A Partial Listing of Negroes Lynched in the United States Since 1859

SOURCE: 100 Years of Lynching, Ralph Ginzburg, Black Classic Press; Lynching in the New South, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, University of Illinois Press

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 NameCity StateDateYearComments
Green McCoy HamlinWest Virginia October 251889
James Smith Logan CountyWest Virginia May 271892
Red Smith NaugatuckWest Virginia May 151892
John Turner FayettevilleWest Virginia August 301889
T. Williams Glen JeanWest Virginia February 71902
Unknown Negro BramwellWest Virginia February 11896
Two Unknown Negroes WaniesdorfWest Virginia July 251902
Unknown Negro HuntingtonWest Virginia October 141910
Unknown Negro WelchWest Virginia November 221917
William Allen Warwick CountyVirginia December 61881 For murder. In 1881
after months of arguments
and threatened fights
between William Allen a
drayman and a white man
he drove to work each
morning Allen challenged
the man to a fight and in
the struggle that
followed killed him.
(Lynching in the New

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