Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-1863     Search   Export to CSV

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Date   Docket   Petitioners   No of slaves   Slaves   Claimants Value   Assessors Value   Commissions Value   Remarks  
DetailsJuly 15, 1862958Joseph t. Mitchell1Anna Timms$100.00   No value
DetailsJuly 15, 1862966Cornelia Baldwin1Milly Naughton$1,000.00   No proof
DetailsJuly 5, 1862896Charles E. Mix9Maria Myers$20.00   No claim
DetailsJune 2, 1862600Anna Cecil9Mary Bryant800  No appearance
DetailsJune 2, 1862601Ann Blake1Hannah Haden500  No appearance
DetailsJune 10, 1862650Elizabeth Windsor1Lucy Ann Jones1200  No appearance
DetailsJune 10, 1862651Charles J. Stewart10Sarah150  Claim withdrawn
DetailsJuly 5, 1862894John W. Clarke1Caroline$1,000.00   Claim withdrawn
DetailsMay 28, 1862514Margaret A. Wood5Infant son2600.00 for the group  Born since Act
DetailsJuly 5, 1862895Marcha E. Nixon1Isaiah Carter$700.00   Apprentice, no
"July 5, 1862