Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-1863     Search   Export to CSV

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Date   Docket   Petitioners   No of slaves   Slaves   Claimants Value   Assessors Value   Commissions Value   Remarks  
DetailsMay 22, 1862386Smith Minor7James Branson800  
DetailsMay 22, 1862386Smith Minor7Frank Branson600  
DetailsJuly 5, 1862848Simeon M. Johnson2Susan Matthews$1,000.00   438
DetailsJuly 5, 1862848Simeon M. Johnson2Lucy Ross------------  -------------
DetailsMay 27, 1862488Silas L. Loomis1Abraham Dent200  153.3
DetailsJune 2, 1862579Seth Hyatt4Ann Maria Dodson1000  481.8
DetailsJune 2, 1862579Seth Hyatt4Francis Ann Dodson1000  438
DetailsJune 2, 1862579Seth Hyatt4Charlotte, Ann Maria's
300  175.2
DetailsJune 2, 1862579Seth Hyatt4Elmer, Ann Maria's son100  43.8
DetailsMay 13, 1862198Selby B. Leaggs13Ailsy Howard50No value No value