Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-1863

An Act of April 16, 1862 (12 Stat. 376) abolished slavery in the District of Columbia. Under Section 3 of the Act, the President was authorized to appoint a board of three commissioners, who were residents of the District, to examine petitions for compensation from former owners of freed slaves in the District.

An Act of July 12, 1862 (12 Stat. 538), provided that petitions could be received from slaves whose owners had not presented petition for compensation.

Here is a list of the record of petitions filed under the Act of April 16, 1862, dated April 29 - July 15, 1862 showing the date the petition was filed, the number of the petition, name of petitioner, names of slaves, and value of slaves as claimed in the petition.

Final Report of the Board of Commissioners

3101 records found
  (Total records:3101)
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 Date DocketPetitionersNo. slavesSlavesClaimants ValueAssessors ValueCommissions ValueRemarks
May 13, 1862174Lucy K. Miller, Maria
Miller, Harriet Smith,
William Miller
5Charles Edward Shorter or
4000.00 for the group  262.8
May 13, 1862174Lucy K. Miller, Maria
Miller, Harriet Smith,
William Miller
5Nancy4000.00 for the group  43.8
May 13, 1862175Maria Miller2Louisa Washington2600.00 for both  175.2
May 13, 1862175Maria Miller2Mary Teresa2600.00 for both  525.6
May 13, 1862176Susanna Boarman1Trecy Harper1000  438
May 13, 1862177Dr. John L. Gibbons3Rachel Yearby1000  394.2
May 13, 1862177Dr. John L. Gibbons3Kate A. Harris500  219
May 13, 1862177Dr. John L. Gibbons3?Mable Harris900  350.4
May 13, 1862178Alfred A. Sloane1Milly Blake500  175.2
May 13, 1862179Sarah A. Abbott1Leah Dorman1500  X

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