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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
M. Fulmer 16FemaleWhiteDCDECUnknown
M. Glover 33FemaleWhiteVANOVConsumption
M. H. Ingle 42FemaleWhiteDCFEBConsumptionLaborer
M. Hilton 22FemaleWhiteMDMAYConsumption
M. J. Bairds 1FemaleWhiteDCJUNConsumption
M. Jackson 17MaleWhiteDCAUGSummer Comp (?)
M. M. Cox 23FemaleWhiteDCJANChildbirth
M. Page 70FemaleWhiteDCFEBNerve Debility
M. R. Dickins 9FemaleWhiteDCAUGFall
M. Riggs 21FemaleMulattoDCOCTConsumption