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Date   Docket   Petitioners   No of slaves   Slaves   Claimants Value   Assessors Value   Commissions Value   Remarks  
DetailsJuly 15, 1862948Susan Keene1Adam Lee$1,500.00   569.4
DetailsJuly 15, 1862955Ann E. Jones1Magdelene$700.00   306.6
DetailsJuly 15, 1862957Ann Sheehy1Harriet Jackson$800.00   197.1
DetailsJuly 15, 1862958Joseph t. Mitchell1Anna Timms$100.00   No value
DetailsJuly 15, 1862960Ellen J. Abbott by Geo.
D. Abbott
1Jennie Young$400,00  -------------
DetailsJuly 15, 1862963Matilda Hamilton1Susan Blackstone$800.00   219
DetailsJuly 15, 1862964John Fred May1Kitty Wilson$200.00   131.4
DetailsJuly 15, 1862965Edwin Wallace, Elizabeth
B. Wallace, Mary E.
Wallace, William A.
Wallace, Roberta A.
Robinson, Emma B.
1?Jacquet Brooks$500.00   153.3
DetailsJuly 15, 1862966Cornelia Baldwin1Milly Naughton$1,000.00   No proof
DetailsMay 7, 186271Martha Manning10Judy HarrisCombined value of 8000.00  43.8