A Partial Listing of Negroes Lynched in the United States Since 1859

SOURCE: 100 Years of Lynching, Ralph Ginzburg, Black Classic Press; Lynching in the New South, W. Fitzhugh Brundage, University of Illinois Press

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 NameCityStateDate YearComments
Unknown Negro WelchWest Virginia November 221917
Wade Hampton Rick SpringsWyoming December 141917
Linton Clinton MeigsGeorgia March 11917 
Claxton Dekle MetterGeorgia December 151917
Collins Johnson Sale CityGeorgia November 171917 
D. C. Johnson Sale CityGeorgia November 171917 
Rufus Moncrief WhitehallGeorgia September 181917
Joe Nowling PelhamGeorgia March 281917
Jesse Staten QuitmanGeorgia November 161917 
Walter Clark DanvilleVirginia October 131917 For murder. Accused of
murder Clark fought a gun
battle with a mob of law
officers and citizens.
The mob set fire to
Clarks home and he was
shot as he fled.
(Lynching in the New
South pg. 34)

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