Launches as the Most Comprehensive Online Resource for Local and National Obituary News & Personal Tributes

BOSTON, Sept. 22 /PRNewswire/ —, an online resource for local and national obituary news, officially launched today — forever changing the way people access obituaries and memorialize those who have been important to them. Through one centralized web destination, makes obituary and memorial service information easily and reliably searchable, while creating a safe place where families and communities can come together to share the treasured stories of those who have passed. has been operating as a beta site since it became funded in February 2008. Hundreds of thousands of unique users have already come to the site to find information such as when and where a service will be held, or to read obituaries and leave notes of remembrance. is strategically aligning itself with funeral homes across the country to provide national distribution for the obituaries they publish. will supply funeral homes with a wide range of personalized, online, multi-media memorial products they can offer to families to help them more effectively capture and immortalize the artifacts, stories and sentiments that are discovered and shared at the time of a death.

Internet visionary and founder Jeff Taylor forever changed the way we search for jobs when he founded, which moved classified “help wanted-ads” from local papers to the Internet. Taylor went on to create an online community for Baby Boomers in 2005 with the social networking website

“I first formulated the idea for after recognizing how popular the obituary section was on,” said Taylor. “Around the same time, I found out that my mother was not only a regular reader of the obituary section in her metro daily newspaper, but that she also read the obituaries in her hometown weekly paper on the off chance someone she knew had passed away. It made me recognize the need for an easier method of keeping track of those you care about and a more dynamic and personal way to honor and celebrate lives — thus was born”