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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
C. Parker 10MaleWhiteDCMARWater on the brain
Jane Thompson10FemaleWhiteDCDECScarlet Fever
George Waters10MaleWhiteMDJULDrowned
C. A. Mattingly 10 Mos.FemaleWhiteDCMAYWhooping Cough
Washington Nailor 10 Mos.MaleNegroDCMARCroup
Ida Naylor10 Mos.FemaleWhiteDCOCTConsumption
John Brown 103MaleNegroDCAUGDysenteryLaborer
Harriet Curtis 10Mos.FemaleNegroDCSEPTeething
James Kimmerman10Mos.MaleWhiteDCNOVUnknown
James R. King10Mos.MaleWhiteDCUNKSpinal Infection