Virginia Mortality Schedules

860 Accomack County, 1860 Charles City County, 1860 Surry County, 1860 Gloucester County and 1860 Isle of Wight County Mortality Schedules.

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 YearCountyName AgeSexColorSlave?Married?BirthDiedOccupationCauseDays_Ill
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Isaac Hack (b. Nansemond
90MaleBlackSlave  APRFarm laborerDropsy
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Siney Sample90FemaleBlackFree  JULSeamstressDropsy
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Rachel West90FemaleBlackSlave  OCTCookwomanUnknown
1860Accomack CountyLilly Smith90FemaleBlackSlave  SEP Old age
1860Gloucester CountyJinnie90FBS VirginiaJany.Farm handOld age1 month
1860Gloucester CountyEve90FBS VirginiaAprilHouse servantOld ageSudden
1860Gloucester CountyLucy Soles90F  WVirginiaApril Consumption1 year
1860Charles City CountySteven90MaleBlackSlave VirginiaMarchServantUnknown
1860Accomack CountyUnnamed9 daysMaleBlackSlave  SEP Head fall
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Catherine Sample9FemaleBlackFree  NOV Burnt to death

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