Dist. Court of the U. S. for the Dist. of Col. Clerk of the Court “Fugitive Slave Cases, 1862,” May 15-19, 1862 (By file date or affidavit)

Original papers in fugitive slave cases before the Circuit Court of the U.S. for the District of Columbia consisting of claimants petitions, affidavits for arrest of fugitive slaves, warrants of arrest, depositions, court orders to deliver fugitive slaves to claimants, and related papers.

Transcribed from National Archives Microfilm Publication M433 “Records of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia Relating to Slaves, 1851-1863, Roll 3.

Artemas Riggs vs. Laura Hall Ellen Dorsey & her two children, Mary Lizzie & Ida Filed 22nd April 1863 District of Columbia, to wit:

Personally came before me a Justice of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia this 22nd day of April 1863 Artemas Riggs who being duly sworn says that he is a citizen of Montgomery County, Maryland, that he is the lawful owner and possessor of Laura Hall, Ellen Dorsey and her two children, Mary Lizzie and Ida, slaves for life owing service and labor under the laws of the said State as such slaves for their lives respectably within the said State, that said Negroes absconded and are fugitives from the service and labor due and owing, that is the said Laura Hall since Dec. 1st, 1862 and Ellen Dorsey and her children Marry Lizzie and Ida since March 22, 1863, when they severally absconded from the service and possession of affiant and are now within this District and the said affiant doth further say that he hath not borne arms against the United States in the present rebellion nor in any way given and or comfort thereto. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand. Artemas Riggs Sworn and subscribed this day and year above mentioned. Andrew Wylie To the clerk of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia Let a warrant issue for the arrest of the above named alleged fugitives, returnable forthwith before me at chambers.

Andrew Wylie Justice &c April 22nd 1863