1860 Mortality Schedule, Isle of Wight County, Virginia

Persons who died during the year ending 1st June, 1860 in the Eastern District in the County of Isle of Wight, State of Virginia, enumerated by Jno. A. Jordan, Asst. Marshal

Name Age Sex Color Free  or Slave Married or Widowed Place of Birth Month Profession Occupation or Trade Disease or cause of death Number of days ill
Wm. J. Robert 35 M Virginia Sept. Farmer Drowned
Infant child 16 days M B S April 2
Henry P. Wilson 5/12 M Sept. Bronchitis 42
Ann McCallister 40 F M
Slave Jack 80 M B S Dec. Laborer Old age 5 yrs
Edmond B. Pedin 54 M Aug. Farmer Consumption 21 days
Mary Pedin 25 F B S July Servant Unknown 1
Slave Bobb 60 M B S June Servant Diabetes 60
Geo. H. Hallway 4 M August Typhoid Fever 3
Charlotte Underwood 58 F W March Unknown 1
Sam Stephens 30 M B S April Servant 4
Infant Child 1 F B S April Servant Unknown 7
E. A. :Parker 7/12 M Feb. Scarlet Fever 4
N. W. Nosworthy 23 F March Farmer Pneumonia 14
Ianella Nosworthy 23 F March Consumption 6 mos.
Sarah Spady 7/12 F June Unknown 6
Slave Milly 100 F B S Feb. Old age
Martha Chapman 3/12 F May Dysentery 7
Slave Jinny 1 8/12 F B S Jany. Burnt
M. D. Jardon 22 F May Consumption 6 mos.
Joseph Lanblin 35 M
Slave Salley 105 F B S Oct. Old age 8
J. B. Epps 2 M
Servant Robert 2 M Mu S April Pneumonia 7
M. A. Jardon 4 F B F Sept. Fits 1
Servant Aaron 60 M B S Jany. Labourer Inflammation of brain 1
Sampson Banks 3/12 M B F April Chicken Pox 7
Slave Rose 45 F B S Sept. Servant Consumption 30
Jas. Joyner 65 M B S Dec. Servant Sore leg 10
Richd. Key 96 M B F March Servant Old age 1
Infant child 2/12 F B S Feby. Servant Suffocation
Servant Susan 9 F B S Nov. Servant Burnt 1
B. A. J. Forrest 34 M May Labourer Pneumonia 7
Slave Mingo 75 M B S June Laborer Acute Dyspepsia 44
Slave Peggy Baker 95 F B S June Labourer Old age 60
W. W. Cofield 23 M Sept. Clerk Typhoid fever 15
Slave Joseph 2/12 M B S Feby. Unknown 8
Slave William 7/12 M B S Feby. Pneumonia 10
Slave Lucy 50 F B S July Servant Consumption 60
Slave Milly 21 F B S June Servant Typhoid fever 7
Slave Charlot 6 F B S June Servant Apoplexy 20
Slave Junius 10/12 M B S April Servant Suffocated
Slave Andrew 17 M B S Aug. Servant Typhoid fever 35
Infant slave 3/12 M B S
Slave Cherry 60 F B S May Servant Dropsy 2
Slave Isham 97 M B S Nov Old age
Slave Fanny 1 F B S July Measles 21
Infant slave 1/12 F B S July Unknown
Infant slave 1/12 F B S March Unknown
Slave Elvira 6/12 F B S Jany. Servant Summer complaint 14
Infant slave 1 M B S May Servant 6 mos
C. F. Morris 10/12 M August Summer complaint 90
Slave Amanda 1 F B S July Unknown 90
C. W. Dardam 1 M May Summer complaint 5
Slave Peter 14 M B S June Pneumonia 6
Slave Grace 65 F B S June Servant Unknown Sudden
W. W. Mountford 1 M July Teething 26
Martha B. Carr 5 F Oct. Dropsy 30
Infant Pearce 1 F
Slave Faison 48 M B S Sept. Consumption 9 mos
Slave Almeda 5 F B S Dec. Dropsy 6 mos.
Slave Eley 1 M B S Jany.
Infant Butler 1/12 F Oct. Unknown
Anna Haucum 35 F April Childbirth 9
Antonet Haucum 5/12 F June Unknown 14
Julius Whitehead 3/12 M July Whooping cough 21
Slave Penelope 55 F B S Sept. Unknown
Joshua Cutchins 2 M Oct. Typhoid fever
Jacob 60 M B S Oct. Labourer Inflammation of kidney 50
Davis 23 M B S March Labourer Consumption 12
Elizabeth Lawrence (Pauper) 88 F August Spinster Old age Unknown
Patty Clack (Pauper) 75 F Sept. Spinster Old age Unknown
Jane Watkins (Pauper) 70 F Nov. Spinster Old age Unknown
Ibby Davis (Pauper) 80 M B F Oct. Labourer Old age Unknown
George Simpson 45 M M Wales May Machinist Typhoid fever 10
Q. M. Pope 32 M M Virginia Jany. Farmer Consumption 28
Ned Creek 60 M B F June Labourer Dropsy 6 mos
Nancy Johnson 30 F M Oct. Consumption 12 mos.
Adaline 5 F B S Sept. Brain fever 2
George T. Eley 10/12 M May Unknown 10 mos
Nancy 5 F B S Dec. Croup 3
Lucy, infant 2 F B F Dec. Unknown 4
Sarah Stagg 30 F M Apr. Consumption
Jessee 25 M B S Jany. Fits 7
Lucy Copeland 2 F B F Dec. Scalded 4
Elisha Corbet 70 F M May Spinster Affliction of the heart 42
Anna Carr 30 F M June Typhoid fever 42
Benj. Whitehead 38 M M April Farmer Consumption 50
William English 65 M M May Labourer Heart affliction 90
Elizabeth Beal 28 F M August Spinster Bilious Fever 14
Nathan Johnson 70 M W March Farmer Consumption 90
Butler (infant) 2/12 M May Unknown 30
Charles Withey
James H. Wyatt 1 M Nov. Typhoid fever 14
Sallie Pruden 31 F M March Spinster Consumption 90
Pruden (infant) 1/12 F August Unknown Sudden
James A. Watkins 19 M Sept. Clerk Consumption 90
Exum Spivey 42 M M Jany. Farmer Consumption 6 mos
J. W. Crumpler 9/12 M August Bowel complaint 20 mos
Slave infant 6/12 F B S Feby. Cold 7
Minerva Batten 9 F B S May Scrofula 12 mos
Cherry Batten 3 F B S July Brain fever 14
Nannie Batten 3 F B S July Brain fever 14
Hariett J. Callcote 27 F M Feby. Consumption 6
Otelia Ashburn 8/12 F August Spasms 8
Jincy Watkins 50 F M July Consumption 60
Jesse Watkins 21 M July U. S. Cadet Bowel affliction 8
Saml. J. Eley 2 M Sept. Congestion of brain 2
Henry 11/12 M B S Sept Typhoid fever 60
Robert 11/12 M B S August Typhoid fever 60
Frank 2 M B S March Worms 1
Stephen 4/12 M B S April Worms 7
Adaline 4/12 F B S April Worms 7
Julious 4 M B S August Lockjaw 8
Godphry 80 M B S Jany. Old age 1
Willis 75 M B S Oct. Scrofula 21