Emancipation of Slaves in the District of Columbia, 1862-1863     Search   Export to CSV

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Date   Docket   Petitioners   No of slaves   Slaves   Claimants Value   Assessors Value   Commissions Value   Remarks  
DetailsJune 28, 1862787Henry for self and as
guardian of Henry L,
Angeline and Theodore
3Cato$1,400.00   569.4
DetailsMay 18, 1862294John Eliason4Catharine Washington300  131.4
DetailsJune 4, 1862627Mary Queen and Elizabeth
24Catharine Taylor700  372.3
DetailsMay 9, 1862134Leonard Hilleary2Catharine Orme150  65.7
DetailsMay 18, 1862283William H. Dougal2Catharine Mudd900  394.2
DetailsMay 28, 1862494Pierce Shoemaker20Catharine Lyles1000  438
DetailsJuly 5, 1862874Rebecca S. Weaver1Catharine Louisa$500.00   175.2
DetailsJune 12, 1862664Benjamin Ogle Taylor2Catharine Lawson2000.00 for both  547.5
DetailsJuly 15, 1862936Virginia Scott1Catharine Johnston$1,000.00   525.6
DetailsJune 16, 1862693James L. Caesar2Catharine Jane Thomas900  525.6