Miscellaneous Virginia & South Carolina Information

Contributed by Ann Jones

Negro Entries in Various Church/Parish Registers

George & Elizabeth, free Negroes 3 Sep
1738 St. Andrew Parish Register

Henry Barns & Massy Gowens, a black
woman 1 May 1796 St. Philips Parish Register.

Abm Berney & Abl. Creighton, free
negroes, 6 Dec 1792 CIrc. Cong. Ch. rec.

James Creaton & Bella Engles, free
blacks 9 Aug 1798 Trinity. Methodist Church

Philip John & Rebecca Royal,wid.(negroes)
23 Apr 1753 St. Helena Parish Register

William Johnsone & Anne Symmons
(negroes) P.Ban 27 Dec.1742 St.Philip Parish Register

Sampson & Reb, free negroes, 3
Sep 1738; St. Andrew Parish Register

St. Sellerie, Peter & Maria Addison
(Mulattoes) 8 Dec 1797, Trinity Methodist Church

VA records

Ref. Old Vestry Book of Isle of Wight, Newport

Peiny, a negro belonging to myself
was adjudged 25 May (no year but


Tom, a negroe belonging to Jno Hodges
b. 10 Jun 1739, ibid

Parthenia was born belonging to Jno
Hodges, 26 Mar 1741, ibid

Pegg, a negro belonging to Do. Hodges,
20 Jun 1743, ibid

Melinder, a negro girl belonging to
Thos. Day b. 13 Dec 1744, ibid

Frank, negro belonging to George Wiles
b. 11 Jul 1730, ibid

Mary, negro belonging unto Mr. Robert
Burrel 18 Sep 1736, ibid


John Jago, a negro of merchant ship Humphrey,
died in VA. probate to John Coldham, father and guardian of universal
legatee John Coldham; no ex’r having been named..Dec.1739 edition of Probate
Acts in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Eng.

Inv. of will of Hon. John Tyler, Charles City Co,VA 3 Jan 1813-17

Jun 1813 lists negroes: Lewis, Jim, Page,
Moses, Robin, John, Betty, Harry, Daniel, Ned, Ephraim, Benjamin, Cary,
George, Burwell, William, Washington, Little John, Roscius, Armistead,
Tom, Garrick, Shadrach, Jenny & 2 children, Betsy, Delia, Edy &
child, Louisa, Aggey & child, Maria, Patsy, Leah & child, Alice,

Early member of Green’s Church, Nottoway Co, which started Sep 1824:

Harry, a colored Slave

Pass issued to a slave:

“Branch has leaf (sic) to pass to Francis M. Watson in Lunenburg Co and return home tomorrow. 4 Mar 1862” RA.A.Watson (ref: Notes on Southside VA)

Northampton Co.VA Marriage Records

Savage, Kiah alias Hezekiah & Peggy Anthony,
dau. Mary Anthony, free negroes 10 Jan 1853 Mar. Licence

Peter Satchell & Mary Jane Satchell,
free negroes 24 May 1852, mar. Lic.

William Stephens, s.of George Stephens
& Sally Pool, free negroes, 28 Dec 1848 Mar. Bond

Isaiah Matthews & Juliet Becket,
free negroes 24 Dec 1838 Mar. Bond

Jacob Matthews & Susan Upshur,
free negroes, 13 Jan 1840, mar bond

Isaac Morris & Juno Read, ward
of Isaaac Morris, free negroes, 24 Oct 1823, Wm. Stephens, F.N., Sec

Henry Morris & Adah Pool, free
negroes, 24 Dec 1851

Stockley Morris & Chilametha Read,
free negroes 21 May 1831, mar bond

South Carolina Records

Estate of William Cain, Box 21, Pack 460
Abbeville SC

20 Mar 1817. Negroes named in the inventory: Watt, Sam, Dick, Sally, Dennis,
Mary Charles, Henry, Jane Milly and a baby, Rachel, Betty, Isham, Lucy.
Mrs. Mary Cain, Adm’x

Will of Mary Cane (Estate of Mary Cane,
Box 114, Pack 3363, Abbeville, SC)

…to granddau. Mary E. Davis one negro girl Phebe…. granddau. Mary
E. Middleton, negro girl Martha… grandson John E. Cain negro boy Wilson…
Lastly I desire that my old and faithful negro woman, Ginnyy, may have
a home and maintainance among any of my children whom she may select and
be regarded as free. Dated 7 Apr 1845. Negroes named in inventory: Mary
Ann and child Robert, John, Margaret, Amelia, Francis, Amanda, Mary.

Abbott Co:

Will of Solomon Abbott 24 Apr 1854, no probate date, but Solomon died
in 1857… my faithful servant Prov who has been kind and faithful to
methrough life, she and her children are to be taken care of

Will of John Abbott. Box 40 #448 Probate
Judge Office, Pickens, SC… Sell Eliza & Joaner two negro girls on
a note to Jacob Schrder for $500,…

John Abbett to Sarah Abbett, Wilburn
Abbett and Oliver Abbett. Dated 24 Mar 1856…I give to wife Sarah and
Wilburn and Oliver Abbett, my twosons …one negro named Hester . recorded
24 Nov 1856

Paul Abney will. Box 2 Pack 33, Edgefield,
SC… I give to my son John Abney 5 negros namely, Juda, Sarah, Mary,
Ben and Sam. dated 24 Oct 1819; recorded 20 Jan 1821.

Jeter Adams. Pack 59 Equity, Clerk
of Cort Office, Pickens Co. ….. sometime after the death of said Jasper
Adams letter of Admr was grantedto the said Placidia Adams who has since
taken upon herself the burden of Admr. The slaves Gabriel and Betsy were
conveyed by deed of Trust for the separate use of Pacidia Adams by one
Samuel Magrant filed 22 May 1844….

James Adams. Will and Probate

Box 105, Pack 2565, Abbeville, SC (96 Dist) To son Littlebury… one

negro named Rogers. Son Benjamin… one negro named Isaac. 14 Oct 1781.

Progate 26 Apr ;1782