ROLL OF EMIGRANTS THAT HAVE BEEN SENT TO THE COLONY OF LIBERIA, WESTERN AFRICA, BY THE AMERICAN COLONIZATION SOCIETY AND ITS AUXILIARIES, TO SEPTEMBER, 1843, &cTranscribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

CENSUS OF THE COLONY OF LIBERIA —- SEPTEMBER, 1843Population of the town of New Georgia

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Names Age No. in family Date Where born Connexions in the colony Profession Extent of education Health
Anthony Smith 45 March, 1830 Farmer None Good
Caroline Smith 25 Dec., 1831 Anthony Smith’s wife do do
Margaret Smith 6 In the colony Daughter of A. and Caroline Smith At school do
Cafara Smith 30 Dec., 1831 Catharine’s sister Washerwoman None do
William Smith 26 do Catharine’s brother Laborer do do
Thomas Smith 20 do do do do do
Peter Smith 16 do do do do do
George Smith 12 In the colony Orphan At school do
Mary Smith 10 9 do do do do
James Dunn 30 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Jane Dunn 23 Oct., 1831 J. Dunn’s wife None Good
Margaret Dunn 14 do Orphan At school do
James Dunn 4 4 In the colony Son of James and Jane Dunn do do
James Kinsley 31 March, 1830 Farner None do
Thomas Kinsley 6 In the colony Son of James Kinsley At school do
Josiah Kinsley 4 do do do do
Monday Kinsley 14 do Orphan Apprentice None do
Martha Hill 18 5 June, 1837 Kinsley’s sister-in-law Washerwoman do do
Sampson Lewis 34 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Diana Lewis 25 June, 1830 Sampson Lewis’s wife do do
America Lewis 12 In the colony Diana’s nephew At school do
Mary Smith 16 June, 1830 Diana’s sister None do
Elizabeth Smith 17 5 do do do Feeble
Alexander Bartlett 29 July, 1827 Farmer Reads and writes Good
Margaret Bartlett 40 June, 1831 Alexander Bartlett’s wife None do
Thomas Moore 16 do Margaret Bartlett’s son Laborer do do
Clarinda Moore 13 do Sister of Thomas Bartlett do do
Norfolk Walberg 13 In the colony Ned’s daughter At school do
Peter Bartlett 22 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Jane Bartlett 16 7 June, 1832 Peter Bartlett’s sister do do
Peter Habersham 39 July, 1837 Farmer do do
Polly Habersham 38 March, 1829 Peter Habersham’s wife do do
Venus Walburg 16 do Orphan Apprentice do do
Georgiana Walburg 12 In the colony Sister of Venus Walburg do At school do
Jane Johnson 70 5 April, 1834 Nurse None do
Boston Walburg 41 July, 1827 do do
Fanny Walburg 31 Jan., 1833 Boston Walburg’s wife do do
William D. Lion 10 In the colony Fanny’s son At school do
Grace Robertson 20 July, 1832 Daughter of S. Robertson Washerwoman None do
——, infant son 1 5 In the colony Grace Robertson’s son do
Edward Berrian 38 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Diana Berrian 28 Jan., 1832 Edward Berrian’s wife do do
Jack Jones 13 do Diana Berrian’s brother At school do
Sophia Berrian 6 4 In the colony Daughter of Ed and Diana Berrian do do
Jack Gool 29 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Adeline Gool 24 Jan., 1832 Jack Gool’s wife do do
William Gool 7 In the colony Jack Gool’s son At school do
Sally Gool 5 do Daughter of Jack and Adeline Gool do do
Hannah Gool 2 do do do
Peter Gool 20 July, 1827 Jack Gool’s brother Farmer None Feeble
John Gool 7 7 In the colony Amy’s son At school Good
Henry Williams 35 March, 1830 Lounger do
Amy Williams 26 Jan., 1832 Henry William’s wife Washerwoman None do
Lewis Davis 6 3 In the colony Amy’s son At school do
Primus Barton 40 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Nancy Barton 33 Jan. , 1833 Primus Barton’s wife do Feeble
Diana Barton 14 do Nancy Barton’s sister do Good
Peter Barton 10 4 In the colony Orphan Apprentice At school do
Joseph Smith 48 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Caesar Russwurm 46 do do do do
Martha Russwurm 35 July, 1836 Caesar Russworm’s wife do do
James Smith 12 4 do Martha Russwurm’s son At school do
Samuel Paul 39 July, 1827 Farmer None do
Delila Paul 28 Jan., 1833 Samuel Paul’s wife do do
Abraham Paul 6 In the colony At school do
Clarissa Jenkins 16 Jan., 1833 Apprentice None do
Miles Wilson 23 do Farmer do do
Jane Wilson 19 6 do Miles Wilson’s wife do do
Pepper Smith 29 July, 1827 Farmer do
Biana Smith 24 Jan., 1831 Pepper Smith’s wife do Decline
Jesse Smith 3 3 In the colony Son of Pepper and Biana Smith Good
H. Kinsley 42 March, 1830 Farmer None do
Louisa Kinsley 28 Jan., 1833 Henry Kinsley’s wife do Feeble
Colinette Mead 15 do Apprentice do do
William Kinsley 12 do Louisa Kinsley’s brother do do do
John Kinsley 10 In the colony do do do Good
Samuel Kinsley 2 do Son of Henry and Louisa Kinsley do
Louisa Davis 12 7 Jan., 1833 Orphan Apprentice None do
William Kinsley 42 March, 1830 Farmer do do
Lucy Kinsley 32 March, 1833 William Kinsley’s wife do Feeble
Sarah Kinsley 7 In the colony Daughter of W. And Louisa Kinsley do Good
George McGill 43 March, 1830 Farmer do Feeble