A Partial Listing of Negroes Lynched in the United States Since 1859

SOURCE: 100 Years of Lynching, Ralph Ginzburg, Black Classic Press; Lynching in the New South, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, University of Illinois Press

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 NameCityStateDateYear Comments
Alonzo Williams Toombs CountyGeorgia July 291908 For alleged attempted
Arthur Bennett Clayton CountyGeorgia October 221893 For alleged attempted
murder. Bennett tried to
poison his employer after
a dispute over
compensation for his
cotton crop.
John Ware RoystonGeorgia September 181904 For alleged attempted
murder. After a dispute
with his employer over
who he would sell his
cotton crop to Ware
killed the man in a
Thomas Coley GoldsboroGeorgia January 91908 For alleged attempted
Will Williamson Toombs CountyGeorgia March 11910 For alleged attempted
Jeff Bolden Jackson CountyGeorgia December 251898 For alleged attempted
Lee Hall Johnson CountyGeorgia Februry 71903 For alleged attempted
Benjamin Howard JosselinGeorgia August 251892 For alleged attempted
George Thomas Ft. GainesGeorgia September 221908 For alleged attempted
Isaac Webb GoldsboroGeorgia January 91911 For alleged attempted

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