Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

Oswego’s Company, arrived at Monrovia May 24, 1823.

Names Age State or place from which they emigrated Free born or otherwise Where located on their arrial in the colony Extent of education Profession Date of death Cause of death Removed to what place Removal date Removal Cause
Juliet Alter 16 Maryland Free born Monrovia Reads C. Palmas 1835
James Bantam 47 Philadelphia do do None Carpenter 1842 Decline
Nancy Bantam 35 do do do do 1838 Unknown
John Boggs 40 do do do Reads U. S. 1823 Dissatisfaction
Charlotte Brown 60 Philadelphia do Monrovia None 1825 Fever
Jeffry Brown 12 do do do Spells 1829 Unknown
Charles Butler 45 do do do Reads Carpenter 1837 Diseased Lungs
Mary Butler 40 do do do do.
—Butler 1 do do do
Augustus Curtis 21 Virginia do do Writes, &c. Blacksmith G. C. Mt. 1834
Minerva Curtis 19 do do do Reads Brit. Accra.
Francis Devany 25 Philadelphia do do do Sailmaker 1833 Consumption
Mrs. Devany 25 do do do do 1823 Unknown
Francis Devany, jr. 5 do do do 1823 Unknown
—Devany 3 do do do 1823 Unknown
Sarah Draper 35 do do do 1841 Ansarca
Sarah Draper 8 do do do 1823 Unknown
Charles Dutton 12 do do do do 1837 Drowning
James Farley 16 Virginia do do do Barber 1823 Fever
James Fuller* 24 Maryland None Wheelwright
Daniel James 24 Philadelphia do do Writes 1839 Pleurisy
Benjamin Johnson 45 Maryland do do do C. Palmas 1837
Cassandra Johnson 42 do do do Reads Laundress 1831 Unknown
Julian Johnson 16 do do do do 1841 Diseased Brain
Elizabeth Johnson 8 do do do Spells S. Leone 1837
—Johnson 1 do do do 1823 Fever
George Mason ± 26 Virginia Sawyer 1832 Pleurisy
Simon W. Parker 21 Philadelphia do do Writes U. S. 1824 Dismission
Ann Poulson 30 do do do Reads Laundress 1833 Diseased Brain
Louisa Poulson 12 do do do Spells
J. D. Preston 45 Maryland do do Writes 1835 Unknown
Candace Preston 40 do do do Reads do
Isaiah Preston 20 do do do Writes , &c. 1823 Fever
Rebecca Preston 19 do do do do 1834 Diseased lungs
Margaret Preston 17 do do do do
Mary A. Preston 14 do do do Writes
Jacob Preston 12 do do do do 1834 Pleurisy
Candace Preston 8 do do do Spells
Lewis Smith 35 Virginia do do 1823 Casualty
Thomas Stewart 35 do do do
Mary A. Stewart 20 do do do Reads 1823 Fever
Oswego Stewart, infant 1823 Fever
Frances Stewart 1 do do do
Martha Thompson 36 do do do 1842 Consumption
James Thompson 18 do do do Spells Blacksmith 1832 Shot in war.
Tabitha Thompson 16 do do do 1829 Unknown
Colston M. Waring 30 do do do Writes, &c. 1834 Unknown
Jacob Warner 45 Maryland do do Farmer 1836 Pleurisy
Susan Warner 43 do do do 1831 Unknown
John Warner 20 do do do do 1823 Drowning
Abraham Warner 15 do do do do 1829 Casualty
Mary Warner 13 do do do 1840 Consumption
Susan Warner 11 do do do
Daniel Warner 9 do do do
Matilda Warner 6 do do do
—Warner 4 do do do 1823 Fever
Richard White (twin) 21 Virginia do do Reads Shoemaker
David White (twin) 21 do do do do Carpenter 1841 Pleurisy
A. D. Williams 24 do do do Writes, &c. Shoemaker C. Palmas 1841
Matthew Clinton 28 do do do do 1830 Unknown

*Emancipated by Daniel Murray, Esq.    ± Emancipated, by whom unknown.