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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Henry Sykes Van VleetMississippi October 231907
Joseph Mackie Edgefield Court HouseSouth Carolina October 231898
Luther Sullivan Edgefield Court HouseSouth Carolina October 231898
Arthur Bennett Clayton CountyGeorgia October 221893 For alleged attempted
murder. Bennett tried to
poison his employer after
a dispute over
compensation for his
cotton crop.
Edward Jenkins ClaytonGeorgia October 221893 
Warren Eaton MonroeLouisiana October 221913
Edward Suddeth CornetaOklahoma October 221911
John Gamble PikevilleTennessee October 221893
Stover HabelleAlabama October 211908
Alonzo Green and his son WaysideGeorgia October 211915