Miscellaneous Information

Contributed by Janel Woodbury

Will of John Burge in Rutherford Co., NC;
23 June 1858

Wills to wife Priscilla negro man named Emannel and negro woman named
Nancy. And at the death or marriage of his wife Priscilla, then said woman
Nancy to be returned to his estate. Wills to son John Burge one negro
mannamed Harry. Wills to son William one negro man named Eli. Wills to
son Julius C. Burge one negro man named Sydney.
David Burge owned 17 slaves in Gwinnett Co., GA 1830
David Burge owned 22 slaves in Gwinnett Co., GA 1840
26 Aug 1813. William Burge applied to transport into the state a slave–a
mulatto girl about 12 years old–obtained from his wife’s father Richard
Cox. (Original document from Patrick County deed book on file)

Patrick County, VA census of 1810 (tax list) shows William Burge with
one white tithable, 1 slave over 12 years old, and 3 horses.

1820 Patrick County William Burge owned 2 male slaves under 14, and 2
female slaves age 14-26.

Patrick County 5 Oct 1855
In pursuance to an agreement entered into between the heirs of William
Burge, deceased, we Hamilton Joyce and A. R. Dunkley have valued the property
given by the said William Burge decd to his chidlren in his life time
as follows to wit:
To Woody Burge the land on which he lives 154 or 155 acres at $438.00

To William burge the land on which he lives 92 3/4 acres at $300.00
To Richard Burge the land on which he lives 234 acres at $625.00
To Anderson Simmons one miluto woman named Vilel at $425.00.
11 Oct 1855 Patrick Co., VA
List of the sales of the estate of William Burge decd. Slaves and other
property. The said slaves being sold by agreement among the parties .
A. Simmons 1 Negro boy Floyd $932.00

John Burge 1 Negro girl Satha $987.00
Andrew Burge 1 negro girl (name illegible) $901.00
Richard Burge 1 negro woman named Lilly $590.00
(illegible) 1 Negro man Jordan $705.00

PAGE 298, OCT 1853-APRIL 1858

I George W. Madison of Caroline County being old and infirmed do make
this my last Will as follows:
I loan to my wife Elizabeth C. Madison for and during the period of her
natural life one third part of my Estate both real and personal in which
said third part to her is to be included a negro girl named Fanny. The
lots or shares in my Estate both real and personal which shall be allotted
to my two daughters Ann F. Marmaduke and Mary B. Madison the wives of
Montraville Marmaduke and Joseph R. Madison. I leave in trust to my son
Richard J. Madison to be held by him for the use and benefit of my said
daughters. Ann F and Mary E. and not to be subject to the debts of the
said Montraville Marmaduke and Joseph R. Madison at the death of my said
daughters their said lots or shares and their increase (if any) is to
be divided a month their issues agreeable to the law of descents. In the
division of my estate of every description be made among all my children
with the limitation as in the above claim respecting the shares of my
said two daughters Ann F. Marmaduke and Mary E. Madison. Thereby appoint
my son Richard J. Madison executor of this my will with power and authority
to him to sell and portion of my hand or all of it (with the assent of
his step-mother) whenever he and she may think such sale advisable for
the interest of himself and my children. My hand can be held together
as a home for my said wife and my single children. So long as they or
my said son Richard J. and my wife may think proper. In testimony whereof
I hereto set my hand and affix my seal this 1st day of February 1853.
Signed Sealed and acknowledged in our presence who were called on to witness
the same John Wright, Seth Campbell, Hugh Chandler signed George W. (his
mark) Madison (seal)

At court of monthly session held for Caroline
County Court at the Court hence, on Monday the 12th day of Febry 1855.
The last will and testament of George W. Madison decd was proved by the
oaths of John Wright and Hugh Chandler two of the witnesses thereto and
is ordered to be recorded on the motion of Richard J. Madison the executor
therein named, he having taken the oath of an executor and with Woodrow
Wright, Westley Wright and Thos Lumpkins his securities who justified
as to their sufficiency entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty
of eighteen thousand dollar conditioned according to law certificate is
granted him for obtaining a probate of said will in due form Teste Joseph
Pendleton, Truly recorded.

Leonard Saylors of Rutherford Co., NC buys
negro “Milla” from Robert Weir in Mecklenburg Co., NC. Oct 14
1785. The following year in Lincoln County Leonard sold a slave to Robert,
name not given.

Harlan Co., KY wills deed book D, page 173.
Will of Solomon Saylors, deeds to wife Sally “a certain negro man
named Joe…” Will dated 29 Apr 1846.

(I’m not sure what this next one means but
I’ll quote it)

Lincoln Co., NC wills, Jacob Saine 3 May
1829, probated Jul. 1836. “…to my Yealow boy Isaac his freedom
and 50A, his clothing, schooling, etc…”

Will of Mary Skillington Sherwood, (widow
of Edward Mann Sherwood) left a will in Talbot County 1755. She willed
a slave (gender?) named Pompey to her daughter Frances.

Will of Daniel Sherwood 1767 in Talbot County, MD. Left to son Hugh a
slave named Jerry. Left to daughter Mary a slave named Cub.

Will of Prudence Sherwood (widow, named of late husband unknown), 1776
in Talbot County. She had a slave woman Priscilla, who per instructions
one year earlier in the will of John Sherwood (son to Prudence), would
be given to his widow Rebecca upon the death of his mother.
In Prudence will, left to son William slave Tom. Left to daughter Anne
a slave named Sidney. Left to daughter Elizabeth slave girl named Jenny.
Prudence’s son John left to his brother William slaves Daniel, and George.
John also mentioned his unborn child to bequeath slaves George, Bon, Bet,
and James. John left his brother Nicholas a slave named Perry.

I just found this in my files, some
black families in the 1870 White County, TN census. (In a book, not off
of the film)
Family 117 page 12

Mary Hickey age 23 female, milano, keeping house born VA
James Hickey age 5 male, black, born TN
William Lee Hickey age 1, black, born TN
Franklin Hickey age 12, black, born TN

Family 121, page 12

W. S. Findlay age 41 male, white, doctor born VA
Bell A. E. Findlay age 35 female, white, keeping house, born VA
Eulalia Findlay age 14 female, white, born VA
Kate S. Findlay age 9 female, white born TN
Asa Taylor age 50 female, black, housekeeper, born VA
George Taylor age 9, male, black, born TN

family 122, page 12
Hattie Young age 17 female, black, housekeeper born VA in the household
D.W. Young 28 year old male, white, farmer born TN.

family 1213, page 124
Madison Randle, age 58 male, black, farmer born TN

Sarah Randle, age 50 female, milano, keeping house born TN
Matilda Randle, age 28 female, milano born TN
James Randle, age 27 male, milano works on a farm, born TN
Westley Randle, age 25 male, milano works on a farm, born TN

family 1226, page 125

David S. England, age 51 male, white, farmer born TN
Susan Taylor age 42 female, black, housekeeper born TN
Manda Taylor age 16 female, black, born TN

family 1299, page 133
Acquilla England, age 40 male, white, farmer born TN

Narcissus England, age 41 female, white, keeping house, born TN
Manerva Taylor, age 40 female, black, housekeeper, born TN
Sandy Taylor, age 6 male, black born TN
Carel Taylor, age 6 months, black born TN

family 1301, page 133

John Johnson age 22 male, black works on farm born TN. In the houshold
Elmore Brock age 40, white male, farmer.

family 1637, page 167
John Officer, age 35 male, milano, farmer born TN
Mary A. Officer age 27, female, milano, keeps house, born TN

W. B. Officer age 10 male, milano, born TN
Mariman Officer age 8 male, milano, born TN
Easter Officer age 6 female, milano, born TN
Mary Officer age 3 female, milano, born TN
John Officer age 9 months, milano, born TN
family 1638, page 167
Jett Officer, age 12, black born TN works on the farm of W. N. Cameron
28 male born TN.

family 1639, page 167
George Officer, age 28 male, black, works on farm, born TN

Rosia Officer, age 17 female, milano, keeps house, born NC
Leathy Officer, age 55 female, milano, housekeeper, born NC

family 1640, page 167
Delpha Officer age 40 female, black, keeps house, born TN
Sarah Officer age 18 female, milano, housekeeper, born TN

Nancy Officer age 16 female, milano, born TN
Amanda J. Officer age 14, milano, born TN
Franklin Officer age 11, milano, works on a farm, born TN
Mack Officer age 7 male, milano, born TN
William Officer age 1 male, milano born TN
family 1677, page 171
M. Officer age 40 male, black, works on a farm, born TN
Ona Officer age 38 female, black, keeps house, born TN
Rosia Officer age 38 female, black, born TN
Lethie Officer age 13 female, black, born TN
Ben Officer age 10 male, black, born TN

Edd Officer age 8 male, black, born TN
Marion Officer age 6 male, black, born TN
Henry Officer age 4 male, black, born TN

family 1678, page 171
Allien Officer age 18, male, black, works on farm, born TN

Thomas Officer age 14, male, black, works on farm, born TN
In the household of R. O. Officer, white, male age 18.

family 1679, page 171
Rhoda Officer age 37 female, black, keeps house, born TN
Elizabeth Officer age 17 female, black, born TN

Nicholas Officer age 15 male, black, born TN
Tilda Officer age 12 female, milano, born TN
Louis Officer age 8 male, black, born TN
Josia Officer age 5 female, black, born TN
Lucinda Officer age 2 female, black, born TN
1680, page 171
Matilda Hickey age 16 female, black, housekeeper, born MS
Caroline Hickey age 14 female, black, housekeeper, born MS
In the household of Cornelius Hickey and Eliza Jane Brown Hickey

Will of Robert McKinley Jackson
Co., TN 5 June 1830

“I give my loving wife Sally………..and
to have my Negro woman Priss……and at my wife’s death, my wish and
will is that my negro woman, Priss shall be set free and that she may
live with either of my children that she make choice of.

3rd My wish and will is that my six
negro children of Priss vis, Ned, Dick, Cinda, Hannah, Lewis, and Milly
be divided between my two sons James and Josiah…”

5th. My wish and will is that should
my negro woman, Priss have any more children that my son Mathew have the
first and if there should be any more I wish that all of them to be equally
divided between my three sons, and my will is that should Priss have any
children after she is free or after my death, it or they shall also be
slaves and be equally divided among my sons before mentioned, as I do
not wish for some of her children free and the balance slaves.

6th. My wish and request of my beloved
children is that these negroes above mentioned shall be kept, if possible,
in my family among my children and never be sold to strangers or any body

Will of William Headen Sr.
Jackson Co, GA Jan 1808.

Gave to wife Jane “negroes Sam
and Sary”

Will of Cornelius Hickey Knox
Co., TN 19 Jun 1843. Will book 8, page 195-200:
“To my wife Juda I give her negroes Jay Jim and his wife
Anna, and Mary…”
“To my son-in-law Jacob Lones and daughter Jane one negro man named
“To my grandson George W. Conner son of Patsey Conner, one negro
boy named Henry…”

“to my daughter Sally Hickey Coleman two negro boys named Luke and
“to my son-in-law John Little and daughter Nancy one negro boy named

Will of John Hickey in Trenton,
Gibson Co., TN, 13 Aug 1826. Will book 3, page 63.
Willed to his wife (her name not given) “Negro man Abel
and my Negro girl Malinda”

Spring Creek and Prospect Cumberland
Presbyterian Church Records, White County, Tennessee

1 Apr 1826-Aug 1908; Algood, TN

page 12
1833 Malinda Simpson, a slave recieved into the communion of the church

page 13

1837 Delila Marchbanks, a slave recieved into the communion of the church

page 14
1837 Lea Tate , a slave recieved into the communion of the church.
1838 Vina Poteat (ditto)

page 15

Sept 1838 George Gardenhire and Champion Holeford (ditto)

page 20
12 Nov 1842 Lucinda and Edmond, slaves were recieved and baptized.

Page 21: 17 Sept 1843 George and Mary
(slaves) Recieved into the church by experience.

page 22: 22 Sept 1845: George Dillen,
Rhoda Webb, Adaline Atkinson, Ann Quarles, Samuel Marchbanks, Madison
Marchbanks, William Burton (slaves) related their experience and were
admitted to the communion of the church.

page 23: 8 Aug 1846: Be it further
resolved that two colored persons members of this church, viz: Champion
and Vincy (slaves) be and hereby are suspended from the priviledges of
the church for immoral conduct.

page 25: 1851; Madison and William
(slaves) were recieved by letter.

Captain William White of North
Carolina and Virginia (this is a pretty early record of slaves and their

Granville County, NC 8 Oct 1790


Item: To my beloved wife Susan four
Negroes by name: James, Judah, Charles, and Sarah.

Item: To my Daughter Mary Miginnias one negro woman named Grace.

Item: To my son William White one negro boy named Daniel.

Item: To my Daughter Ruth Read Carter one negro girl named Milly.

Item: To my son Coleman Read White one negro boy named Jacob.

Item: To my son Phillip White one negro boy named Silvia (boy?)

Item: To my daughter Ann Read White one negro Billie and one negro child

Item: To my son Garrot White one negro boy named Sam, one negro woman
named Sarah.

Item: To my son Joshua White one negro boy named Ben, one negro man named

Item: To my son Joseph White one negro boy named Peter, also James and

White County, TN Deed Abstracts

Vol. A

page 65: Deed of Gift 15 Dec 1806,
Richard Horn Sr., of Overton Co., TN for love I bear for my following
named children do convey to my daughter(s) Sarah Edge, Lettuce Breeding,
my son (s) Richard, Willy and Zachaus the following property: one Negro
man slave named Jim, one Negro woman slave named Amey and her child Dilsey,
one Negro woman Alice and her child… (there is a continuation of this
deed which I don’t have)

Vol. B page 141: Bill of sale 2 Jan
1810: Charles Mitchell and Samuel Johnston, $400 paid, 1 Negro woman slave
named Mary being 30 yrs, also 1 Negro child daughter of above named about
1 year old.

Vol. D. page 61: Deed of Gift 12 Aug
1811: William Brown for natural love for my 2 younger sons William Brown
and John Brown, all my estate in White County, granting an equal right
to each. Wit: Turner Lane, Alexander Thomas. Inventory included, 150 acres,
live stock, and also a Negro woman slave named Frances, 17 years old,
now in Hawkins County.

Vol. E. page 286: Bill of Sale 25 Jan
1813: John Clary (signed John Clay) to Zachariah Jones, $750 paid, 3 Negroes
to wit: 1 woman named Dinah, supposed to be 28 years of age and 1 negro
girl named Milly upwards of 4 yrs of age, and 1 boy child upwards of 2
years old.

Vol. E. page 290: Bill of Sale 2 Mar
1814: Mary Lyda to William Morrison, $150 paid, 1 Negro boy named Benjamin
about 4 years of age.

page 291: Bill of Saled 20 Jun 1814: James
Simpson to Grantee above, $400 paid, 1 Negro girl Cherry, 18 years old.

Vol. E. page 296: Bill of sale 6 May
1814: George W. Gibbs and Temple Poston, $250 paid, by Isaac Taylor. Junr,
1 Negro girl slave Erlen, about 9 years old.

page 296: Bill of Sale 2 Apr 1814:
Alexander Glenn and William Glenn $90.00 paid, 1 Negro girl named Let,
about 2 years old.

Vol. E. page 305: Bill of Sale 6 May
1814: Davis Smyth to Margit Chisum, $425 paid, 1 Negro woman named Charity
and hae child named Matilda, about 6 months old.

Vol. F. page 346: Bill of Sale 28 Nov 1818:
John Pate, Warren Co., TN to Jaramiah Pate, after my decease, for love
I have for Jaramiah, my son, a certain Negro boy named Frank.

Vol. F. page 350: Bill of Sale 17 Jul
1819: Zachariah Jones to Isaac Taylor, $875 paid, a Negro named Dinah,
about 36 yrs., and her son George, about 9 years.

Vol. F. page 366: Bill of Sale 15 Dec 1817:
James Taylor and Thomas Taylor, Admrs in part of Est of Thomas Taylor,
decd, to John Taylor, $248 paid, a Negro girl named Dina, aged 5.

Vol F. page 378: Bill of Sale 14 Oct
1819: Hardy Jones to Nansey Mahan, of Alabama, $5,020 paid, 9 Negroes,
man named Harry & woman named Patsey, girl named Colfern (?), boy
named Simon, girls named Ginney and Pat, boys named Andrew, Robbin, and

White County, TN wills page
8, 9, Will book 1851-1855.


“I also give her my said wife
Lucy two negroes Claiborn and his wife Jane…”

“…I give to my daughter Kiziah
M. Murphy one negro girl Marinda about 11 years old…”

To the Hon. B. L. Ridley one of the
Chancellors assigned to hold the chancery Courts for the State of TN,
presiding at Sparta.

“JOHN A MINNIS next friend et


Wm M. Bryan et al

The bill of Complaninant of Rachael
Jenkins a free woman of Colour and her children, Bethia Jenkins, Thomas
J. Jenkins, Hannah M. Jenkins, Altamira Jenkins, & Nicholas Jenkins,
the last five Minors, and all of whom complain for themselves, and by
their next friend John A. Minnis all of the County of White and State
of Tennessee, against William M. Bryan and Luceleus Bryan of said County
and State Defendants.

Your orators and Oratrix would respectfully
show your Hon, that complainant Rachael by the last will and testament
of one William Jenkins of the County of Overton made in 1823 and proven
at January session 1825 of the County Court of said County of Overton,
and attested copy of which is here Exhibited Exhibit A, liberated or set
free by said Jenkins-and your Orators & Oratrix are informed and believe
that in fact said Rachael was free born, as they believe they can full
show-that prior to the dea

J. A. Minnis Sol

(this is the first application for
an injunction in this cause)

Sate of TN, White County. This 16th
day of Feb., 1848, personally appeared before me, William Campbell Judge,
John A. Minnis the next friend in the above bill and made oath that the
statements made in the same as of his own knowledge are true and that
those made on information and belief he believes true.

The Clerk of the Chancery Court at

Issue an Attachment to the Sheriff
directing him to take in to his possession the persons of Complainants
Rachael, Bethena, Thomas J., Hannah M., Altemira, Nicholas, Lucy A., Sarah,
Martin, and James P. Jenkins, and keep them until further order of the
court. And in case of Defendants shall fail or refuse to deliver up said
persons to the sheriff, that they be required to give bond and security
in double the value of said persons (regarding them as slaves) conditioned
for their delivert at the ne

W. B. Campbell; Judge of the 4th Circuit

“State of Tennessee”

To the Sheriff of White County Greeting
whereas Rachael Jinkins and John A. Minnis as the next friend of Bethia
Jenkins and other minors have this day filed their Bill in the district
Court o Chancery at Sparta Tennessee against William M. Bryan and Lucilius
Bryan alleging in Substance that the said defendants are endeavoring to
destroy the rights of complainants and praying an attachment etc. upon
which is the fiat of the Hon W. B. Campbell Judge etc. directing the issuance
of the writ.

These are therefore to command you
the Sheriff aforesaid that you take into your possession the persons of
Rachael, Bethia, Thomas J., Hannah M., Altamira, Nicholas, Lucy A., Sarah,
Martin, and James P. Jenkins and keep them until the further order of
this court and in case defendants fail or refuse to deliver up said persons
to you, you shall require them to give bond and security in double the
said persons (regarding them as slaves) conditioned for their delivery
at the next Term of our said Co

Witness William E. Nelson Clerk of
said Court at office in Sparta the Wed. next after the 2nd Monday of Sept.

Wm. E. Nelson C&M

Recd this writ from the Sheriff the
same day issued executed in part by making known this injunction, by making
known its contents and tending the same to defendants William M. Bryan
and Lucellus Bryan and also by taking the bond of said Defts. for the
delivery of two of Complainants Thomas J. and Hannah, and returned said
bond with ____writ to the Sheriff of White County, from whom I received
the same this 19 Feby 1848

A. J. Gamble D Shff


A check of the 1850 Census of White
County, TN (Schedule of Free Inhabitants) Shows a Jefferson Jinkins (this
could be Thomas J.), age 18, mulatto, in the household of William Wallace
(William Bryan’s brother-in-law), age 42, in Civil Dist. 2. The household
of Bird Lewis (his wife and Bryan’s wife were sisters), civil Dist. 2,
shows Altamira Jenkins, age 5, black, and Amanda Lewis age 3, black. Rachel
and the other children named in the law suit were not found. Thomas (Jefferson)
Jenkins was not found.

Bible Records of Spencer Mitchell in
possession of Miss Lou Mitchell, Sparta, TN.

Lists Tom, a colored slave, died 1
Sept 1872.

The Memphis Daily Appeal, Saturday,
16 January 1869:


Ex-Rebel Soldier Hung in Overton County.

[From the Nashville Union and American]

-We learn that on Wednesday night last,
at Livingston, the county seat of Overton County a young man named Wm.
German was forcibly taken from his place of residence and hanged near
that place.

-German had served through the war
as a member of the 25th Infantry, Confederate army, and at the time of
his death was employed on the farm of Mr. Allison, near that place. His
brother, Lum German, was arrested by the federal authorities just before
the close of the war upon the charge of being a bushwacker, was found
guilty before a military commission, and suffered the extreme penalty
of the law.

-What will our Radical friends think
of this last act of the Ku-Klux, whom they charge to be rebels? We are
inclined to think that the other branch of the Order, which had its origin
in Union League is disposed to operate for a little amusement.

Quoted from The Memphis Daily
Appeal, Saturday, 19 January 1869:


The execution of Bill German in Overton

-The Union and American of Saturday says:
“By a private letter from a trustworthy gentleman residing at Cookeville
in Putnam County, we give some further information in regard to the recent
execution near Livingston, in Overton county, by a body of supposed Ku-Klux,
of the young man Wm. German, an account of which we published Thursday
morning. He says that a few days before the execution, German shot and
badly wounded, and supposed that he had killed, a negro man living in
his neighborhood.

Hand-me-down accounts report Bill German
was found hanged in a nearby barn; a sign posted there declared “Hung
for shooting a ni–er Bill Culum and violating the laws of Ku-Klux”

I found this story printed in the Winter
1996 issue of The Upper Cumberland Researcher. Permission for reprint
was obtained by them from John L. German; e-mail: german@ai2a.net.


The following document was found in
a packet of papers in an old trunk in a barn in White County, TN about
1980. Contributed to The Upper Cumberland Researcher by Sherrell Buchanan,
Fort Smith, Ark.

“Know all men by these presents that
I Aaron Scoggin Executor of James Jay late of Person County State of North
Carolina Deceased have this day bargained Sold and delivered unto Washington
G. Hargis of the County of White and State of Tennessee One Certain negro
girl about fourteen years of age named Scyntha which negro Slave I hereby
Convey unto him the said Washington G. Hargis for the Sum of Six hundred
and fifty One dollars that being the last and highest bid made for Said
negro- And further

In testimony of which I hve hereunto
set my hand and affixed my Seal this 28th day of December 1835

Attest: Wm. Whitefield and Richard
G. Jay. Aaron Scoggin (seal)

9 Aug 1870 census Jackson Twp., Monroe
Co., MO:
Jesse Wilson 12, F, black servant born MO, living in the household of
Luson Poage, page 38, family 243-238.

15 aug 1870 census Paris, Monroe Co.,
MO page 15, family 100
Sant (?) Bryant 30, M, black, Day laborer, born MO.
Ellen Davis 20, F, black, Keeping house, born MO.

Kate Poage 1, F, black, born MO

1 Jul 1870 census Buffalo Twp., Pike
Co., MO:
Diel Poage 50, F, black, Domestic Servant, born VA.
Charles Poage 25, M, black, Domestic Servant, born VA.
Living in the household of James S. Nally page 104, family 79

City of Alexandria, Arlington Co.,
VA Marriages before 1935

Leonidas Polk, black, male, 39, widowed,
born Raleigh, NC residing in Wash., DC, s/o John and Betty. Occupation
lather(sic), married Mildred Payne, black, female, 25, single, born Westmoreland
Co., VA, residing in Wash., DC, d/o William and Hannah. 16 July 1920 by
Saml. B. Ross #8852/512, sheet 8

Fred M. Pogue, black, male, 23, single, born
Page, WV, resinding in Alexandria, VA, s/o Hes and Lula. Occ. laborer.
Married Sarah Johnson, black, female, 24, single, born Wagner, SC, residing
in Alexandria, VA, d/o Albert and Blanch.

8 June 1922 by S. B. Ross, #10829/429,
sheet 6.

Marriages in Covington, Alleghany Co.,
VA. Clerk of the Circuit Court, Covington, VA 24426.

Charles Miller, black, male, age 28,
single, born King George Co., residing in Alleghany County., s/o Chas.
and Anna Miller. Occ. laborer. Married Ella Poague, black, female, age
21, single, born Bath co., residing in Alleghany, d/o Charles and Ellen
Poage. 24 July 1895 by N. A. Smith, page 19.

James B. Lewis, black, male, age 26,
single, born Louisa Co., VA, residing in Alleghany Co., s/o John and Polly
Lewis. Occ. laborer. Married Lula Pogue, black, female, age 24, single,
born/residing in Alleg. Co., d/o Charles and Lula Poague. 20 Dec 1899,
by H. Johnson, p. 147.

I am the co-editor of the Hickey Heritage
genealogy newsletter and from time to time we run across black families
with the Hickey surname. An example is the TN deaths (films available
at the Salt Lake library are 1908-1942.) This has been one of my on going
projects since we started the newsletter 3 years ago.

Mrs. Mary Hickey born June 1876, TN
died 21 Sep 1924 in Madison Co., TN; Father Sam Hickey born MS, mother
Bessie born TN; Widow, colored, female. Film #1299774

Ruth Hickey born 30 Jan 1904 in Rhea
Co., TN, died 11 Nov 1922 in Roane Co., TN; Father Rich Hickey born Roane
Co.; Mother Dollie Wright born Meigs Co., TN.; single, colored, female,
buried in Hickey cemetery. Film #1299749

LeeAn Hickey born 1882, TN, died 12
May 1925 (oops, I left out the county on this one); Father Ike Cook born
TN, Mother Florence Roberson born TN; married, colored, female, buried
Bryant Town cemetery. Film #1299783.

Henry Hickey born 16 Feb 1879 in Rhea
Co., TN, died 17 Jun 1927 in Rhea Co., TN; Father Jake Hickey, born Roane
Co., TN; Mother Harriet McPherson, married, colored, male, buried in Hickey
cemetery. Film #1876728.

Kinderl Hickey born 4 May 1905 in Rhea
Co., TN, died 27 Jul 1927 in Rhea Co., TN; Father Henry Hickey born Rhea
Co., TN; Mother Etta Cox born TN. Single, colored, female, buried in Hickey
cemetery. Film #1876729.

Robert Hickey born 2 Jan 1900, MS,
died 15 Jan 1927 in Shelby Co., TN; Father unknown, mother Bettie Hickey
born MS. Single, colored, male burried in Summon, Mississippi. Film #1876723.

Ida Joe Hickey born 13 Feb 1930 Bradley
Co., TN, died 28 Apr 1930, same place; Father Ollie Hickey born TN; Mother
Gertrude Hickey born TN. baby, colored, female, buried Ft. Hill cemetery.
Film #1876764

Arthello Hickey born 1906 in Rhea Co.,
TN, died 3 Aug 1930 in Rhea Co., TN; Father Frosten Hickey born Roane
Co.; Mother Lucy Phillips born Roane Co. Single, colored, male, buried
in Hickey Grove cemetery. Film #1876768.

Caroline Hickey age 80, died 9 May
1932 in White Co., TN; parents names unknown; married, colored, female.
Film #1876789

Estella Hickey born TN died 6 Sep 1911
in Nashville, Davidson Co., TN age 18 years. Died of tuberculosis. Death
certificate #20942, single, colored, female. occupation: house girl.

Lee Hickey born White Co., TN, died 4 Feb
1909 in White Co., TN, age 35 years. Died of Consumption. Death certificate
#95194, married, colored, male.

Alice Speed Hickey age 23 born MS,
died 28 Mar 1918 Shelby Co., TN; Father William Speed, born VA; Mother
Rena Mathes. Single, colored, female. Film #1299693

(female) Hickey born and died 18 Apr
1920 in Rhea Co., TN; parents not listed, baby, colored, female. Informant
Latie Ray. Film #1299722

Amanda Hickey born 11 Nov 1892 in MS,
died 17 Nov 1941 in Memphis, Shelby Co., TN,. Husband Frank Hickey (age
53); Father Andrew Fleming born MS; Mother Sarah Young, born MS. Buried
Mt. Carmel cemetery. Died of acute gastritis from overeating. Certificate
#25617, film #1876905.

Roscoe Hickey Jr. born 7 Sept 1940 in Spring
City, TN, died 28 Feb 1941 in Rhea Springs, Rhea Co., TN. Father Roscoe
Hickey born Rhea Springs, TN; Mother

V. Hickey born Rhea Springs, TN. Buried
in Hickey (home) cemetery. Informant: Maude Parker.

Ella Hickey born 28 May 1891 in Roane
Co., TN, died 29 Jan 1939 in Chattanooga, Hamilton Co., TN. Father unknown,
Mother Jennet Ware born Roane Co. Female, colored, married. Husband Andy
Hickey. Film #1876871.

Frank Hickey age 67, born MS; died
28 Jul 1937 in Shelby County. Father unknown, born Miss, mother Ann born
MS; widow, colored, male. Spouse Jane Hickey. Buried Mt. Carmel cemetery.
Film 1876852.

G. Jacob Hickey age 85 born TN; died
20 Jan 1937 in Rhea Co., TN. Father Jake Hickey born Roane County, mother
Sally Hickey born TN. Married, colored, male. Spouse Rachel Hickey. Petersburg
cemetery. Film 1876846

Joe Hickey age 51 born MS; died 28
Jun 1936 in Shelby Co., TN. Father Jim Hickey born Miss. Mother Harriett.
Married, colored, male. Spouse Mattie. Buried Mt. Vormekan cemetery. Film

Savannah Pearl Hickey age 35 born TN;
died 12 Jun 1937 in Hamilton Co., TN. Father Gabriel Sharp, born Tn. Mother
Channie Dethridge born TN. Married, colored, female. Spouse Claude Hickey.
Highlands cemetery. Film 1876851.

Verdell Hickey age 1 month, 13 days
born Rhea Co., TN. Died 12 Feb 1936 in Rhea County, TN. Father Roy Hickey
born TN. Mother Pearl Wossom born Tn. Baby, colored, male. Petersburg
cemetery. Film 1876836.

During some research for a friend of mine
(searching Gatewood, Clark, Darbey, and Williams in MS, and AL) I came
accrossed the following black families:

(some of these are notes I jotted down)

1880 Soundex Scott Co., MS (Code G-330)
Thomas Gaitwood 55, GA has a daughter Martha age 7.

marriage of Jackson Gatewood to Mary Smith
22 May 1866 Mobile Co., AL

1870 Chickasaw Co., MS page 246 (19 Aug 1870,
film 552223)
Saiah Williams 62(male), black farm labor born VA.
Betsey 40 (f), white, house keeper born AL

Roxanna 18 (f), black, farm laborer born AL
Fannon 15 (male), white farm labor born AL
Louisa 4 (f), white born NC

(Index only):

1870 Lauderdale Co., AL Thomas Williams page
1870 DeSoto Co., MS Frances Williams page 211

1870 DeSoto Co., MS James Williams page 271
1870 DeSoto Co., MS Thomas Williams(2) pages 103, 324
1870 DeSoto Co., MS W. Williams page 232
1870 Marshall Co., MS James Williams page 591
1870 Marshall Co., MS Thomas Williams page 645