Births, Deaths and Marriages listed in the Vaiden Bible
Contributed by Bob Vaiden

Melville Vaiden, son of Isaac & Judith Vaiden, was born December 13th, 1817.
Henry Micajah Vaiden was born August 22nd 1819.
Isaac Butler Vaiden was born September 11, 1820.
Henry Micajah Vaiden was born April 27th, 1823.
Sally Ann Vaiden was born December 9th, 1825.
Judith Edwards Vaiden was born March 22, 1828.
Jno. Sims Vaiden was born May 2, 1830.
Lucy Elizabeth Vaiden was born June 2, 1832.
? Vaiden was born May 7th, 1835.


Isaac Vaiden & Judith his wife were married 19th of February 1817.
Wm J. Seymour and Sally Ann Vaiden were married Aug. 6th 1844. Married by Rev. Jno. P. Turner.
Viloshe Vaiden and Victoria Piggot (of James City Co.) were married 16th January 1861 by Rev. Jno. P. Turner.
L. B. Vaiden & Elizabeth W. Slater were married December 19th, 1848 by Rev. L.L. Fox.
H. M. Vaiden & Adelia L. Rose (of Brunswick Co. Va.) were married 11th Nov. 1846 by Rev. Stephen Jones.


Henry Micajah Vaiden departed this life September 3rd, 1819.
Jno. Sims Vaiden departed this life September 6th, 1832.
Judith Edwards departed this life December 20th, 1854.
(In her 27th year leaving 2 children)
Isaac Vaiden departed this life precisely at eleven O’clock on the night of 10th January 1862. He was 69 yrs old 9 mo. 22 days.
Judith Vaiden departed this life the night of (16th) the sixteenth Feb. 1863. She was 70 years 1 mo. 16 days old.
Lucy Elizabeth Vaiden departed this life in James City Co. VA. at the residence of her husband Wm. B. VAiden, on the 14th March 1873-abt. ¼ past 8 O’clock P.M. in 41st year of her age, leaving two little boys. One of her little boys died soon after an misfortune.

(illegible passage)
Isaac Clifford Vaiden, son of H.M. & A. L. Vaiden died in Charles City Co. VA. at Montpelier 5th May 1883.

(illegible passage)
Charlotte Bell Jones Vaiden died at Balto. Md. Aug. 4, 1931-Her husband, Edwards Vaiden died at San Juan P.R. on Oct. 10, 1936 – both buried in Hollywood Cemetary, Richmond, Va.
Stanley Worden died at Pittsburgh, Pa (on a trip) about 5:20 a.m. April 11, 1950. Int. Ghrist Grave yard – Dover, Del. April 15, 1950.


York Turner was born August 18th, 1817
Allen Tazewell was born December 20th, 1819
Oney Watkins, Dec. 25th, 1822
Janetta Allen, Feb. 17, 1824
William Edloe, May 18th, 1826
Christiana, Sep. 29th, 1826
Diana Amanda, June 28th, 1828
Pleasant Webb, May 30th, 1830
Betty Dandrige, Sept. 1st, 1830
Carolina Matilda, Jan. 7th, 1832
Eliza Harrison, July 5th, 1833
Mary Ann Matilda, born January 4th, 1834
Martha Louisa, April 12, 1835
John Carter, November 12, 1835
Burrell Barrett, Feb. 4th, 1836
Randolph Jones, August 27th, 1836
Sara Jones, August 27th, 1836
Wm. Henry, Feb. 3rd, 1837
Matilda Allen, Feb. 9th, 1838
Savannah, Jan. 25th, 1839
Martha Christian, born May 14th, 1839
Mary Allen, August 15th, 1839
Patty ?, born August 24th, 1839
Christiana was born early in the year 1835
Suckey, born early in March 1838
Robert Boling, June 7th, 1840
Lewis Carter, Feb. 12th, 1841
Peggy, Feb 22nd, 1842. dead
Archie Hunt, May 23rd, 1842.
Richard, July 28th, 1842
Elvy Neal, Jun. 23rd, 1842
John Adams born June 1844
Amos, Sept. 1844
Susan, Nov. 11th, 1844
Flemming, March 1845
Benjamin, Dec. 8th, 1845
Albert, Sept. 9th, 1846
Janetta Fox, born the last of the year 1843.
James, Dec. 27th, 1846.
Samson, June 5th, 1848
Alexander, Jan 1st, 1849
Charles, Jan. 4th, 1849
Washington, March 8th, 1849
Kitty, April 29th, 1850
Mildred, April 21st, 1851
Andrew Banks was born January 16th, 1852
Elsy, January 23rd, 1852
Wm. Allen, Jan 31st, 1852
Thomas, Sept. 22nd, 1852
Martha Ann, Dec. 2nd, 1852
Robert, May 5th, 1853
Selden, July 31st, 1853
Oliver, Nov. 5th, 1853
Walker, March 15th, 1854
Shepherd, Sept. 18th, 1854
Kemp, March 4th, 1853
Littleton, born in 1835
Suzzie, Nov. 19th, 1855
Nicholas, June 25, 1856
Nancy, July 8th, 1856
Matilda, Feb. 16th, 1856
Frances, March 19th, 1856
Mary, Oct 21st, 1856
Susy, Nov. 23rd, 1856
Richmond, April 18th, 1857
Phillis, March 18th, 1858
Savannah, July 26th, 1858
Aaron, Oct. 11th, 1858
Wesly, March 24th, 1859
Robert Archie, Dec. 12, 1859