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Name   City   State   Date   Year   Comments  
Jack Hopkins Jasper CountyGeorgia July 311885 For alleged assault
William Hopkins New BainbridgeGeorgia May 291903
William Hopps JesupGeorgia December 25-261889 For alleged murder
Samuel Hose NewmanGeorgia April 251899 Alleged murder. Hose
had asked his employer to
allow him to return home
to visit his ailing
mother. The employer
refused and after a two
day argument drew his
pistol and threatened to
kill Hose who responded
by hurling an axe into
his employer's head ki
Benjamin Howard JosselinGeorgia August 251892 For alleged attempted
Peter Hudson CuthbertGeorgia September 261916
Reuben Hudson Dekalb CountyGeorgia July 271887 For alleged rape.
Tip Hudson (Hutson?) PalmettoGeorgia Campbell County March 161899
James Irwin OcillaGeorgia February 11930 
Henry Isaac Brooks CountyGeorgia July 21909 For alleged attempted