Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home


Population of the town of Monrovia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions

in the colony

Profession Extent of education Health
Samuel Benedict 51 August, 1835 Merchant and farmer. Liberal Good
Mary Benedict 44 Jan., 1833 S. Benedict’s wife Reads and writes Feeble
James Benedict 13 August, 1835 S. Benedict’s son do Good
Jane Drayton 65 do None None Feeble
Hannah Taylor 14 April, 1834 Reads and writes Good
M. H. Dones 14 July, 1837 None Apprentice do do
Charles Snetter 13 June, 1832 do do do do
Nancy Benedict 11 In the colony do do None do
Sadi Benedict 15 do do do do do
John Benedict 15 do do do do do
Peter Benedict 9 do do do do do
William Benedict 14 do do do do
Benjamin Miller 34 Feb., 1838 do Laborer do do
Harry Winkler 22 14 Jan., 1835 do do do do
H. B. Mathews 46 Jan., 1833 Shoe maker Reads and writes do
Lavinia Mathews 41 do H. B. Mathews’s wife do do
Samuel Mathews 16 do H. B. Mathews’s son Shoe maker do do
Martha Mathews 14 do H. B. Mathews’s daughter Apprentice do do
J. Johnson 13 —-, 1833 do None do
Henry Peal 6 —-, 1833 do do do
J. McGill 15 7 Sept., 1839 do do do
Catharine Jacobs 80 Jan., 1833 Huckster do Excellent for her age
Abraham Jacobs 13 do Catharine Jacobs’s grandson do Good
Emma Mathews 13 do Catharine Jacobs’s grand-daughter Reads and writes do
Catharine Smith 14 4 do C. Smith’s daughter do do
Francis Payne 30 March, 1829 Merchant Liberal do
David Y. Payne 25 do Brother to Francis do do do
William H. Payne 21 do do do do
Fully Payne 19 In the colony Apprentice None do
Gilby Brown 15 do do do do
Letty Payne 16 6 do do do do
James S. Payne 23 March, 1829 Brother to Francis Missionary Liberal do
Caroline Payne 21 Feb., 1824 James. S. Payne’s wife do do
David M. Payne 2 3 In the colony Son of James and Caroline Payne do
B. P. Yates 32 March, 1829 Merchant Liberal do
Willy Ann Yates 32 Feb., 1824 B. B. Yates’s wife do do
James B. Yates 5 In the colony Son of B. P. and W. A. Yates do
Caroline R. Payne 19 March, 1829 Sister to Willy Ann Yates Liberal do
Beverly A. Payne 19 do Brother to Francis P. Yates Printer do do
Mary Yates 15 In the colony Servant None do
Samuel Yates 12 do Apprentice Reads and writes do
Sally Yates 10 do None do
Patty Banks 42 Servant do Feeble
James Marks 10 In the colony Apprentice do Good
John Curtis 16 do do do do
John Marshall 14 12 March, 1829 do Reads and writes do
James Hyden 38 Jan., 1832 Sawyer None do
Mary Hyden 24 March, 1829 J. Hyden’s wife do do
Thomas Hill 12 In the colony Apprentice do do
William H. Howard 8 do do do do
Addison Oliver 13 5 June, 1830 do do do
Edward Brown 22 Jan., 1832 Carpenter do do
Elizabeth Brown 20 March, 1825 Edward Brown’s wife Reads do
Sarah Brown 12 Jan., 1832 Edward Brown’s sister do do
Mary Jane Brown 17 4 do do do do
Isaac Brown 42 Sept., 1832 Carpenter None Bad health
Eliza Brown 35 do Isaac Brown’s wife do Moderately good
Nancy George 14 3 Jan., 1832 Apprentice do Good
Thomas Cooper 40 March, 1829 Randolph’s brother Grocer Reads print do
Mary Cooper 35 Jan., 1833 Thomas Cooper’s wife Reads and writes do
Martha Cooper 6 In the colony Daughter of Th. and Mary Cooper do do
Harriet Cooper 4 do do do do
Sarah Cooper 2 5 do do do do
Charles Scott 43 Jan., 1832 do Laborer None do
Saby Scott 28 Jan., 1831 Charles Scott’s wife do do
Mathias Scott 16 3 do Charles Scott’s son Invalid
Charles Brander 53 March, 1821 Stone mason None Good
Sarah Brander 56 do Charles Brander’s wife Whitewasher do do
James Brander 21 In the colony Son of Charles and Sarah Brander Laborer None Good
Nancy Brander 14 do Daughter of Chas. and Sarah Brander reads do
Jacob Brander 10 5 do Son of Charles and Sarah Brander do do
James Cotton 64 Jan., 1832 Carpenter None Excellent
Eliza Cotton 47 do James Cotton’s wife do do
Martha Cotton 19 do Eliza Cotton’s daughter Reads do
Eliza Cotton 18 do do Reads and writes do
Cornelia Cotton 11 do do Reads Good
James Cotton, jr. 9 In the colony Son of James and Eliza Cotton do do
William Brown 18 Apprentice Reads a little do
Scott Bundy 11 do do do
Peter Bundy 14 9 do do do
H. Teage 38 March, 1821 Son of Colin and Francis Teague Merchant; editor of Liberia Herald do
Eliza M. Teage 30 March, 1820 H. Teague’s wife Liberal do
George H. Shaw 12 In the colony Jesse Shaw’s son At school do
Sally Ellis 17 do Servant None do
Walter Scott 14 do Apprentice do do
Eveline Davenport 10 do do do do
Eliza Demery 22 March, 1826 do do do
William Carey 14 In the colony Jonas Carey’s son do Printer do
Levy D. James 17 9 March, 1826 John James’s son do do do
Roxy Ann Lomax 36 March, 1829 Washerwoman None do
Samuel Lomax 20 2 do Son of Roxy Ann Lomax Seaman Reads a litle do
John Stansbury 34 Feb., 1828 Stone mason None do
Jane Stansbury 28 Jan., 1828 J. Stansbury’s wife do do
Rebecca Stansbury 12 In the colony Daughter of J. and Jane Stansbury At school do
David Stansbury 7 do Son of John and Jane Stansbury do do
John Stansbury 4 do do do
Joseph Stansbury 3 do do do
Sarah Jane Stansbury 2 7 do Daughter of J. and Jane Stansbury do
N. M. Hicks 34 Feb., 1830 Merchant Liberal do
Sophia Hicks 32 N. M. Hicks’s wife Reads and writes do
Chauncy Hicks 7 In the colony N. M. Hicks’s son At school do
Pauline Hicks 5 do N. M. Hicks’s daughter do do
Margaret Potter 32 Feb., 1828 Servant None do
Hannah Wright 12 March, 1841 Apprentice Reads do
Louisa Poulson 36 May, 1824 Seamstress do Feeble
Hebern Oliver 28 Feb., 1830 do None Good
Martha Hunt 24 March, 1829 Sister to John Hunt Washerwoman do do
James Page 13 June, 1833 Apprentice do do
Daniel Page 12 do do do do
William Page 9 do do do do
Jacob Page 7 13 do do do do
Richardson Buck 43 Jan., 1832 Sawyer do do
Rhoda Buck 45 do R. Buck’s wife do do
Mary Ann Buck 16 do Daughter of R. and R. Buck Reads do
Patience Buck 4 In the colony do At school do
Lucinda Bew 21 Jan., 1832 None do
David Bew 1 6 In the colony Illegitimate do
Edward Curtis 38 Feb., 1833 Sawyer None do
Mary Ann Curtis 40 do E. Curtis’s wife do do
Patsey Collins 10 3 In the colony Apprentice do do
John Hunt 28 March, 1829 Seaman do do
Margaret Hunt 26 do John Hunt’s wife do do
Jane Smith 24 June, 1833 do do
James A. Bratcher 2 In the colony Illegitimate do do
Mary Warner 50 June, 1833 Widow of Jacob Warner do Feeble
Margaret Luvie 6 6 In the colony do Good
H. Sampson 39 June, 1833 do do
J. S. Bracher 24 2 do H. Sampson’s son Carpenter Reads a little do
Jerry McGill 24 Sept., 1839 Gardener None do
Drusilla McGill 26 June, 1833 Wife of Jerry McGill do do
H. Howard 23 do Sister to Drusilla McGill Washerwoman do do
Peter George 13 do Brother to Jerry McGill do do
J. McGill 3 In the colony Daughter to Drusilla McGill At school do
Francis Dunkins 7 6 do do do
Edward Howard 32 June, 1833 Seaman None do
Rhoda Howard 20 In the colony Edward Howard’s wife do do
Sarah Oliver 38 July, 1841 do do
Maria Curd 23 do Nurse do do
Elizabeth Brown 15 5 March, 1829 do do