ROLL OF EMIGRANTS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE COLONY OF LIBERIA, WESTERN AFRICA, BY THE AMERICAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY AND ITS AUXILIARIES, TO SEPTEMBER, 1843, &cTranscribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

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Population of the town of Caldwell  Page 2

Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexionsin the colony Profession Extent of education Health
N. Bradley 48 June, 1832 Farmer None Good
Sophia Bradley 15 do Neptune’s daughter do do
Elizabeth Bradley 12 do do At school do
Lucy Bradley 14 do do None do
Squire Bradley 13 do Neptune’s son do do
William Bradley 8 In the colony do At school do
Judy Bradley 10 do Neptune’s daughter do do
Henry Trueblood 13 9 June, 1832 Orphan Apprentice None do
John Trueblood 8 In the colony do do At school do
Eliza Gray 39 July, 1836 Widow of Brazil Gray Farmeress None Feeble
Mark Gray 13 do Son of B. and Eliza Gray do Good
Washington Gray 8 In the colony do do do
Mary E. Gray 6 do Daughter of B. and Eliza Gray At school do
Elizabeth Gray 4 5 do do None do
Absalom Gray 28 Jan., 1832 Farmer None do
Maria Gray 24 do Absalom’s wife do Feeble
Berry Gray 14 do Absalom’s brother Farmer do do
Harriot Gray 12 do Absalom’s sister do do
Lewis Gray 8 In the colony A. and M. Gray’s son At school do
Joseph Gray 7 do do do do
Thomas Rix 30 7 Jan., 1832 None Farmer None Decline
Debrick Simpson 26 April, 1835 G. Simpson’s son do Reads Good
Matilda Simpson 27 June, 1832 Debrick’s wife None do
Rosannah Simpson 1 In the colony Daughter of D. and M. Simpson do
Jerry Simpson 10 4 do Orphan None do
Ransom Jones 43 June, 1832 Farmer do do
Nelly Jones 34 do Ransom’s wife do do
Henry Jones 2 3 In the colony Son of R. and N. Jones do
Henry Mumford 45 Feb., 1830 Farmer Reads do
Martha Mumford 30 Jan., 1832 Henry’s wife None Good
Henry Mumford 6 In the colony Son of H. and M. Mumford At school do
William Mumford 4 do do do
Wesley Mumford 2 do do do
Kitty A. Brown 6 6 Sept., 1839 Orphan At school do
John Jamieson 48 Jan., 1833 Farmer None do
Hagar Jamieson 25 Sept., 1839 John’s wife do do
Sarah Jamieson 6 In the colony John’s daughter At school do
Susannah Jamieson 4 do do do
Henry Rix 14 Jan., 1832 None Apprentice None do
Anthony Jones 50 do Farmer do Decline
Michael Jones 25 do Anthony Jones’s son do do Good
Jane Jones 16 do Anthony Jones’s daughter do do
James Pritlaw 5 In the colony Orphan Apprentice do do
John Butler 24 10 Aug., 1835 Farmer do do
Maria Butler 28 March, 1833 Widow of Richard Butler Washerwoman do do
Josiah Butler 18 do Maria Butler’s brother Farmer do do
William Butler 5 In the colony Son of R. and M. Butler do
Richard Butler 3 4 do do do
Eli Rix 38 Jan., 1832 Farmer None do
Sally Ann Rix 26 do Eli Rix’s wife do Feeble
William Henry Rix 7 In the colony Son of Elis and Sally Ann Rix At school Good
Samuel W. Rix 5 do do do
Matilda Rix 4 do Daughter of Eli and Sally Ann Rix do
Patsey Brown 40 Jan., 1832 Nurse None Decline
Samuel Butler 24 do Patsey Brown’s son-in-law Farmer do Good
Stephen Butler 14 do Samuel Butler’s brother do do
Samuel Butler, jr. 12 9 do Samuel Butler’s cousin do do
William Artis 40 do Farmer do Feeble
Jordan Artis 21 do William Artis’s son do do Good
Jesse Brown 32 do do do do
Eliza Brown 37 do Jesse Brown’s wife do do
Thomas Bruckston 13 do Orphan Apprentice do do
Eony Scott 13 6 do do do do do
Nathaniel Earley 53 June, 1830 Farmer do do
Anna Earley 37 do Nathaniel Earley’s wife do do
Nathaniel Earley, jr. 10 In the colony Son of Nathaniel and Ann Earley At school do
Zachariah Earley 8 do do do do
Jefferson Earley 4 do do do
Mary Earley 2 do Daughter of Nath. And Ann Earley do
Easter Lucas 42 June, 1830 Nurse None do
Jonathan Lucas 14 do Easter Lucas’s son do do
Yancy Valentine 29 Aug., 1842 Stone mason do do
Sarah Valentine 24 10 do Yancy Valentine’s wife do do
Michael Robertson 44 Feb., 1833 Farmer do do
Jane Robertson 26 Sept., 1839 Michael Robertson’s wife do do
James F. Robertson 5 In the colony Son of M. and J. Robertson do do
Rosetta Robertson 1 do Daughter of M. and J. Robertson do
Calvin Douglas 22 Feb., 1828 Laborer None do
Milly Douglas 16 October, 1831 Calvin Douglas’s sister do do
Marinda Robertson 8 7 Feb., 1833 Michael Robertson’s daughter do do
Marvell Smith 30 Aug., 1842 Carpenter do do
Emeline Smith 22 do Marvell Smith’s wife do do
Eveline Smith 7 do Emeline Smith’s sister At school do
Joanna Smith 5 4 do Daughter of M. and E. Smith do
Sampson Dozier 45 October, 1831 Farmer None do
Maria Dozier 29 do Sampson Dozier’s wife do do
Peter Dozier 22 do Sampson Dozier’s brother Farmer do do
Joseph Dozier 16 do do do do do
Easter Dozier 14 do Sampson Dozier’s sister do do do
M. Commander 21 do do do do
Martha Smith 16 7 do None do do
Nancy Spellman 42 Jan., 1831 Widow of H. Spellman Washerwoman do do
Benjamin Spellman 15 do Nancy Spellman’s son do do
William Spellman 6 In the colony do At school do
Martha Spellman 4 do Nancy Spellman’s daughter do
Harriet Spellman 3 do do Feeble
Milly Spellman 2 do do Good
Tempy Briant 13 7 Feb., 1838 Orphan None do
Zion Harris 38 Feb., 1830 Trader Reads do
Martha Harris 28 do Zion Harris’s wife Reads and writes do
Mary Kennedy 16 August, 1842 Zion Harris’s cousin do Feeble
Robert Kennedy 12 do do At school Good
Berry Ben 13 Jan., 1832 Apprentice do do
William Harris 14 do Orphan do None do
N. Tamor 6 7 In the colony do do At school do
G. S. Brown 45 Feb., 1838 Missionary Liberal do
Harriet Brown 29 Feb., 1833 Wife of G. S. Brown None do
Hannah Brown 2 In the colony Daughter of G. S. and H. Brown do
William Harper 8 do Orphan Apprentice At school do
Maria Briggs 29 Jan., 1832 Washerwoman None do
Frank Briggs 19 do Maria Brigg’s brother Laborer do do
Hancy Briggs 8 In the colony Maria Brigg’s sister At school do
Julian Briggs 7 do do do do
Moses Ligans 23 Feb., 1833 None Blind None do
Isaac Simons 30 March, 1826 Farmer do do
Ann Simons 27 Jan., 1831 Isaac Simon’s wife do do
Amos Simons 10 In the colony Isaac Simon’s brother do do
Mordecai Simons 4 do Son of Isaac and H. do
Clarissa Simons 6 do Isaac Simon’s sister At school do
Zachariah Simons 2 11 do Son of Isaac and A. Simon do
Isaac Lawrence 32 Feb., 1828 Sawyer Reads and writes do
Emily Lawrence 32 do Isaac Lawrence’s wife None do
Adeline Lawrence 14 In the colony Isaac Lawrence’s sister Reads do
Samuel White 60 Feb., 1828 Farmer None Decline
Lucy Pray 50 August, 1842 Nurse do Good
Edward Pray 16 do Lucy Pray’s son Laborer do do
Betsey Pray 13 do Lucy Pray’s daughter At school do
Edward Anderson 60 do Farmer None Infirm
Patience Anderson 53 do Edward Anderson’s wife do do
Alexander Rix 45 Sept., 1839 Farmer do do
Louisa Prescot 44 do Seamstress do do
Henry Prescot 17 do Louisa Prescot’s son Laborer do do
Sarah Prescot 13 do Louisa Prescot’s daughter At school do
George Prescot 8 7 do Louisa Prescot’s son do do