Transcribed from “Information relative to the operations of the United States squadron on the west coast of Africa, the condition of the American colonies there, and the commerce of the United States therewith,” 28th Congress, 2d. Session, S. Doc. 150, serial 458.

Emigrants to Liberia Home

Ship Indiana’s Company, arrived at Monrovia August 19, 1835

Names Age State or place from which they emigrated Free born or otherwise Emancipated in view of emigrating to Liberia and by whom Where located on their arrival in the colony Extent of education Profession Date of death Cause of death Removed to what place Removal date
Samuel Benedict 43 Georgia William Savage, Esq. Monrovia Writes, &c.
James Benedict 5 do do do
Stephen Bond 65 do do do
Rebecca Savage 45 do do Edina, G. Bassa 1843 Diseased lungs
John Savage 25 do do do Writes Planter 1839 Decline
Jane Savage 25 do do do do U. S. 1841
Ann Savage 7 do do do Spells
Thomas Savage 3 do do do U. S. 1841
Sarah Savage 16 do do do Writes 1835 Fever
Elizabeth Savage 13 do do do do U. S. 1841
Flora Green 28 do do do Reads 1835 Fever
Joseph Green 7 do do do Ship Carpenter 1841 Consumption
Joseph Beard 43 do Free born Bassa Cove 1843 Unknown
Leah Beard 44 do do Reads
Ranulda Rent 15 do do Writes
Edward Beard 40 do do Reads
——Beard 36 do do Spells
——Beard 12 do do do 1839 Pleurisy
——Beard 10 do do do
——Beard 8 do do 1839 Pleurisy
——Beard 6 do do
——Beard, infant do do
Wilson Beard 35 do do Writes Seaman 1838 Consumption
Henry Beard 32 do do do Carpenter
Mary Beard 18 do do do 1836 Unknown
Isabella Davis 35 New York do Writes
Jane Campbell 30 Georgia Unknown
—–Campbell 6 do do 1835 Fever
—–Campbell 2 do do 1835 Fever
Lucretia Campbell 30 do do
William Campbell 40 do do
Morris Cuthbert 35 do do Shoe maker S. Leone 1840
Benjamin Ranier 50 do do 1837 Decline
Lucky Ranier 55 do do 1836 Decline
James Oliver, sr. 43 do Free born U. S. 1839
James Oliver, jr. 17 do do 1841 Decline
Hester Gunn 55 do Unknown
Dorothy Gunn 40 do do
James Simpson 48 do do
Lucinda Simpson 32 do do 1842 Decline
—–Simpson 13 do do
—–Simpson 11 do do 1839 Unknown
—-Simpson, infant do do 1838 Unknown
Charles Caruthers 30 do Free born
Paul A. Mandigo 60 do do Writes S. Leone 1836
Frances Smith 40 do do Reads
Christiana Smith 15 do do Writes
Duncan Smith 12 do do Reads 1835 Fever
Andrew Smith 8 do do
Lydia Smith 7 do do
Rosaline Cyrus 25 do do
Frances Cyrus 6 do do
George Cyrus 5 do do
Mary A. Cyrus, inf. do do
Susan Habersham 33 do do Reads
Maria Habersham 15 do do do
Elizabeth Habersham 12 do do do
Mary Habersham 10 do do Spells
—-Habersham, inf. do do 1835 Fever
Samuel Boyd 40 do Unknown Unknown 1840
John Wallace 20 do Free born Unknown 1836
Abraham Swift 23 do do S. Leone 1837