Art's Families & Other Folk

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The areas of interest include:
1) The Families of Arthur L. Thomas… ancestral & descendant family lines
for the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Arthur L. Thomas. Note: The Art
Thomas Family lines, connections & relationships are color coded.

2) Free Person of Color (FPOC) families and their descendants that settled primarily in the
Miami Valley of Ohio, but includes other areas in Ohio,the Midwest and parts of Canada. Time
period for these families is from pre-statehood for Ohio, which extends from the 1780’s to
1865. Ohio was admitted to the Union as a ‘free State’ in 1803.

3) UGRR operatives and their families in Ohio that were associated with ancestral
family members of Art Thomas that have been documented by Wilbur H. Siebert and
others as UGRR conductors/operators. The time period is from 1816 to the beginning of the Civil
War in 1861.

4) The families and descendants of the 380+ former slaves held by John Randolph of
Roanoke Plantation, Charlotte County, VA that settled in the Miami Valley of Ohio
following their manumission in 1846. Time period is from 1846 to the present and the number of
descendants is ever expanding. Those who were freed by the Will of John Randolph have an
identifying number preceding their given name. These numbers equate to their freedom
registration number filed in Charlotte County, VA at the time of their manumission in Apr-May
of 1846.

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