Dist. Court of the U. S. for the Dist. of Col.
Clerk of the Court

“Fugitive Slave Cases, 1862,” May 15-19, 1862
(By file date or affidavit)

Original papers in fugitive slave cases before the Circuit Court of the U.S. for the District of Columbia consisting of claimants petitions, affidavits for arrest of fugitive slaves, warrants of arrest, depositions, court orders to deliver fugitive slaves to claimants, and related papers.

Transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Publication M433 “Records of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Relating to Slaves, 1851-1863, Roll 3.

District of Columbia
Washington County to wit:

On this 17th day May 1862 in open court in the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia personally appeared John Higgins a citizen of the United States, residing in Prince George County and State of Maryland, and makes oath according to law that he is the owner of the following named slaves, slaves for life, to wit: Charles Sewall aged about twenty three years; Judson Sewall about 20 years; Sophy Bartlett (or Barnes) about 30 years and her son William about 18; all of whom left the service of this affiant in said Prince George County about the 9th of June last past; Dennis (Johnson) about 14 who left some time in the month of February last past; Robert (bought from the estate of Newton), Isaiah Sewall aged about 40 and his son Albert; Frank Jackson about 40; and Abraham (Short) aged about 38; which five last named slaves left affiants service in said Prince George County on Saturday two weeks ago; that each and every of said slaves was and were in the actual service and possession of affiant as his slaves living before and at the time they severally absconded at aforesaid; that they respectively absconded without the knowledge or consent and against the consent of affiant and fled to the District of Columbia, fugitives from labor and service justly due by them respectively to this affiant in said Prince George County; and he prays, proves, and that the said slaves may by the order of this court be taken and delivered to him to be taken back to the State of Maryland.

Test: Jno. A. Smith, Clk.