Virginia Mortality Schedules

860 Accomack County, 1860 Charles City County, 1860 Surry County, 1860 Gloucester County and 1860 Isle of Wight County Mortality Schedules.

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 YearCountyNameAgeSexColorSlave?Married?BirthDiedOccupation CauseDays_Ill
1860Gloucester CountyDiana28FBS VirginiaJuneFarm handChild bed7 days
1860Gloucester CountyDorothy Dutton33F  MVirginiaDec. Child bed3 days
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Kesiah Gray40FemaleWhite   DEC Childbirth
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Unnamed3 daysFemaleWhite   JAN Childbirth
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Margaret Walker34FemaleWhite   JAN Childbirth
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Sarah Ward27FemaleWhite   NOV Childbirth
1860Accomack CountyMargaret Shay (of MO) 26FemaleBlackSlave  APR Childbirth
1860Charles City CountyNancy Harris40FemaleBlackFree VirginiaMay Childbirth
1860Isle of Wight CountyAnna Haucum35F   VirginiaApril Childbirth9
1860Charles City CountyOctavia20FemaleBlackSlave VirginiaFebruaryServantChills and Fever

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