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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
S. Day 20FemaleNegroMDOCTSmall PoxLaborer
William Dickson61MaleWhiteMAOCTDysenteryLaborer
H. Dodge 35MaleNegroDCDECUnknownLaborer
Ned Wilson 60MaleNegroDCAPRParalysisLaborer
W. Umpres 82MaleNegroMDSEPBill FeverLaborer
David Whitlow 30MaleNegroMDDECBurnedLaborer
Robert Turner 60MaleNegroMDMAROld AgeLaborer
John Hall 41MaleMulattoMDJUNCancerLaborer
William Hatton 29MaleNegroDCNOVSmall PoxLaborer
William Hill 29MaleNegroMDNOVSmall PoxLaborer