Virginia Mortality Schedules

860 Accomack County, 1860 Charles City County, 1860 Surry County, 1860 Gloucester County and 1860 Isle of Wight County Mortality Schedules.

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 YearCountyName AgeSexColorSlave?Married?BirthDiedOccupationCauseDays_Ill
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Bessy T. Bell12-JulFemaleWhite   JUL Whooping cough
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Mary T. Parker12-JulFemaleBlackFree  OCT Unknown
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
James H. Piper12-JulMaleBlackFree  JAN Croup
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Unnamed12-JulMaleBlackSlave  DEC Unknown
1860Isle of Wight CountyE. A. :Parker12-JulM   VirginiaFeb. Scarlet Fever4
1860Isle of Wight CountySarah Spady12-JulF   VirginiaJune Unknown6
1860Isle of Wight CountySlave William12-JulMBS VirginiaFeby. Pneumonia10
1860Charles City CountyWilliam12-JulMaleBlackSlave VirginiaMayServantUnknown
1860Surry CountyFrank Hargrove12-JulMaleMulattoFree VirginiaJanuary Measles
1860Accomack CountyWashington Davis12-JunMaleWhite   OCT Croup

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