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Year   County   Name   Age   Sex   Color   Free or Slave   Married or Widow   Birth   Month Died   Occupation   Cause   Days Ill  
1860Accomack CountyPolly Lewis18FemaleWhite   OCTSeamstressHemorrhage
1860Gloucester CountyPolly60FBS VirginiaAprilHouse servantPneumonia3 weeks
1860Charles City CountyPleasant12-MarMaleBlackSlave VirginiaOctoberServantUnknown
1860Charles City CountyPleasant 13MaleBlackSlave VirginiaAprilServantDiphtheria
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Pink Bell64FemaleBlackSlave  MAYCook womanUnknown
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Pike Stephens60MaleBlackFree  APRWaggonerTyphoid Fever
1860Accomack County, Prince
George Parish
Phillis Arlington80FemaleBlackSlave  SEPFarm laborerUnknown
1860Gloucester CountyPhillis80FBS VirginiaFeby.Farm handOld age1 month
1860Charles City CountyPhillis45FemaleBlackSlave VirginiaOctoberServantPhthisis
1860Gloucester CountyPhilip H. Hardy5M   VirginiaSep. Unknown2 days