Pickens, S. C. First
Baptist Church
Pickens County, S. C.
Organized 1891 – Church Minutes 1891 – 1941
Transcribed from Microfilm contributed by Ruth Roberts

Pickens, S. C., Nov. 12″, 1922
On the above named date at the pool of “The Pickens Mill Church”
the following persons were baptized by the pastor, Rev. F. T. Cox.

Before the ordinance of baptism was administered
the doors of the church was opened and Elsie Hester joined by experience.

The following were baptized—-

Clarence Jones
Geo. Parsons
William Bowen
Otis Bowen
Harold Parsons
John Hallum

Tom Wesley Garrett
Ossie Holder
L. B. Craig
James Stewart
Joab Mauldin
Ellen Fendley

Elizabeth Holder
Debra Mauldin
Laura Craig
Ruth Sutherland
Caroline Jones
Maud Manly

Winnie Stewart
Mary Gravely
Lillian Gravely
Lillian Parsons
Vivian Parsons
Elsie Hester

Gladys Hodges
Rachel Baker
Mildred Baker

The above joined the church during the revival
services held by Rev. R. C. Granberry of Gaffney, S. C.

Rev. T. C. Cox, Mod.
R. T. Hallum, Clerk

Pickens S. C., 8/20, 1923
During the series of meetings held during the week just ending the following
people joined the church—-

O. S. Stewart by experience
Annie Mae Stewart by experience
Sara Stewart by experience

Vadie Simmons by experience
Katie Hendrix by experience
Marion Nealy by experience
Edith Cox by experience
Margaret Archer by experience
Ora Simmons by experience

John Galloway by experience
O. D. Hughes by experience
Earl Elliott by experience
Calhoun Hinton by experience
Mary Jones by experience
John Stewart by letter

Mrs. J. H. Blackwell by experience
W. C. Mann by letter
Mrs. Finley by experience
Earnest Finley by experience
Leora Henderson by experience
Elizabette Henderson by experience

Winnie Davis by experience
Esther Edens by experience
Christine Holder by letter
Elizabeth Rice by letter

8/30 – 1923

The following were baptized at the Pickens Mill pool July 30, 1923 by
Rev. J. H. Maclum of Greenville.

E. B. Hughes
Calhoun Hinton
Leora Henderson
Fatie Simmons
Katie Hendrix

Winnie Davis
Ora Simmons
Marion Nealy
Annette Hester
Mary Jones
Mrs. Sallie Fendley

Earnest Fendley
Mrs. Earnest Fendley
O. S. Stewart
Sarah Stewart
Annie Mae Stewart
Bruce Holder