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The Lillard Project: African American Families

This site is dedicated to facilitating genealogical research, and connecting individuals and families with the surname LILLARD, with a special emphasis on African American individuals and families.

Roper Surname: African-American Ancestry

I have worked on the Roper family history in the United States and England for over thirty-five years. I have concentrated mainly on European ancestry. However, I am seeking Roper data for all ethnic

Slave Descendants of the Cabell Family and Massie families

It’s not just a family tree… but and ENTIRE COUNTY of slaves and their descendants who are ALL related by an unusual web of marriages, consisting of 60+ original families dating back to 17

The Alabama Black McGruders

Charles Magruder was born a slave in North (or South) Carolina in 1822. According to some accounts, Charles would eventually sire over a hundred children, including fifty-two sons. Many of these child

Art's Families & Other Folk

The areas of interest include: 1) The Families of Arthur L. Thomas… ancestral & descendant family lines for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Arthur L. Thomas.

Daughter of Slave Ancestry

Welcome to Daughter of Slave Ancestry. I’m Donna Palmer Haines — born and raised in Gary, Indiana. I began my research in the late 1990’s blessed with the fortune of having access to the Clayton

Genealogy Adventures

Genealogy has joined a number of my pursuits. Starting as something of a new hobby and a birthday present for my dad, genealogy has become something of a semi-professional sideline. Equally informativ

Caribbean Roots

This website aims to showcase my two historical research interests: family history (in particular my study of the history of the surname Grannum) and Caribbean genealogy, history and heritage.

Radiant Roots, Boricua Branches

Musings on My Tri-racial Black and Puerto Rican Ancestry.

Carolina Kindred

Carolina Kindred is published by Michele Nicole Johnson, a librarian, family historian, writer and artist who lives in Georgia and has roots in the Carolinas.

Long Legacies

I have been conducting family research since 2010. My passion for genealogy started with listening to the fantastic family stories that my great Aunt, Marilyn Cheatham would tell. I love her so much b

My TX/LA Roots

I was born in Houston, Texas and I’m one of three children born to my parents. My passion for learning about my family’s history began at an early age, but I did not start actively researc