Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

Brig Liberia’s company, arrived at Monrovia February 17, 1830

Names Age State or place from which they emigrated Free born or otherwise Emancipated in view of emigrating to Liberia and by whom Where located on their arrial in the colony Extent of education Profession Date of death Cause of death Removed to what place Removal date
Samuel Cook 63 Virginia Unknown Caldwell Farmer
Susan Cook 54 do do 1830 Fever
John Bell 28 do do Spells Farmer 1833 Diseased lungs
Catharine Bell 23 do do Reads 1838 Consumption
Ally Edwards 41 do do 1830 Fever
Maria Oliver 20 do do Spells
Helen Oliver 15 do do do
Samuel Oliver, infant do do 1830 Fever
Harrison Oliver 10 do do U. S. 1843
Addison Oliver 1 do do
John Oliver, infant 18 do do Reads Farmer 1830 Fever
Susan Edwards 7 do do 1830 Fever
John Oliver do do 1830 Fever
Charles Oliver 3 do do 1830 Fever
Amelia Lucas* 34 do do Reads 1830 Fever
Maria E. Lucas* 9 do do Spells 1841 Pleurisy
James H. Lucas* 6 do do 1830 Fever
John Lucas* 3 do do
Sarah A. Lucas* 1 do do 1830 Fever
Hannah Lucas* 45 do do Reads C. Palmas 1834
Amelia Denison 24 do Monrovia do 1830 Female disease
Abraham Denison 30 do do Farmer Tiembo 1842
Martha G. Denison 7 do Free born do Spells C. Palmas 1837
Frances A. Denison 5 do do do C. Palmas 1834
Hannah A. Denison 3 do do do 1830 Fever
John G. Denison 1 do do 1830 Fever
Amey A. Bell 4 do Caldwell
Francis Bell, infant do do 1830 Fever
George McPherson 27 do do Farmer U. S. 1833
Reuben Clark 22 do do do Unknown
Mary Lucas 33 do do 1830 Fever
Anaca Dilliard 38 do do 1830 Fever
Louisa Dilliard 10 do do
Jeremiah Dilliard 8 do do 1830 Fever
Willis Dilliard, infant do do 1830 Fever
N. M. Hicks 25 Philadelphia Mr. Whittlesey do Writes
James Wark 23 do Free born do do Stone cutter S. Leone 1831
Oran Modan 19 Virginia do Farmer 1834 Pleurisy
Edward Brett 20 do do do
George M. Erskins+ 51 Tennessee do Writes do 1830 Casualty-Prescribing for himself
Martha Gains 71 do do 1830 Old age
Hagar Erskins 50 do do 1830 Fever
Jane Erskins 30 do do Reads 1830 Fever
Wallace Erskins 21 do do do Farmer S. Leone 1836
Mary Erskins 17 do do do 1830 Casualty-By going in the country
Weir Erskins 15 do do do Farmer 1830 Drowning
Mars Lucas 33 Virginia do do 1839 Anasarca
Martha Erskins 13 Tennessee do Reads
Hopkins Erskins 10 do do do C. Palmas 1843
Sarah J. Erskins 7 do do 1830 Fever
Moses Anderson 31 do do Reads 1831 Drowning
Sion Harris 19 do do do Farmer
Jane Holcomb 25 do do 1830 Fever
Plymouth Reed 29 Virginia Mr. Reed do Carpenter
Francis Reed 25 do do Reads 1840 Wound
Hannah Victor do Unknown Monrovia Seamstress 1834 Anas. exantha.
Sarah Cole do do do 1839 Female disease
Jesse Lucas do do Caldwell Farmer 1842 Anasarca

*Supposed to be free        +Purchased his freedom