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How the African-American Syphax Family Traces Its Lineage to Martha Washington

When Stephen Hammond was growing up, he scoffed when relatives told him he was related to the family of the nation’s first president, George Washington. It turns out...

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Tracing Your Roots: My Adopted Black Daughter Wants to Know Her Origins

I have worked very hard to trace back the ancestry of my adopted daughter Rasa Braswell, who is African American. (I am Caucasian.) However, I hit a snag once I got...

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Why DNA Ancestry Tests Are Struggling to Avoid White Bias

DNA ancestry tests, which help people find long-lost relatives and build family trees, have risen dramatically in popularity within the last several years. With...

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The Strange Evolution of Henry Louis Gates’s Estimate of Alex Haley and “Roots”

In 1998, Dr. Henry Louis (Skip) Gates, Jr., a University Professor and Director of Harvard’s Center for African and African American Research, explained in the...

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DNA Testing Forced Me To Rethink My Entire Racial Identity

DNA testing sites make discovering your family history seem like one big genealogical adventure. But what about those ancestry stories that don’t have a happily ever...

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South Carolina museum fills plot holes in African American genealogy

Strands of grey twist through her blonde dreadlocks, adorning her with a crown of distinguished wisdom. Her poised stride is seasoned by an abundance of life...

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