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Term of SHEPHERD BROWN, Second Parish Judge
July 1813 – June 1815

Abstracts of Conveyance Records With a Brief Biography of SHEPHERD BROWN

by Warren B. Wall
Pasadena, Texas
September, 1993


25-76: Sept. 24, 1810; LWEWIS H. GURLAIN of Dist. of St. Helena, agent general of the Eastern Shore of Maryland Louisiana Company, acting in his own name as well as for the company, sold 24 slaves to SHEPHERD BROWN for a total of $11,150 paid in full; 7 men: JACK, DAVIS, LEVIEY, PIERRE, LOUEY, BATISTE & JOSEPH; 12 women: ANGELINA, ALBA, MELIA, MARIE LOUISE, CELESTA with infant child, ZAY with her child, GRANNY, SALLY, POLLY, PEGGY, CELEY & FRANCOISE; 3 girls: SERAPHINA, ZELIA & MELIE. Wits.: CELESTIN LAVERGNE, JNO. P. WIRTH. Purchaser to have the same recorded “whenever a proper organization of the present government shall have been finally established.” Rec. by A.L. OSBORNE, not dated.
(Prob. Mar. or Apr. 1812.)


Term of SHEPHERD BROWN, 2d Parish Judge, July 1813 – June 1815 6-7: March 18, 1813 = Lawrence Harrison MOOR of S.H. Par., is indebted to the estate of Robert CHILDRESS, dcd., late of Adams County, Miss. Terr., in the sum of $3200 for property acq. of CHILDRESS: one negro man named ROBERT ($700), one negro woman named SARAH ($500), and “this (?) years crop of cotton” ($2000). Mortagaged to the heirs of CHILDRESS his one third interest in a 1500 acre tract on “North Bayo Pierre”, near Port Gibson, in Claiborne County, owned jointly with Stephen TRIGG and John DOHERTY. Wits.: Alexr. BOOKTER & Geo. W. MULLING. Rec. July 18, 1813.

7-8: Port Gibson, March 13, 1810 = Jno. STEVENSON sold to L.H. MOOR a slave named PERRY, for $500. Paid by draft on KENNER & HENDERSON of New Orleans. On July 14, 1811, MOOR, as Exr. of the est. of R. CHILDRES, sold the slave PERRY to the CHILDRESS estate, and about the same time sold the slave Robert to “KNIGHT & HOWARD”. Rec. July 20, 1813.

15-18: Aug. 30, 1813 = At Springfield, Thomas I. DAVIDSON sold to Chandler LINDSLEY, for $600, a negro ROBERT, about 25. Rec. Sept. 20, 1813. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & M. SMELSER.

18-21: Nov. 13, 1813 = John GEORGE Junr. sold to Daniel BOOKTER a slave named JOHN for $600. Slave had run away – sale contingent upon his recovery. Wits.: Jos. IRWIN & Avery BREED.

20-23: Nov. 22, 1813 = Concerning sale of slave JOHN, aged about 19, by John GEORGE Junr. to Daniel BOOKTER (“now in possession of sd. slave”), by William GEORGE, brother of John GEORGE Jr., guaranteed title. D. BOOKTER paid by endorsing a $600 note on Alexander BOOKTER over to GEORGE. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & M. SMELSER.

21-24: Oct. 4, 1813 = Michael SMELSER, Admr. of the estate of Charles STEWART, a free man of color, sold a negro slave named MOSES, for $676, to Lewis DUNN, acting on behalf of John WELLS. Secured by a 12-month note endorsed by Robert HOLLOWAY. Rec. Dec. 13, 1813. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & Jacob HUBER.

25-28: Jan. 12, 1814 = Pre-marital agreement between James MACKAY and Nancy BOOKTER, done before David WRIGHT, Parish Clerk. (Nancy BOOKTER assisted by her father and Guardian, Alexander BOOKTER, and her other guardians, James HARRIS and Daniel BOOKTER.) Declared that “marriage is shortly intended to be had and solemnized” … to be regulated by the laws of the state with some exceptions. The total protion of the intended to be had of: (1) 342 acres of land sit. on the river Tickfaw which she holds in her own right by a Spanish grant, excepting a mill seat and mill which shall be kept up for the use of the children of Alexander BOOKTER and Mary his wife until the youngest reaches age of majority; excepting also “a building now used as a court house” by St. Helena Parish, with 3 acres of land, conveyed by James HARRIS on Dec. 14, 1813, “and the jail built thereon”; excepting also 4 lots of ground sold to Lawrence H. MOOR and others; land valued at $1710; (2) one negro slave named NED ($300) and one negress slave JACKSEY and her two youngest children ($1000); (3) Six cows and calves ($90) and a horse ($00); (4) a $526 bond from her 3 guardians payable upon her reaching age of majority. Wits.: Jesse T. GERARD & Hugh HOPGOOD.

34-40: Feb. 24, 1814 = Joseph WOODWARD of Amite County sold to John GLASSCOCK of St. helena a female slave, PRISCILLA, aged about 33 years, with her child named BACCHUS, about 3, for $500. Wits.: Law. H. MOORE & Samuel CURTIS.

35-41: Mar. 7, 1814 = George KILLIAN, Sr. of S.H. Par. acknowledged debt of $200 to William STARNS; to secure debt, makes subject to STARNS a female slave PHILLIS, aged about 32. Wits.: David WRIGHT & Ephraim DEAL. [Note in margin indicates mortgage was cancelled Nov. 22, 1814.]

36-41: Mar. 12, 1814 = John SPILLER sold to William STARNS a female slave NICE, age about 19, for $400 (cash plus note). Wits.: David WRIGHT & Jeremiah SPILLER.

38-43: Feb. 28, 1814 = Richard TEAKLE of S.H. Par. sold to William COLLINS of Wilkinson Co., Miss. Terr., the property desc. in 37-43, for $4500. Named slave PATTY, age about 40, a boy 11 and two girls, 8 & 4. Wits.: Nicholas HIGHLAND & Anne H.P. CORBET. Rec. Mar. 15, 1814.

39B-45: May 23, 1812 = William COOPER Senr. sold to Carlton COOPER and Rodney COOPER a negro man named TOM, about 55 years, for $150. Wits.: Same as 39A.

42-51: Mar. 29, 1814 = Caswell T. TODD since his settlement in St. Helena, had married Mary CARTER, widow & relict of Baynes CARTER. Since marriage, TODD had purchased a slave MILES, 21 yrs., with funds of the estate. Previously, John BREED and William WATSON had bound themselves as security for Mary CARTER, admr. of est. of Baynes CARTER. Inventory was $1032. Therefore, to protect BREED and WATSON against any loss of monies as a result of their duties, TODD “sold” slave MILES to them. Sale to be voided if BREED and WATSON released from their bond. Wits.: Aaron GRINAGE & M. SMELSER

43-53: April 6, 1814 = Nathaniel TICKEL, of S.H. Par. sold to George TICKEL a female slave TILLAH, age 25, and her two children JOE, 10, and CAROLINE, 1 1/2, and in exchange George sold to Nathaniel his claim in the succession of their late mother Elizabeth TICKELL. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & D. KEMP.

45-56: May 6, 1814 = Thomas I. (or J.) DAVIDSON sold to Jesse CARTER of Adams Co., Miss. Terr., for $1700, slaves JIM, 32, FANNY, 27, & her 4 ch. BILL, 6, BET, 4, PETER, 2 & SALLY, 1; also JACK, 25. Wits.: Thoams CLAYTON & L.H. MOORE.

46-57: May 14, 1814 = Chandler LINDSLEY, indebted to John ALEXANDER in sum of $500, promises to pay before Sept. 1; security, male slave JACK, 18 yrs. [Note in margin: “annulled by Act before D. WRIGHT, J.P., of Oct. 30, 1814.]

47-57: Apr. 5, 1814 = Shepherd BROWN, Judge of Ct. of Probate, sold at the house of Nicolas HIGHLAND all the estate of Dennis CORBETT dcd. Abner WOMACK of St. Helena was high bidder and purchaser of slaves DICK, $420, and POLLY & her 2 ch., $710. On credit with notes, etc. David KEMP, Security. Wits.: L.H. MOORE, D. WRIGHT. [Mortgage cancelled Apr. 22, 1818.]

53-66: June 8, 1814 = Pre-marital agreement between Michael SMELSER and Mary BOOKTER, done before David WRIGHT, Par. Clerk. Mary B. was assisted by her father and Guardian Alexender BOOKTER, with James HARRIS, also guardian and tutor. Her prop. incl.: 400 acres on W. side of Tickfaw, on part of which a toll bridge was erected; two slaves FANNY & GEORGE; a $326 bond from Alex. BOOKTER, James HARRIS and Daniel BOOKTER payable at 21; livestock; total est. $3000. Wits.: Thos. KENNEDY & James McKIE.

64-77: July 17, 1814 = William SPILLER of S.H. Par. entered into an agreement with Samuel H. HARPER and William BELL, both of S.H. Par., and with James O. COSBY of the Miss. Terr., whereby SPILLER, in extremely poor health, sold property to the three in exchange for “services rendered and to be rendered” to his family; esp. the “maintenance and education” of SPILLER’S thre children, Mary Ann, Letitia Hickman and Elisa SPILLER. Jane SPILLER, wife of W.S., to enjoy during her natural life usufruct (sic) of the plantation and other property. Prop. sold incl. (1) the plantation upon which W.S. resided known as Mount Aria with all appurtenances, etc., (2) a tract sit. on twelve mile creek adjoining the plantation, (3) a tract on the Amite R. on Brownings Island, adjoining the impr. of Stephen WILLIAMS, (4) a nine-acre tract near St. Francisville adjoining John H. JOHNSON, Dr. FLOWERS & Gilbert MILLS, dcd., and (5) slaves: TOM, 30; NANCY his wife, 17; JOE, 30; NED, 19; JIN a woman, 20; JIM a mulatto, 5; CHERRY, 40; BIDDY, her dau., 19; her child LUCINDA, 2; AARON, 12; BOB, 10; ROSE, 8; LUKE, 5; LEVICY, 2. Further, another tract on the headwaters of Bayou Colyel, adjoining lands of John BREED, and known by the name of Duck pond, to be sold by the three for expenses, etc. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & Michael SMELSER.

67-82: May 2, 1814 = Nathaniel HOGGATT of S.H. Par., for $600, sold to Thomas KENNEDY of St. Helena a negro man NED, about 25. Rec. Aug. 26, 1814. Wit.: F. STARNS.

68-83: Oct. 10, 1814 = William CRYER Junior was indebted to Nedom ALFORD in sum of $52 and to Young WILLIAMS in sum of $60; the dist. court had issued an order of attachment against the property of CRYER who could not pay; David KEMP, Shf., assumed the note; CRYER secured the loan with a male slave, CHAMPION. Wits.: Hesekiah WHEAT & Joseph KILLIAN.

69-85: Oct. 31, 1814 = John ALEXANDER sold to Frederick STARNS of S.H. Par. a male negro JAKE, the same as purchased at the probate sale of est. of Chandler LINDSLEY, decd. For $130 cash and note of James STARNS for balance. Wits.: D. WRIGHT & D. KEMP.

70-86: Nov. 7, 1814 = John Drake STARNS of S.H. Par. sold to John GEORGE Junr. a male slave WILLIS, about 15, for $350. Wits.: David WRIGHT & William KINCHEN.

71-87: Nov. 8, 1814 = Dixon WAINWRIGHT of S.H. Par., indebted to John WHITTEN of the Par. of Feliciana in the sum of $260, puts up as security negress JENNY, age about 13. Wits.: David WRIGHT & Jno. W. MOORE.

72-87: Nov. 22, 1814 = William STARNS of S.H. Par. declared he had received $200 owed him by George KILLIAN Senr. Debt had been secured on Mar. 27 by KILLIAN with negro slave PHILLIS, about 32. STARNS satisfied, previous act null & void. Wits.: Alexr. BOOKTER, David WRIGHT & James STARNS.

74-89: Dec. 24, 1814 = William CRYER Junr. sold to David KEMP and Thomas KEMP a male slave CHAMPION, about 30, for $450 ($136 debt plus $314 in hand). Wits.: Aaron GRINAGE & Caleb KEMP.

75-90: Apr. 26, 1815 = Nicholas HIGHLAND, Atty. for Ann. H.P. CORBET, curatress of the est. of Dennis CORBET decd., rcd. from Abner WOMAK the sum of $378.83 which he owed said estate on the purchase of slave POLLY and her two children. Further sum of $400.13 due on Apr. 25, 1816. Wits.: L.H. MOORE & M. SMELSER.

79-84: June 7, 1815 = John GEORGE Junr. rcd. from Daniel BOOKTER $600 owed from sale of slave JOHN (see docs. 18-21 and 20-23). Former act (mortgage) null and void. Wits.: L.H. MOORE & M. SMELSER.

80-95: June 7, 1815 = Daniel BOOKTER sold to Jacob HUBER the slave JOHN, “now called TOM”, about 22, for $450. Wits.: Thomas KEMP & M. SMELSER.

83-97: June 9, 1815 = Williem H. WOODWARD emancipated slaves GRACE and her three children MARIA, EDWARD and ALFRED. Wits.: Thos. KEMP & M. SMELSER.

84-98: June 13, 1815 = Alexander BOOKTER appointed Samuel ZIMMERMAN of S.C. his true and lawful attorney, to act, sue for and receive, etc., a mulatto boy, SOLOMON, the prop. of Alex. BOOKTER, about 20, son of a mulatto girl JUDY sold by BOOKTER in S.C. Wits.: M. SMELSER & Thomas KEMP.

85-98: Jan. 13, 1815 = L.G.C. COOPER and Rodney COOPER sold, for $3000, their right and claim to two improvements on “Tanchipaho”, various animals, and “seven (?) negroes big and little.” Wits.: Henry YOUNG & William SHARP.