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Name   Age   Sex   Color   Where Born   Month Died   Cause   Occupation  
Charles Columbus3MaleWhiteDCJUNBrain Fever
John Dent 20MaleNegroDCMARBrain Fever
George Cross15MaleWhiteDCDECBrain Fever
William Kidwell4Mos.MaleWhiteDCMARBrain Fever
S. E. Forrest 8Mos.FemaleWhiteDCJULBrain Fever
Francis Grimes8FemaleWhiteDCAUGBrain Fever
John Green20MaleWhiteDCAUGBrain FeverTraveler
Mary Joice7FemaleWhiteDCFEBBrain Fever
L. Johnson 6FemaleWhiteDCNOVBrain Fever
Mary Magill1FemaleWhiteDCMAYBrain Fever