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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
Elisabeth Walter6FemaleWhiteDCMAYBill Fever
Henny Smith 48MaleNegroMDJUNBlind Pile
Rebecca Angel59FemaleWhiteDCSEPBowel Comp.
Ann Chamberlane1FemaleWhiteMDJUNBowel Compression
John Trunnel11Mos.MaleWhiteMDAUGBowel Compression
Albert Fillius4Mos.MaleWhiteDCJANBowel Compression
Cesar Lyles 1 Mos.MaleMulattoDCAPRBowel Compression
William Martin 4MaleNegroDCAPRBowel Compression
Jane Whiting4MOs.FemaleWhiteDCJUNBowel Congestion
Jane Boaman 19MaleNegroMDMAYBowel InfectionSlave