charlotte, Lilly, Sucky, Nancy, Caty, Alley, Siah

MARKS, Henry: Allen Cocke Estate

CLARKSON, Joseph: self

CLARKSON, Joseph Jr.: Joseph Clarkson

CLARKSON, John: Joseph Clarkson 16-21 yrs old

COCKE, Allen (dec d): self, [Estate]{not tithable) NEGROES: Sam, Jacob, Glasgow, Tom, Jack, Jim, Sarah, Milly, Amy, Aggy, Abram exempt from public tax / Criss, Tony, Patt, Charles, Dolphin, John, Subina, Ned, Hannah, Mike, Davy

SCAMMELL, Richard: Allen Cocke estate

COMAN, Dorothy: self, not tithable

COGGIN, Micajah: self, NEGROES: Sam /

CLARK, William: self, listed to Nathaniel Harrison in Cabin Point District (not tithable here)

DAVIS, John (carpr.): self

DAVIS, Thomas: John Davis, 16-21 yrs old

DICKEN, William, self, exempt from taxes on his person

DREWRY, Richard, self, NEGROES: Sue / Ben, Phil, Jesse, Kate

DREWRY, James, Richard Drewry

[FREE NEGRO] Doctor, self

DAVIS, James: self, NEGROES: Martin, Dinah / Isaac, Anacha, Ellick, Jenny

DAVIS, Hannah: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Jim /

DAVIS, John: Hannah Davis, 16-21 yrs old

DAVIS, John, self, son of Nathan

DAVIS, Silah, self, (not tithable)

DAVIS, John (elder): self, exempt from public tax and county levy on his person. NEGROES: Mingo /

DAVIS, Nathaniel: John Davis, 16-21 yrs old

DAVIS, Joseph: self , NEGROES: Nanny, Jacob / Dick, Hannah

DREW, Sarah: self, (not tithable)

DREW, Martha: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Harry, Mary / Fanny, Nanny, Hannah

DERING, William: self, NEGROES: Fanny, Lucy / Sam, Moses

DAVIDSON, Thomas: self, exempt from tax on his person

DELK, Lucy: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Bob, Violet, Nero /

DAVIS, Dolphin: self

DENNIN, John: self

DELK, Rodwell: self, NEGROES: Harry, Daniel, Joe, Amy, Amarilla, Dinah, Judy / Harry, Jim, Harman, Nicy, Moll, Amarilla

DENERY, Lewis: self

EDWARDS, Nevil: self

EVANS, Rebecca: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Jeffery, Jimmy, Moll, Hannah, Sall / Will, Peter, Anthony, Jack, Tom, Joan, Nanny, Celia, Milly, Charlotte, Phillis, Silvia, Mike

HANCOCK, James: Rebecca Evans

EDWARDS, Mary: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Rose, Moses / Phillis, Hannah, Jacob, Abram

EDWARDS, John: Mary Edwards, 16-21 yrs old

EDWARDS, James Jr.: self

EDWARDS, Martha: self, (not tithable)

EDWARDS, William: Martha Edwards

EDWARDS, Hartwell: self

ELLIS, John: self, NEGROES: York, Peter, James, Rose, Abigail, Pender / Ned, Moses, Nell, Joe, Silvia

CHARITY, Alexander: John Ellis, 16-21 yrs old

EDWARDS, William Philip: self

EDWARDS, James: self, NEGROES: Peter /

EDWARDS, Lewis: self, NEGROES: Jim, Gill /

EDWARDS, Skelton: self, NEGROES: Teny / Ron, Joe, King

EDWARDS, Willis: Skelton Edwards, 16-21 yrs old

EDWARDS, Michael: self, NEGROES: Conny /

EDWARDS, Jane: self, (not tithable)

EDWARDS, J’Anson: self, NEGROES: Moses, Fanny / Bruton, Ben, Moll, Peter, Milly, Charlotte

EALY, Hezekiah: J’Anson Edwards, 16-21 yrs old

EDWARDS, Unity: self, (not tithable) NEGROES: Bob, Anacha

EMERY, Ruth: self, (not tithable)

EDWARDS, William: self, NEGROES: Pompy, Ben, Jack, London, Jacob, Titus, Isabel, Molly, Sall, Nell, Jenny / Lucy, Rachael, Dorcas, Silvia, Celia, Levina, Phil, Ellick, Amy, Silviah, Ned, Fanny, Jenny

EDWARDS, William: self, NEGROES: / Amy

EALY, John: self

EDWARDS, Richard: self, NEGROES: Billy, Harry, Simon, Tom, Daniel, Sucky, Celia, Lucy, Queen / Hannah, Joanna, Tempy, Chloe, Jenny, Jack, Davy

EMERY, Charles: self

EDWARDS, Jesse: self

FOSTER, Richard: self, NEGROES: Jacob, Juno, Len / Reuben

FAULCON, Nicholas: self, NEGROES: Jemmy, Hailey, Ned, Nate, Mike, Moses, Bob, Larry, Jack, Billy, Steward, Doll, Dinah, Sarah, Dinah, Priss, Sarah, Sucky, Nanny, Patt, Nell, Sarah, Betty, Fanny, Sucky (Steward, Jenny, Nanny, Dinah exempt from public tax) / Caldwell, Dedon, Aaron, Moses, Joe, Dick, Randal, Hil, Betty, Chloe, Nancy, Fanny, Hannah, Fanny, Rose, Polly, Nelly, Molly, Charlotte, Bob, Peter, Hannah, Harley, Ned, Jim, Cellar, Jemmy, Anthony, John, York

BRIGGS, John: Nicholas Faulcon

FAULCON, Jacob: self, NEGROES: Charles, Frank, Davy, Harry, Jeffery, Billy, Sary, Sary, Sucky, Lucretia, Sucky, Amy, Judy, Moll, Nancy, (old Jeff exempt from public tax) / Hailey, Robin, Toby, Jeff, Lucy, Sally, Natt, Priss, Sall, Amy, Nancy

GRAY, Josiah: Jacob Faulcon

FAULCON, Edward: Jacob Faulcon, 16-21 yrs old

FISHER, William: self, NEGROES: Abel, Philip, Judy / Milus, Leah, Jacob, Abel

GWALTNEY, Benjamin: self

GRAY, Jesse: self

GWALTNEY, John: self

GWALTNEY, William: self

GWALTNEY, Joseph: self

GRAY, John: self

GRAY, Henry: John Gray, 16-21 yrs old

GRAY, Frederic: John Gray, 16-21 yrs old

GODBY, George: self, NEGROES: /Clarissa

GARDNER, George: self, NEGROES: Ned, Rachael / Poll, Davy, -Pegg, Isham

GILBERT, Henry: self, NEGROES: Isaac, Davy, Tom, Faithy, Nanny / Venus, Moses, Jim

GRAY, Henry: self, NEGROES: Priss, Lucy / Charlotte

GRAY, James self NEGROES: Will, Jim, Isham, Harry, Jenny, Edy, Fanny, Nanny / Milly, Bob, Cyrus, Hannah

GRAY, Nathaniel: James Gray, 16-21 yrs old

GRAY, Josiah: self, listed to Jacob Faulcon (not tithable) NEGROES: Casar /

GWALTNEY, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Tom, Jack, Ned, Linus, Sharper, Dick, Kate, Rose, Jenny, Hannah / Harry, Sam, Nelson, Ned, Jim, Edy, Kate, Sally, Nanny, Tempy, Ben, Davy

HOLDSWORTH, Robert: self

HAMLIN, William: self, NEGROES: Simon, Poll, Dinah, Isaac / Africa, Simon

HOLT, Thomas: self

HARRIS, James: self

HARRIS, Chapman: self

HARGRAVE, Lucy: self, not tithable, NEGROES: /Ned

HARGRAVE, Benjamin: Lucy Hargrove, 16-21 yrs old

HARGRAVE, John : self, NEGROES: / Jim

HART, Hartwell: self, NEGROES: Ben, Jeff, Beck, Rose, Rose / Dick, Tom, Hannah, Jim, Sall, Bob, Beck

HART, Jesse: Hartwell Hart, 16-21 yrs old

HART, Ann: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Nanny /

HOLT, William: self, NEGROES: Will /

HARGRAVE, Augustin: self

HEROD, Michael: self

BRADLEY, Edmund: Hartwell Hargrave

HARGRAVE, Silas: self

HARGRAVE, Herman: self

HARGRAVE, Anselen: self, NEGROES: Harry, Kate, Patt / Venus, Kate, Aaron, China

ALLEN, Jesse: Anselen Hargrave

HARGRAVE, Mary: self, not tithable

HARGRAVE, Samuel: Mary Hargrave, 16-21 yrs old

HARGRAVE, Richard: Mary Hargrave, 16-21 yrs old

HOLLEMAN, Arthur: self, NEGROES: Jacob / Peter

HOLLEMAN, Elizabeth: self, NEGROES: Dick, Cuffy, Pegg, Nanny, Patty / Jordan, Exum, Silvia, Jacob,
Cherry, Levi, Archer

HOLLEMAN, John: Elizabeth Holleman, 16-21 yrs old

HOLLEMAN, Edmund: self

HOLLEMAN, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Harry, Isaac, Charity / Patience, Ellick, Fed, Hannah, Tom

HOLLEMAN, Wilson: self, NEGROES: Daniel, Beck, Chloe / Sam, Abram, Jacob, Violet, Olive

HART, William: self, NEGROES: Jemmy, Aggy, Lucy / Tom, Charles, Cherry, Mike, Sucky

HOLLAWAY, Jesse: self

HOLLAWAY, Lazarus: self

HOLLAWAY, John: Lazarus Hollaway, 16-21 yrs old

HARGROVE, Samuel: self

HUNNICUTT, Augustin: self, NEGROES: Roger / Jenny

HUNNICUTT, Bramley: self, NEGROES: Anacha / Nanny, Mima

HUNNICUTT, Hartwell: self, NEGROES: Tom / Ciss

HOLT, Elizabeth: self, not tithable, NEGROES: Beck / Jack, Tempy

HARRISON, William: self

HOLT, William: self, of James City (not tithable), NEGROES: Frank, James, Sam, Jacob, John, Billy, Moll

HARRISON, Simpson: self

HUNNICUTT, John self NEGROES: Mingo, Andrew, Tom, Cato, Frank, Anthony, Aggy, Rachael, Joan / Phil, Gilly, Abram, Anacha, Robin, Dick, Milly, Phil Cosby, Patty, Solomaon, Tempy

HUNNICUTT, Robert: self, NEGROES: Will, Lewis, Harry, Jack, Bob, Moll, Bett, Mary / Isaac, Isaac, Amos, Aaron, Sucky, Patt, Sall, Fanny, Davenport, Betty

HARRISON, Richard: self, NEGROES: Simon, Peter, Patt / Bob, Rose, Reg

HUGHES, John, self

HOLT, Ann: self, NEGROES: Dedon, Frank, Will, Judy, Barbara, Milly, Charles, Moses, Jacob, Bob

HART, William: self, NEGROES: Tom, Ned, Will, Booker, Belender, Charlotte, Tab, Dinah, Violet, Aggy, Sarah, Jemmy, Harry, Ephraim, Ted, Mima, Bob, Sam, Isaac, Fan, Jenny / Amy, Daphne, Phillis, Jenny, Mima, Jacob, Dedon, Will, Anacha, Isham, Milly, Tempy, Silvia, Cato, Solomon, Aaron

HART, Edwin D.: William Hart, 16-21 yrs old

HART, William R.: William Hart, 16-21 yrs old

HOLT, James: self, NEGROES: Dedon, Leah /

EDWARDS, William: James Holt, 16-21 yrs old

HOLT, William: self, NEGROES: Robin, Fed, Moses, Iris, Chever / Nero, Aaron, Milly, Harry, Sucky, Will

HOLT, Archer: self, NEGROES: Jim, Violet /

HUTCHINGS, Ann: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Sall, Bob, Billy / Ned, Africa, Lender, Patience

HUTCHINGS, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Sall / Lydia

HARGRAVE, Hinckey: self

HOOMES, John: self (not tithable)

HARTWELL, James: self

INMAN, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Jim, Phillis, Jenny / Tempy, Exum, Claiborne

INMAN, Ann: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Tony, Aggy, Tiller / Frank, Jenny, Sarah, Lucy, Willis, China

INGRAM, Patience: self (not tithable)

INGRAM, William: Patience Ingram, 16-21 yrs old

JOHNSON, Isaac: self

JAMES, John: self, NEGROES: / Edy

JAMES, Jeremiah: self, NEGROES: Daphne / Jenny, Mark

JUDKINS, John: self, NEGROES: Simon, Patt / Glasgow

JUDKINS, Charles: self, NEGROES: Tom, Sue, Fanny, Anacha / Ben, Sam

JUDKINS, Samuel: self, NEGROES: Jeffery, Ben, Chloe, Dinah / Amy, Jenny, Silvia, Jacob, Isaac

JUDKINS, Wm. T. : Samuel Judkins, 16-21 yrs old

JUDKINS, James: self, NEGROES: Ben, Lucy, Tiller, Daniel / David

THOMPSON, Samuel: James Judkins

[FREE NEGRO] Jimmy: self

[FREE NEGRO] Jasper: self

JOHNSON, Casar: self

JOHNSON, Moses: self, NEGROES: / Fed

JUDKINS, John: self, NEGROES: Tom, Ben /

JUDKINS, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Hannah, Anacha / Tom, Fed

JUDKINS, William: self

JUDKINS, Jesse: self, NEGROES: / Isaac

JONES, James: self

JUDKINS, Nathaniel: self

JUDKINS, Samuel: self, NEGROES: Tiller, Jeffery / Betty

JUDKINS, John (vgr.): self, -younger

JUDKINS, Martha: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Isaac, Dick, Fanny, Rose, Kate, Tiller / Bob, Hannah, Moses, Phebe, Hailey

JUDKINS, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Phillis / Harry, Dinah, Amy, York

JUDKINS, John Jr.: self

JUDKINS, James: John Judkins, Jr., 16-21 yrs old

JOHNS, John: self

JUDKINS, Jacob: self, NEGROES: James, Fanny / Polly, Charlotte

KEE, William: self, NEGROES: Judy, Hannah, Tom / Anacha, Hannah, Sam, Judy

KEE, Robert: self, NEGROES: Dick /

LANE, John: self, NEGROES: Daniel, Tom, Sam, Juno /

LANE, Henry: self, NEGROES: / Fanny

LANE, Henry: self, NEGROES: / Fanny

LANE, Frederic: self, NEGROES: Davy, Winn, Sue / Dick, Dinah, Harry, Jim

LANE, William: self, NEGROES: Aggy / Jenny, Silva, Dick, Simon

LITTLE, Samuel: self

LITTLE, Martha: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Peter /

FITCHET, Randal: Martha Little, 16-21 yrs old

LONG, Mary: self (not tithable)

LONG, Hannah: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Charles /

LONG, David: self, NEGROES: Sue / Milly

LITTLE, John: self

LITTLE, Jesse: self

LITTLE, Jesse, Jr.: Jesse Little, 16-21 yrs old

LANE, Lucy: self (not tithable)

LANE, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Edy / Sam

LANE, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Peter / Hannah

LAYLOR, Luke: self

LAYLOR, William: Luke Laylor, 16-21 yrs old

MADDERA, Joel: self

GWALTNEY, Amos: Elizabeth Maddera, 16-21 yrs old

MADDERA, Samuel: Elizabeth Maddera, 16-21 yrs old

MADDERA, Robert: Elizabeth Maddera, 16-21 yrs old

MOOR, Jesse: self

MORING, Aaron: self

MIDCALF, Mary: self (not tithable)

MOOR, Aaron: self

MALLICOTE, John: self, NEGROES: / Gabe

ALBRITON, John: John Mallicote, 16-21 yrs old

MALLICOTE, Thomas: self

MACKINTOSH, Robert: self, NEGROES: Amy, Peter, Tom, Phillis / Dinah, Tom, Davy, Tom

MITCHELL, Wm.: self, NEGROES: Ren / Sucky

MILLINGTON, Samuel: self

MARKS, Henry: self, listed to the estate of Allen Cocke (not tithable here)

MARRIOTT, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Sam, Abram, James, Ned, Sampson, Breache, Peter, Kate, Molly, Lucy, Patt, Betty, Patty / Will, Moses, Nancy, Nanny, Charlotte, Moses, Charlotte, Sylvia, James, Poll, Tiller, Nancy, Sally, Qually

BAILEY, Edward: Thomas Marriott

NELSON, Ann: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Abram, Butcher, Jim, Ben, Dick, Peter, Rachael, Edy, Lyd, Pegg, Charlotte / Norborn, Billy, Brit, Ariana, Conny, Sally, Nan, Mariah, Moses, Bob, Mansfield, Betty

NELSON, William: Ann Nelson

NELSON, John: Ann Nelson, 16-21 yrs old

NEWSUM, Joel: self

PLEASANT, Abigail: self

PLEASANT, Thomas Jr.: self

PLEASANT, Burwell: self, NEGROES: / Milly

PULLEY, Lewis: self, NEGROES: Ben, Chloe / Davy, Davy, Hannah

PULLEY, Benjamin: Lewis Pulley, 16-21 yrs old

JORDEN, Randal: Lewis Pulley, 16-21 yrs old

POND, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: / Bob

PRESSON, John: self, NEGROES: James, David, Lucy / Billy, Silvia, Jack, Jenny

PRESSON, John Jr.: John Presson, 16-21 yrs old

PRICE, William: self

PHILLIPS, Zachariah: self, NEGROES: Mima / Moses, Harly

PYLAND, John: self

JUDKINS, Amos: John Pyland, 16-21 yrs old

PYLAND, Thomas: self (exempt from county levy), NEGROES: Randal /

PYLAND, Obadiah: self, (exempt from county levy), NEGROES: James /

PRICE, Tobias: self

PRESSON, Tomer: self

PLEASANT, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Sarah / Cherry

HARGRAVE, Augustin: Thomas Pleasant, 16-21 yrs old

PYLAND, Robert: self, NEGROES: Abram, Sarah, Jenny /

PHILLIPS, William: self

PERSONS, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Fanny /

PERSONS, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Sucky / Kate

PIERCE, Jeremiah: self, NEGROES: Pompey, Bob, Violet, Phillis, Alace, Beck / Pegg, Hannah, Nell, Amy, Patience, Belender, Godfrey, Sam, Moses, Marlow, Charles

PIERCE, Richard: Jeremiah Pierce, 16-21 yrs old

PARADISE, John (estate): self, at new Quarter (not tithable), NEGROES: Guy, James, Dick, Simon, Harry, Betty, Alice, Nancy, Moll, Sarah, Thompson, Nancy, Sally, Chloe / Joe, Billy, Isaac, Aaron, Moses, Cyrus, Anthony, Bondy, Anna, Grace, Patt, Sucky, Beck, Phoebe, Palmey, Silvia

SANFORD, Robert: John Paradise (estate)

PRETLOW, Samuel: self, NEGROES: Sampson, Pegg, Bob, Amy, Judy, Fanny, Juno, Aggy / Tempy, Sarah, Alice, Sam, Jack, Alfred, Jim, Addison, Betty, Cato, Solomon, John, Moses, Tab

PRICE, Hannah: self (not tithable)

PARADISE, John (Chepokes), self, at Chepokes (not tithable), NEGROES: Guy, Tom, Paris, Will, Levy, Phoebe, Fanny, Lucy, Mima, Sarah, Grace, Daphne, Eve, Dido, Priss / Cuffy, Jemmy, Phil, Billy, Bob, Amos, Milly, Betty, Amy, Isabel, Fay, Thompson, Fanny, Ned, Isaac, Molly, Sucky, Nancy, Kitt

BROWN, Richard D.: John Paradise (estate)

PYLAND, Ann: self (not tithable)

PYLAND, Richard: Ann Pyland, 16-21 yrs old

PRETLOW, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Nero, Lucy /

RIGGAN, William: self

[FREE NEGRO] Simon: William Riggan

ROGERS, William: self

[FREE NEGRO] Roger: self

RUSSELL, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Silvia / Olive, Lemuel, Ephraim

[FREE NEGRO] Jeffery: Benjamin Russell

BAILEY, Matthew: Benjamin Russell

RIGGAN, Jesse: self

RIGGAN, Thomas: self

ROWELL, Richard: self

ROWELL, Samuel: Richard Rowell, 16-21 yrs old

ROWELL, Robert: Richard Rowell, 16-21 yrs old

ROBERTS, Nathaniel: self

RHODES, Benjamin: self

RHODES, John: self

ROBERTS, Joseph: self

SMITH, Michael: self, NEGROES: Bob, Charles, Ralph, Moll, Edy, Jenny / Sall, Will Solomon, Ben, Mingo, Betty, Betty

SMITH, Lucy: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Dinah, Jenny, Nero / Edy, Ephraim, Jesse

SMITH, James: self, NEGROES: Dick /

SMITH, Willis: self, NEGROES: Dick, Tiller /

SAVIDGE, Henry, self, exempt from County levy

SAVIDGE, Hartwell: self

SAVIDGE, William: self

SAVIDGE, Sarah: self (not tithable)

SAVIDGE, Willis: Sarah Savidge

SAVIDGE, Hezekiah: Sarah Savidge, 16-21 yrs old

SAVIDGE, James: Sarah Savidge, 16-21 yrs old

SAVIDGE, Joel: self

SAVIDGE, John: self

SAVIDGE, David: John Savidge

SAVIDGE, Samuel: self

SLADE, William: self

SLADE, William Jr.: William Slade, 16-21 yrs old

SLADE, John: William Slade, 16-21 yrs old

BRYANT, John: William Slade, 16-21 yrs old

SLADE, John: self, NEGROES: Patt /

SEWARD, Carter: self, NEGROES: / Jacob

SEWARD, James: self

SEWARD, Abridgton: self, Constable, NEGROES: Fanny /

SALTER, William: self, NEGROES: little Greenwich, Lucy, old Greenwich, Betty exempt from public tax / Ned, Alley, Nanny, Simon, Anthony, Amy, Sam

SINCLAIR, Arthur: self, NEGROES: Bristol, Venus, Betty / Phoebe, Ben, Venus

WARREN, John: Arthur Sinclair, 16-21 yrs old

SANFORD, Robert: self, listed to the estate of John Paradise (not tithable here) NEGROES: Nanny / Bob

SKIPWITH, Peyton, Sir (estate): self, at Hog Island (not tithable here), NEGROES: Bob, Robin, Toby, Aaron, Lucy, Edy / John, Sidney, Pegg

SMALLEY, John: self, NEGROES: Moll / Tom

SIMPSON, Ann: self (not tithable), NEGROES: George, Simon, Fortune / Moses, Daniel

SIMPSON, James: Ann Simpson

SCAMMELL, Richard: self, listed to the estate of Allen Cocke (not tithable), NEGROES: Beck / Joe

SAVIDGE, Michael: self

THOMPSON, William E.: self, NEGROES: Bob, Winnie /

TURNER, Thomas: self

TAYLOR, Thomas: self

TAYLOR, Nanny: self (not tithable)

[FREE NEGRO] Tom: self

TAYLOR, Mary: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Ben /

TAYLOR, Frederic: Mary Taylor, 16-21 yrs old

TRUSTY, Samuel: self

TRUSTY, James: self

TRUSTY, Hercules: self

THOMPSON, Joel: self, NEGROES: Tom, Jenny, Jacob, Nanny, Dinah, Rose / Hannah, Mike, Fed, Isaac, Jim, Marks, Tom

THOMPSON, John: self, NEGROES: Robin, Grace /

THOMPSON, John Jr.: John Thompson, 16-21 yrs old

TAYLOR, James: self, NEGROES: Sam, Tab / Edy

TAYLOR, Francis: self, NEGROES: / Rose, Nanny

TAYLOR, Rebecca: self (not tithable)

THOMPSON, Philip: self, Negroes, Isaac, Nanny, Amy / Davy, Hannah, Sucky

THORP, Joseph: self

VERELL, John: self

WARREN, Elizabeth: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Judy / Moses

WARREN, Benjamin: Elizabeth Warren, 16-21 yrs old

WARREN, James: Elizabeth Warren, 16-21 yrs old

WARREN, Frederic: self

WARREN, John: Frederic Warren, 16-21 yrs old

WARREN, Joseph: self, NEGROES: Sam, Oilsy, Jenny / Silvia, Bridget, Abram

WARREN, Henry: Joseph Warren, 16-21 yrs old

WARREN, John Jr.: self, NEGROES: Nanny / harry, Nanny, Phil, Sarah

WARREN, John: self, NEGROES: Dick, Harry, Moses, Peter, Joe, Patt, Celia, Nanny / Hannay, Sally, Betty, Moll

WOOD, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Charles, Harry / Cherry

COKER, Henry: Benjamin Wood

WALL, Joel: self, NEGROES: / Charles

WALL, James: self, NEGROES: / Joe, Esther

WHITE, John: self, NEGROES: Simon, Ned, Jacob, Sam, Bob, Jemmy, Phil, Ben, Rose, Fanny, Kate, Pegg, Betty, Isabel, Daphne, Lucy, Anacha, Hannah / Dick, Ephraim, Mingo, Harry, Jack, Randal, Frank, Mike, Fed, Rachael, Milly, Nanny, Ciller, Judy, Leah

WHITE, John Jr.: John White, 16-21 yrs old

WREN, Thomas: self, NEGROES: Peter / Will

WILSON, Elizabeth: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Sam, Ned, Judy, Tilfer, Hannah / Will, Fed, Peter, Lewis, Rachael, Milly

WREN, John: self, NEGROES: Charles, Patience / Jacob, Jenny, Simon

WREN, Richard: John Wren, 16-21 yrs old

WHITE, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Mingo, Charles / Silvia

WARREN, Ann: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Rachael /

WARREN, Arthur: self, NEGROES: Dick, Beck, Judy exempt from public tax / Violet

WARREN, Jesse: self, NEGROES: Tom, Sam, Hannah, hagar, Fanny, Jefferey, Mike, Hannah / Silvia, Harry, Jim, Davy

BRYANT, John: Jesse Warren

WARREN, William: self, NEGROES: Sam, Simon, Sucky, Harry & Lucy exempt from public tax / Violet

WARREN, Hannah: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Harry, Davy, Jenny / Nanny, Charles, China

WRIGHT, Isham: self

WILSON, John: self, NEGROES: Sarah / Margaret

WILSON, John Jr.: John Wilson, 16-21 yrs old

WESSON, John: self, NEGROES: James, Bob, Sucky / Godfrey, Hannah

WARREN, Thomas: self, NEGROES: / Pompey, Lucy

WARD, Faithy: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Jack, Aggy / Isaac, Davy, Jenny, Sall

WILLIAMS, John: self

WILLIAMS, Jeremiah: self

WILLIAMS, Walter: self

WILLS, William: self, NEGROES: Nanny /

WRIGHT, William: self, NEGROES: Patt / Cooler, Amos

WRIGHT, James: William Wright, 16-21 yrs old

WILSON, Willis: self, NEGROES: Pompey, John, Pomp, Sam, Harry, Phill, Nan, Fan, Rachael, Abigail, Sarah, Bob / Dick, Patience, Edy, Tom, Nan, Jacob, Joe, Daniel, Sharper, Tony, Lucy, Davy, Nicy, Fed, Jim, Silviah, Jenny, Rachael, Sucky, Polly, Mial, Peter, Moses, Ben, Jesse, Isaac, Lyd, Priss, China, Amy

WILSON, William: Willis Wilson, 16-21 yrs old

WHITE, James: self

WILLS, Langley C.: self, NEGROES: Tom, Tom, Peter, Cooler, Pink, Rose, Violet, Esther, Sucky / Winnie, Jenny, Hannah, Polly, Cuffy

WHITE, Thomas: self: NEGROES: Sutton, Simon, Sarah, Jim / Silvia, Edy, Sutton, Tom

WILSON, James: self

WALKE, Thomas: self

WILSON, Armstreet: self

WALLER, Lucy: self (not tithable), NEGROES: Sarah / Patt

WALLER, Benjamin: self, NEGROES: Jack, Milly / Jenny, Isaac

WILSON, Josiah: self, NEGROES: Dick, Jim, Bob, Will, Bob, Bucher, Daniel, Abigail, Amy, Bett, Angy, Silvia, Phoner, Rachael exempt from public tax / Rachael, Moll, Priss, Scilla, Kit, Dick, Tom, Prince, Lucy

WILLIAMS, John: self

[FREE NEGRO] York: self