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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
Sarah Kersey1FemaleWhiteDCSEPSmall Pox
Francis Leary1FemaleWhiteMDAUGCholera
Emma Leckton1FemaleWhiteDCOCTSmall Pox
William Lee 1MaleNegroDCJANWater on the brain
Mary Magill1FemaleWhiteDCMAYBrain Fever
George McCauly1MaleWhiteDCJULUnknown
H. McCoy 1MaleNegroDCAPRUnknown
Ann Meem1FemaleWhiteMDJANWater on the brain
A.E. Merryman 1FemaleWhiteDCUNKDropsy
D. Nelson 1MaleWhiteDCSEPSummer Comp.