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William Allen Warwick CountyVirginia December 61881 For murder. In 1881
after months of arguments
and threatened fights
between William Allen a
drayman and a white man
he drove to work each
morning Allen challenged
the man to a fight and in
the struggle that
followed killed him.
(Lynching in the New
Milly Thompson Clayton CountyGeorgia July 291880 For an unknown offense
James Black Dinwiddie CountyVirginia April 121880 For attempted rape
Arthur Jordan Fauquier CountyVirginia January 191880 For miscegenation.
Arthur Jordan ran off
with and married his
white employer's
daughter. The employer
had him arrested in
Washington D.C. and
returned to Fauquier
County to stand trial on
charges of bigamy (Jordan
allegedly already had a
black wife). A
Page Wallace Loudoun CountyVirginia February 181880 For rape
Peter Rivers OlarSouth Carolina March 131812
Tip Hudson (Hutson?) PalmettoGeorgia Campbell County March 161899
William Brown RienziAlabama April 29. 1906
Bird Love RaybilleLouisiana March 16 1896
Frank Johnson specific locality