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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
Benjamin Simpson55MaleWhiteMDJANPleurisyLaborer
Barny Stover 50MaleMulattoVAAPRErysphilisLaborer
Betsey Swain 30FemaleNegroMDJANConsmptionLaborer
Robert Turner 60MaleNegroMDMAROld AgeLaborer
W. Umpres 82MaleNegroMDSEPBill FeverLaborer
David Whitlow 30MaleNegroMDDECBurnedLaborer
Ned Wilson 60MaleNegroDCAPRParalysisLaborer
J. J. Stull 65MaleWhiteMDJULUnknownJudge
John Howard53MaleWhiteDEMARPleurisy Hotel Keeper
John Cox70MaleWhiteDCDECOld AgeGovt. Worker