Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-1863     Search   Export to CSV

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Date   Docket   Petitioners   No of slaves   Slaves   Claimants Value   Assessors Value   Commissions Value   Remarks  
DetailsMay 26, 1862453Lucy E. Mattingly,
8Sophia1200  394.2
DetailsJuly 1, 1862840Thomas C. Bowie1Sophia$500.00   306.6
DetailsMay 15, 1862249John Foster3Sophia BarnesAll valued at 1000.00  (covered by ink)
DetailsMay 23, 1862396Waller M. Talbott1Sophia Bateson500  43.8
DetailsJune 20, 1862740Philip T. Berry13Sophia Beall$11,000.00 for all 13  131.4
DetailsJune 5, 1862639Jane E. Beall, Matilda B.
Beall, Margaret J. Beall
17Sophia Clements800  262.8
DetailsMay 20, 1862332Gabriel Coakley8Sophia Coakley3300.00 total for all
DetailsJuly 5, 1862867Arianna J. Lyles13Sophia Ford$8,790.00 for all 13  No value
DetailsJune 16, 1862680Peter G. Washington5Sophia Gantt100  21.9
DetailsJune 5, 1862637Mary Walker4Sophia Hanson600  350.4