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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
Elizabeth Moody 35FemaleNegroUNKJANSmall PoxLaborer
Eliza Moreland2FemaleWhiteCLAYD(?)Lung Infection
Sarah Moreland3FemaleWhiteDCJANLung Congestion
E. W. Morgan 20FemaleWhiteVANOVConsumption
Cora Morrell3 Mos.FemaleWhiteDCJUNUnknown
Ann Murphy32FemaleWhiteDCDECConsumption
Louisa Nailor2FemaleWhiteDCAUGScarlet Fever
Rosetta Nailor3FemaleWhiteDCAUGScarlet Fever
Virginia Nalligan23FemaleWhiteDCMARHeart Disease
Ida Naylor10 Mos.FemaleWhiteDCOCTConsumption